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10 expert techniques to boost SEO Organic reach and increase Domain authority
10 expert techniques to boost SEO Organic reach and increase Domain authority

10 expert techniques to boost SEO Organic reach in 2022

Firstly I found some great roundup resources I want to share with you. Secondly, I’m turning this post into a friendly discussion thread, so feel free to contribute and share your insight on your own techniques to boost SEO organic reach this 2022 below.

It has now become a common word among SEO experts that SEO is king, which means we need to pass through shepherds and king guards, slaying and killing different obstacles before we reach the King’s throne. (SEO)

Back in the early stage of Search engine Optimization, manipulating your way into the search engine ranking algorithm was quite as easy as A, B, or C, for EXAMPLE, building irrelevant backlinks, creating weak content of 500 words, and stuffing it with keywords to rank higher on Google no longer work, Maybe ” that was when SEO was still vibrant, compare to now“. Haha.

At this stage of SEO where we find ourselves you need to sit up and work hard to rank your Quality content to #1 page of Google, if not, authority makers in your niche will sweep you off your feet with content considered to be powerful, govern with signals like DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page rank), Social shares, Quality backlinks, so on and so forth.

In fact, Following research conducted by Brian dean founder of backlinko, Analyzing 11.8 million Google search results, it shows that contents that are ranking on the first page of Google from #1 – 10 are powered by a minimum of 39 – 98 DA,

10 expert techniques to boost SEO Organic reach in 2022 1

Except for Google’s own domain which has a domain authority of 100. So, ranking on Google now has to do with your self-brain algorithm, which includes scouting for content on Google that has a lesser KWD of 0.20 – 0.25.!, That sounds like a difficult task right,? there is no easy way in SEO, even if you try to game the whole stuff with money, if Google detects you they’ll scrape you off your authority and waste your money to the dust.

When developing content for your blog to gain an Organic reach where do you focus most of your time on, I guess “keywords“. SEO has changed if you write solely with the belief of creating the best keywords that will outrank, then your focus is minimal, ranking on Google these days has gone beyond keywords. With over 200+ Algorithms powering the way SEO works, keywords are the least that should consume most of your time, unless you are thoroughly researching on branded keywords.


The evolution of content marketing is SEO, with zero domain authority or poor domain authority google bot will not listen to your keywords it will only use that as a hint of what the post is all about, but that doesn’t mean it won’t rank you for the keyword if it didn’t find any content on the web for that kind of topic. Which is nearly impossible.

Google rewrite your article topic to diversify the alpha and beta testing for a search result from different location across the web/country, this also makes google find keywords inside your content that is different from your main keywords. Yeah, google choose keywords that are deemed fit for your content and are valuable to user search intention.

create a piece of content that will out-rank your competitors” we hear that almost every day in the Digital marketing industry. But Who exactly comes to your mind as your competitor,?

For you to work smart and fast you need a competitor, not everyone that ranks #1 on Google search is your competitor, it doesn’t work that way, you need to find a competitor that holds almost the same DA or PA as yours because a post that rank for a particular keyword in the USA as #1, might be dropping for that same keyword in another country like Nigeria or Kenya for as low as #7 or #10 in SERP.

So that’s it. Let’s get down to the main reason why we are here. please remember that this post is open for insight and conversation purposes, I will be expecting you to join the comment thread below this post please, that’s if you have any contribution to make. I’ll also be highlighting the best contributor comment as part of this post, featuring contributors for new visitors to see engage and contribute to.

My goal in writing this article is to bring out the unspoken and hidden SEO implementation strategy we neglect as SEO specialists, content creators, or digital marketing experts. eVERYTHING I will be covering in this article will be referenced below. Prepare your horse, put on your armor, and pick up your sword we are about to journey to the king’s palace to whine and dine with the King. ( SEO ).

So let’s get started.

#1 Focus on Keyword Golden Ratio.

Remarkable SEO Expert researchers already know about KGR, but if you’re reading this post and don’t know about it, then I guess you have been busy chasing high-volume keywords to rank for. I understand. But let me expand your knowledge on something greater than just chasing high-volume keywords that your authority makers already rank for. keyword Golden ration is a keyword scope discovered by Doug Cunnington founder of Niche pursuit.

In a more explainable sentence ” Keyword Golden ratio is an advance technique used to rank on Google for long-tail keywords with low competition and low search volume“, but yet its results within weeks and months of implementation are quite positive.

