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The 7 Qualities you need before marketing your SEO service. - by mss resource
The 7 Qualities you need before marketing your SEO service. -

The 7 Qualities you need before marketing SEO service.

Whichever way you are marketing your SEO service you need this article to enhance or establish yourself. Just like social media management can be sometimes tricky and easy to get around with especially when compiling proof for Social media proposals. SEO is never that easy to get around with, it takes high credibility and working proof to gain the heart of a client. You can never achieve that with zero SEO knowledge.

So, you should know that from the beginning, most especially with people who have been indoctrinated with the possibility of getting an SEO contract with Zero or no knowledge.

Qualities you need before marketing SEO service.
Qualities before marketing SEO service

Marketing SEO service requires a lot of time, proof, and patience.

Imagine getting an SEO contract-call from companies like Pepsi, Amazon, or Tesla, what would be your sales pitch presentation? You might get confused when called upon such an offer and, you may not even have proof of work at that time, plus the confidence of crafting what you know at that time to gain success might not work. A sales pitch should be a compilation of your SEO proof of successful clients/brand you have worked with in the past, ( Not an emotional love story ).

Secondly how competitive is your marketing plan? What makes you feel like your plan hasn’t been executed somewhere else by another agency selling it to big brands. That’s where you need to prioritize your focus. If you want to gain client attention then you need to create a marketing master plan, what do you have to offer to the table.

When marketing SEO service you need a lot of working proof that will convince the client that you are good at what you say you do; this proof will work fine and avoid too many questions unless you are spamming people’s inbox with ” Get 5,000 backlinks for $100 ” that’s an uncomfortable style of marketing.

Drafting an ultimate SEO proposal needs a concrete backup proof like this.

#1 Preparation of service.

You may have learned SEO from the best experts, watch the best SEO youtube videos and, download a fantastic SEO checklist, but all this will fail if you lack the authenticity of approaching a company or client.

When I was starting my agency “Rebrand Digital Africa“, there were a lot of things I failed to put in check, before approaching my first client, despite my SEO knowledge I learnt SEO from some pretty amazing youtube expert in the digital marketing industry, but yet when I approach my first client, I lacked the authenticity to defend my brand. I had zero collaboration skills in working with a team, and my marketing sense wasn’t current with what the client want. Guess what I failed, I lost the client.

Well, I didn’t plan for it so I felt that behind every failure there is a lesson to motivate success, this made me go back to my to-do list and make sure every failure is counting to a prosperous path, I started learning SEO approach to companies including most frequent asked questions from clients. Putting all this together I got what I was looking for which is ( answer ).

I also paid for a couple of tools to speed up my workflow for time demanding clients & also measure my success rate. I additionally started gathering vital metrics to super-charge my SEO portfolio, gradually I was building a workflow. Finally, I was able to put the following in check.

CRM: a customer relationship mindset and tools that allow me to understand and analyze a company’s business sales point, customer demands, and FAQ before closing a deal.

Professional webmail: I created by first agency website and also created a webmail address that looks like this “”, this was to keep a professional style of conversation between you and a client other than a regular Gmail or yahoo mail.

A portfolio: Well mine was a portfolio just for storing and showcasing my SEO goals/values I have achieved so far. Just in case you run an enterprise digital marketing agency then a standard website is good.

Preparation: I was equipped with SEO questions and answers, and the most frequently asked questions by brands. also, I was Digitally oriented with marketing trends and white-hat technique for literally anything SEO/SMM.

I recommend you to take your time in learning approach rather than just learning SEO, take a step to understand what triggers a client to say yes, watch interviews from experts and listen to TEDtalks, watch youtube videos, compile and prepare the needful.

#2 Create Agenda.

When I started running as a digital marketing agency I knew all the Fundamentals in SEO and digital marketing but my agendas were minimal, I only knew I can help any startup company grow from Zero to millions of revenues without worries, increase sales, and also boost the company online presence for ranking keywords from 0 – 1st page of Google.

But to be honest my agenda was uncomparable to top marketing agencies in my niche with more than 10 – 20 agenda that would wow an audience. I needed to do something like crafting a sales pitch demo, create a demo proposal, Compile all my metrics in visual display order through PowerPoint presentation, expand more than SEO, and, vitally have a methodology of winning a contract which only you can create that method.

