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How to rank on Google without backlinks in 2020
How to rank on Google without backlinks in 2020

How to rank on Google without backlinks in 2022 hack

How to rank on Google has never been easy, every blogger, content marketers want to rank on the 1st – 2nd page of Google. But the truth about ranking on google these days is that most people emphasized on just one thing which is link building, well I wouldn’t say link building is not a good way to rank on Google but am going to share something with you today, that is going to want to make you consider link building as the last thing to do in terms of ranking your new blog.

In as much as backlink plays an essential role in SEO, it’s very difficult to get it, you will need to pull a 100 percent struggle to get just one backlink to your post or blog, most top blogs out there no longer accept guest post, while some with the contribution link on their website is just for fancy, imagine sending a pitch of your contribution to an email with no reply for 3 months, that’s crazy to me actually, so instead of looking for a backlink which is more like you’re begging for it there are more ways and things you need to understand about SEO.

Nothing is changing in SEO, Google just keeps updating their algorithm for improvement purpose if you practice SEO from a concrete beginning, you will notice that SEO is all about repeating the same thing randomly but just in an upgrading technical algorithm, there are many other ways to keep up to Google page ranking, backlink was just for a faster purpose, that doesn’t mean all google ranking depend on backlinks, if Forbes link to your blog that doesn’t mean it a must for Google to rank your page, Google can decide to visit your page and might not rank you because of how they find your page. So let’s get started.

Bonus: Use a professional pre-optimized theme

Sometimes your effort to rank on Google isn’t working because you feel you ain’t doing it right, The sad news is some template comes with a heavy load of design instead of optimization, if you’ve been into these SEO game you would already have the knowledge of what In-page Optimization is, In-page Optimization is done by the designer/programmers of a theme, either ways another type of optimization is Off-page & On-page optimization which is done by either you or whosoever that is in charge of SEO, if done wrong then that may likely affect you using the theme, a bad theme won’t allow Google crawler to understand the site.

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1. Optimizing your content

Take a look at this my post ranked for a less competitive long-tail keyword

How to rank on Google without backlinks in 2020
How to rank on Google without backlinks in 2020

It shows that producing quality content also called rich content makes Google happy, On that post my daily visit Organically is 500 – 1000, Google crawler loves new content, if you write new rich content Google would definitely rank that post. You don’t expect to write up to 3,000 – 5,000 words of content with Good social signals and not expect Google to rank you for that post because you don’t have backlinks linking to your site, that’s crazy, the result a backlink could do is what social signals can also do I will explain more in the next step.

consider something there are thousands of blog out there that might write on the same topic as you do but not quantity/relevant enough, and that is why they are not on the front page of Google if you search on Google for a specific keyword you will see that thousands of blogs have written articles/content covering that same topic try check page 15 of that search query till the end you will notice that each page that you scroll pass are dropping by it relevancy the more you keep checking pages by pages you see that the content those blogs offers are decreasing by relevancy because of the following

Copyright – stealing someone else content
Google penalized – Suffering from Google penalties
No keyword – No keyword found on the content
Domain age – The website domain is new
UX/UI bad – Website not designed with web standard.

Google algorithm comes with comparison if you write 3,000 words covering important topics that add values then expect to rank above blogs with that same post with 500-1,000 words, it is done automatically with well-implemented keywords. if it possible for 500 words of content to rank on Google then that should be a page with higher domain authority, those are not your competitors, there are many benefits of writing a quality content

a. Reputation

If you write quality content Google will love to visit your blog always, Google ranks your page for everything you do right and summing all up is what they use to rank your page, it’s not a must you should produce content every day to rank on Google but producing Evergreen content with Extra added values is what counts. As long as your blog can produce up 1-2,000 words of content then consider Google your best friend, Google would compare your blog with other low blogs on your niche and rank you above those blogs.

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b. Free External backlinks

This is where I want to share more knowledge when you write quality content you will definitely be called out for it, other bloggers are likely to link to it whenever they write relatedly to your niche without you asking them to. Powerful content will automatically bring traffic to you first your readers share the post to increase your traffic writers give you a hand up by mentioning you in one of there publication, bloggers quote your most important sentence in their articles/content

2. Be less competitive

( Honestly ) the reason most bloggers, Marketers or content writers aren’t ranking on Google these days is that they are way more racing an impossible mission other than using a brain twist to win the race, let me break this down for you, imagine starting a blog that is not even a year old or 2years old but your keywords competitors are Forbes, Mashable, that is 10 -19years old, That’s a big dream I bet you even if you use a Voodoo that dream won’t work, There are tricks in SEO and the trick is analyzing smaller blogs in your niche and beat above them, you can’t head to the top without beating above the little like this.

1. Write an article on a topic that hasn’t been written by big blogs in your niche.
2. Check through the 1st – 9th page of Google about that topic you are written on since It is true that there are no topics that haven’t been covered on Google but most times it from small blogs, not the big blogs,
3. Analyze each content length and value of those blogs post.
4. Compile an article that is 20 times longer there theirs, for example, if all blogs haven’t cover article on the topic more than 500 words then you write 3,000 words of that topic with something like this [ in 2020] [Ultimate Guilde] [Case study]
5. Post it and wait for 2 weeks – 1 month to start seeing results, check the keyword on Google, and see where you are ranking on, you will love what you see.

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3. Social Signal

I’ve been talking about social signal since the starting of this post, a social signal is a way to help Google understand the relevancy of a page, not the value note that, Relevancy and not value, Google knows the value of your page when they visit cause they read every single words/sentence on your page as human, so when writing an article focus more on writing valuable content.

Social signal is a way to help Google understand the relevancy of a page when you write an article at first if your blog is a new Domain with low domain authority of 0-1 or 0 then you will have to put a little more work on that page/post first, why you need to work on it is because Google trust for your page is still 0, DA & PA in Google algorithm means ( Domain Authority & Page rank ) If you don’t know about DA or PA then I recommend you check out this article from (MOZ) On DA & PA.

So let’s continue, a social signal is nothing more than the traffic your post/page is getting through social media shares and likes those are considered social media visitors and not Organic traffic from Google, so every time you make a post in a day as long as it is relevant you will have to share that post to public Groups on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora and lots more, the shares are not your secondary target they’re your primary target, what you need is visitors at lease 300 – 1000 is a better social signal for that post to help google know why your post needs to be on its search engines, Now permit me to make something clear to you.

A Social signal doesn’t mean Google, won’t rank your website without shares but the speed to do so that is why all this are required, let’s do a maths If Google visits your post when you don’t have any DA or PA it may take up to 7 – 14 if not 28 days for Google to start showing your post on its search engine, but with a social signal of 300 – 1000 if possible 2000 – 3000 visitors this would make the process faster from 2-3 days if not 4days, your content will be boom live on Google search engine and that would increase your organic traffic, I will keep updating this post as times goes on.

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