While you may be busy looking for ways to rank for high search volume keywords, you could save yourself all those stress and hunt for a long-tail keyword with 0.25 – 1 search volume defining the search intent with “Allintitle” Google Operators, but yet competitive with lower search volume keywords. This KWD seems to be amazing, as said by the creator, and could rank content on Google within 48hrs even for a low domain authority blog/website.

How to get started with Keyword golden ratio.

First, it takes a lot of tactics to get around this KGR process, all you just have to do is to keep calm and don’t pressurize your cerebrum.

If you search on Google with these keywords = allintitle: How to become a digital marketer. Because of that allintitle operator is included with the search query. Google is going to show you all pages that have been crawled for that keyword matching it with the title. E.g How to become a good digital marketer.

To learn more about Golden Keyword Ratio and how to use it click this link

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#2 Use schema markup.

Click this link to see every possibility schema can do to increase your website findability.

Have you given up on schema markups, Or do you still use them? If yes, please don’t give up on schema markup if you want to explore the beautiful side of google search. Structured data is one thing I will personally tell you not to give up on. don’t forget about it.

Even if Google didn’t list schema as part of their core ranking factors, it’s like a knowledge they are hiding from you, it still plays a major role in content optimization it provides Google with information about what your page is all about and how to show the best result about that page. A site like Quora, Pinterest, Facebook, and many more use Schema Even youtube use schema markup.

Without schema markup, have you ever wondered why it takes google up to 4-5 months to analyze some new website? to know what the website is all about. That’s because the site lacks a schema markup, Google needs help with what your website is all about to ease the process of crawling a page.

Normally without schema markup, Google bot would still analyze your content per its algorithm flows. But the penalty for that is the delay to start showing it up on its search engine.

Schema markup is like an algorithm sitemap that makes sure everything on a website is mapped for Google to crawl and rank you. Rather, most webmasters miss that part for reasons I may not know of. If you’re reading this for the principle of not repeating multiple mistakes, take advantage of schema markup. Because the benefits of using schema to structure your sites are huge.


It helps Google crawler fasten your search presence.
It gives Google propel information on your website for future Wikipedia snippets.
It enables Google to show your blog post on its search engine fastly.
It is Good for an affiliate site with reviews proof.
It shows your business with a knowledge graph.
It improves your ranking position.
It helps your website be optimized for voice search.
It gives your website a higher privilege of ranking for a knowledge graph.
It builds authority for your brand.
If you are an author then with structured data your Book will show on google.
It helps your site links well structured on Google with your site search. E.g Google Quora.

There is no greater joy than seeing a site performing well on Google with Organic traffic flowing back to your site. There is, however, one way of making this possible, which is implementing the right markup on your website for Google to analyze. If you want to explore the juicy part of gaining organic traffic then you should dedicate your time to improving your site findability using schema markup.

If your website is older than 3years then it is a good thing that Google has already finished analyzing your page, Google takes up to 4 months to analyze a new website to know where to rank it and how to organize it, if you skip schema, it not a hindrance for you not to rank on google, but I recommend you still implement it on your website, it works like magic within the space of 3-4 month you should start seeing results.

#3 Tap from the branded title in with your search terms.

Using branded title works like charm. But most webmasters don’t use that as a way to drive organic traffic from Google this technique is considered the fastest way to rank on Googe just within days of publication. Otherwise, your Domain authority is very low to meet Google ranking standards.

let’s take an example. If your competitor or an authority site in your niche with domain authority of #78 or 80, publishes an article with this kind of title, e.g Ranking beast – 1# ranking technique for Organic reach. That post is likely going to reach the 1st page of google.

Now here is the trick. For that same post title, I could still rank below that main topic on Google if I add a title trick like this “Ranking beast technique by john doe works like charm here is how“. Write it and forget about your domain authority, focus on the branded title with quality content. Nevertheless, with a minimum domain authority of 20 or 30, you can still make that post rank 2nd on Google next to the main post. But the more authority blogs in your niche dance related to your style the less your post drops.

Let’s take another example with brian dean post founder of Backlinko.

Skyscrapper techniques by backlinko - screenshot
10 expert techniques to boost SEO Organic reach

In 2016 Brian founder of Backlinko published skyscraper link building techniques that showed how he uses a type of technique to build backlinks for his website, nearly 1 month after, that post received 1000 shares. Both big and small sites in his niche started recreating the same post with different experiences and experiments and implementations, both small niche and big niche bloggers, Earn quite a good number of organic traffic to their site. Pinch the screenshot above to view it properly.