I needed to bring to the table creativity that will make a client want you more, this also brings us to the same table. If you don’t plan for your prospect you don’t have an agenda. Have you ever imagine that preparing yourself for your prospect will help you maintain a lucrative SEO service: continue reading

#3 Be current with the latest SEO Techniques

The space of digital marketing, mostly SEO service is expanding every day. Ideas are turning into exercises, only the proven ones by Experts are shared out. A good SEO company should be able to constantly lookout for any changes or working techniques, in their field of search engine optimization then, learn it, adapt to it, and apply them to their SEO workflow to improve scalability or solving a client’s SEO dilemma. Unless you are working for a total SEO dummy, you need constant new working techniques to keep your SEO agency running.

A promising SEO firm should not only be able to identify a problem within a website optimization but should be able to solve it with every achievable technique. Search engines are getting smarter, and, improving in AI every day; the techniques that may have work for you when dealing with your first clients, might not work again, even the slightest of technical SEO error can bring complexity. Always learn to study the latest in SEO.

#4 Maintain quality experience and professionalism

A company that understands SEO well will take you through an intelligent trial and error process before confiding their brands SEO into your hands. This type of company or business is typically knowledgeable with the way SEO work and could take you through an extremely time-consuming process.

Depending on your type of SEO it is commendable that you treat all client differently, customize different SEO workflow for different companies this will help you build authenticity in your niche and keep you versatile to all areas of SEO perception with different types of clients.

The experience of your SEO matters, rather than SEO, your company should be able to inspect the fundamentals of a company-type of work and understand the current level of brand exposure for both there international and local markets to better help your teams deliver great campaign results and pitch in ideas for improvement. In this way, both the company and your team would be happy at the tremendous impact your agency is adhering to so far.

#5 Apply Only Moral SEO practice

To keep a good reputation with your company name, You’ll need to use Moral SEO practice throughout your SEO implementations for brand work. If you’re doing SEO for a firm it’s mandatory that you use white-hat SEO all through-out the process except adding Unnatural SEO behavior, such as Black-hat SEO, Spamming directories; comments, and keywords stuffing.

It is at your own discretion to oblige to the preceding SEO work a past employee or SEO specialist may have conducted which seems unnatural. That’s why a good SEO company must learn the fundamentals guide of White-hat SEO to enable their team to execute a simple task even at the hardest moment.

Also, be familiar with some kind of SEO approach you take, some Grey-hat or Black-hat SEO approach may look much like a White-hat SEO, such as buying back-links from authoritative sites, Purchasing old domains, and using social media automation to boost a post search engine crawl rate in-form of Social signals. If you must win client trust, then you must work Intelligently not smartly.

#6 Be Productive and ready for Collaboration.

There are different qualities of an SEO firm; that will make a Good company profile, but most of all is having the ability to collaborate with teamwork; adapt and contribute productivity amidst. When you’re working with an already established company like: ( e.g ), Forbes, with a Good online presence. You may be hired to work in a collaborative environment with there SEO teams. Working with them should trigger reliability, productivity, and commitment. You must learn to embrace anyone’s ideas to avoid malice.

While some companies may lambast a bad service rendered by a first employed SEO team for a job not well done. As a good SEO agency, you must not meet the team to be disparaging rather be unequivocal to them to better understand some mix-conjunction in their SEO work, be ready to take in problem to examine them, try as much as possible to solve them and also expand them.

In most collaboration work-flow, you may be presented to new software that you might not be familiar with, that’s why it is recommended that you get versatile with most trending SEO software such as Ahref’s, Sem rush, and many more.

#7 Be versatile with almost Everything when marketing SEO service

It takes several years to earn the credit of a professional SEO specialist, As a SEO agency, it is essential for you to acquire the knowledge of a marketing founder: By learning different extremes of marketing. While this is mandatory is because. some client can be misleading in terms of understanding the focal point of search engine optimization, they may be excessively demanding outer the scope of your service, That’s why in most case A good SEO agency should be able to handle the following SEO values:

1. Content marketing
2. Website audit
3. Media planning
4. Data Analytics
5. Extremely persuasive
6. Social media marketing.
+ Many more…

Before marketing your SEO service, you need to take note of all the vital information I have shared in this article, definitely, as time goes on you will continue acquiring more knowledge.

Thanks once again for reading my article – these are The 7 Qualities you need before marketing SEO service. Please just one more thing, can you help lift a hand up by sharing this post to your social media channels, any help is a great help we will appreciate. Thanks in advance.

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Richard Odds is a Digital marketer SEO expert, and a business strategy planner, Chief Editor at Mss Resource where I help small business owners and marketers generate more leads, new paying users, and optimize their funnels with data-driven Marketing & SEO tips that work.

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