You too can do the same whether you are tapping from a case study based on experiments or blog posts based on a round-up. Whichever way you like to rank on Google for a branded title, the goal is to make it effective and valuable as much as readers would love it.


You can get branded titles from a top website in your niche, mostly, from Bestselling e-Book, High ranking keywords, PPC keywords, and many more.

#4 Curate content to create an in-depth guide.

Just like yesterday scrapping content from different websites with Zero search engine penalty was a goal. But if you try that in today’s search engine world just to manipulate a better ranking position on google search, Googlebot would penalize both your website and its content decreasing your search engine ranking to 0, which will be very annoying for both you and your Organization. That is why in most cases I urge big companies to always stay watchful of their site health to always fight back whenever an enemy bot is coming your way.

But that’s not the case here, analyzing more than 100 websites and compiling the best to create an in-depth guide can bring you the best Organic traffic you ever crave for. Either by quantity or by Quality the guide covers it all. Now while this type of technique can bring quite a good amount of Organic traffic don’t try to duplicate people’s content in the name of curating an In-depth guide, Google would penalize your website so brutally if you fail to implement the scope with caution.

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Let me show you a quick example of this post.

137 Experts Reveal Best Tools For Keyword Research in 2020 (With Leaderboard) By Robbie Richard.

How to Learn SEO In 2020 (In Record Time)  By Brian Dean

This content focus on insight shared by experts in digital marketing and SEO, this type of post gets massive shares, and Organic growth increase. After you finish reading this post you can check the post individually to understand what I meant by curating content brings crazy traffic.

Now the thin idea behind this metric is that you need to make the content as rich as possible by adding your value and perspective to build relevancy for both the readers and Google, scraping content from any website and editing it is the worst duplicate content you can ever produce.

#5 Take advantage of youtube for search.

Do you know that youtube is also a search engine?
Do you know that average people on youtube spend about 10 – 27 hours watching videos?
Do you know that youtube is the #1 streaming platform in the United States and the whole world?
Do you know that 52% of people in the United States like to watch videos than read?

This intends to be one of the latest optimization techniques we must have been hearing of, that using youtube to optimize for Google search brings great results. But yet only a few webmasters among hundreds of thousands use this scope to rank. The good thing is that you can also monetize your youtube videos to increase your revenue. Haha, we all love money lolz.

Ahref's Youtube vs Brian Dean
Boost SEO Ahref’s Youtube vs Brian Dean shares ranking factors to rank youtube videos on youtube.

SEO expert brian dean, Ahref, and surfside is showing you video results for a search query string of ” how to use video youtube for SEO ” and these keywords can be expanded to show multiple results for keywords related to SEO for youtube or anything related to using youtube for SEO.

Apart from directing more traffic to your blog from its platform, youtube can also serve your content through a video display order, (Aka featured snippet) on Google that gets your video to show up whenever anybody triggers a search query for that particular keyword within the video description.

While this is also a great advantage of rocking your ways to Google search using video marketing, their other things you need to put together to win these optimization techniques. image below.

Best ways to Optimize for YouTube Videos
seo techniques

Just this year, more than 63.3% of marketers are already investing their time and money on youtube, because of its great impact. Ranking a video on youtube will not only bring you greater results but also bring recurring traffic for your brands. According to a study by Hubspot, Videos that find their way to the Google graph can not be outranked, rather any other video with that same keyword will go beneath the “view more videos section” rather than outranking the others.

#6 Use youtube and tube buddy to get Keyword ideas.

Up till today if you ask a blogger what is their secret ingredient of writing killer topics that drive Organic traffic The answer would always be Google Keyword planner, while clearly behind the scene they are using the untold formatting style to get the best. As a digital marketer or entrepreneur that wants to excel, you must think outside the scope of your mindset and experiment with your ideas.

There is indeed no way to hack the Google algorithm but trust me every new algorithm set out by Google has a crack code called the grey hat technique. the craziest technique I have ever seen so far was from a guy who wrote an article of 1,300 words and stuffs it with 50 words of keywords, then hide the keywords within the content.
Matching it with his website background color so users won’t see it. Lolz
, that was crazy but 18 weeks later I search the website on Google and it was lost Ooops!, I was just wondering about where Google sent the website to, Maybe landfill. Don’t do it. I just said this because it was a stupid idea.

Tubebuddy in partnership with youtube is one great place to find keywords that are trending on youtube for a particular video but not on Google. And the best practice so far is quickly gathering information around that keywords and writing a post about it on your website or recreating a video with more added values to it, adding the keyword as the main focus keyword. see the screenshot below.

From the image above you can experiment with different keywords ideas using tube buddy and keywords everywhere, Don’t expect keywords to come straight to you, but the one secret I can tell you is to watch videos on topics you like, scrape the techniques from the video and see if any website as ever written about that kind of topic then find a way to Boom for it.

#7 Use images within your content to triggers shares and backlinks.

This is a good way to gain backlinks for your blog or better still trigger multiple shares to the image used within a blog post if you use a high-quality image or graphic within your blog post visitors who visit the post might share the link to their social media platforms and bloggers in your niche or outside your niche may find the image captivating to reference it within their blog post or website.

But how will you gain credit for your work when the person using your image is not linking back to you.
Before using an image within a blog post first make sure the image is optimized with or any other image theft detector website you know.

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Most webmasters describe it as malice, not to link back to a blog or blog post, they prefer to use the image across the web without due credit. Link building is a very effective signal to help google find your page relevant and Boost SEO organic reach. In some cases getting a link back from a Poor spammy site can reduce your website ranking and reduce your search authority.

It’s recommended that you focus on your site health including monitoring images use externally by a website with a bad spam score, and report it to Google so they can deindex the image from that site, or better still contact the administrators of the site to take down the image. Don’t make it judgemental like you hate them but rather explain to them in a more persuasive way to avoid malice or hate.

Apart from preventing image thieves to get access to your image, don’t forget to Optimise your image for search engine ranking. This common SEO mistake disregarded by most webmasters can hurt your search result. Consider this as a top priority when optimizing your web content for Search engines. If you fail to use the image properly with the appropriate tags plus captions, and possibly, that article rank for a featured snippet Google will use another image to describe your post other than the post’s main images.

#8 Use internal link juice to point to the important pages of your site.

An internal link is the best solution to solve your link-building problem. I know it sounds awkward but if I do a maths of why I said it this way then you will see reasons to believe it.

For instance, if a blog post on your website is ranking on Google, you can use the ranking post to expand the reach of valuable posts on your website. 1 post = 250 monthly organic traffic. after 30 days the total visitors that click the internal blog post link is 100 or 150 depending on the relevancy of the link, Now Google sees the link as a trail to valuable content after using several algorithms to calculate the dependency of the post such as bounce rate and page load time with content value/copy write issue E.T.C.

After that google, starts ranking the post on its search engine while still depending on more visitors to click the link to fully rank it. which means you are now ranking for two or more blog posts, and the more you keep expanding your link building within your blog post the better to start seeing better search results.

But most webmasters prefer to use link-worthy plugins like related post plugins and a lot more. To Increase page ranks with internal link juice, it just likes, passing a link from a father to a child to grandchild and grandchildren and children. Don’t mind me am just joking lolz.

An internal link is essential in SEO to boost site findability and bounce rate, like in the examples below.

Internal linking helps to crawl and index
Internal linking improves time on site
Internal linking improves PageRank
Internal linking helps spread the link juice
Internal linking boost SEO and page views
Internal linking improves time on site

The earlier you start practicing it the better.

#9 Do round-up posts that trigger shares – visibility.

Have you ever wondered how some bloggers in your niche get up to 4,000 social media shares and up to 977 comments? Round-up posts can be the secret ingredient to Acquiring that kind of shares for a blog post. Roundup posts boost SEO, brand visibility, and trigger shares.

Organizing a roundup post can increase your website visibility among thousands of influential bloggers in your niche and that will help you increase your search ranking because the post mentioned everywhere online will also signal Googlebot.

We’re now in an era where readers are tired of learning one thing repeatedly with no added benefits. These users are tired of reading multiple headlines with the same meaning but a different explanation. So that brings to the table a Good roundup post that covers the untold secret of gaining what they desire to learn from an expert in their line of study.

here is a screenshot of roundup posts by brian Liang that gained over 4,000 shares and over 150 comments.
Featuring experts in How to Promote Your Blog Content: 40+ Experts Share Marketing Tips

Expert round up by Lian Bria
Expert round up by Lian Bria

Doing a round-up post can be time-consuming, yet rewarding if done with care, Just one round-up post can get you tons of shares and comments for your hard work and increase your brand reputation among top-notch bloggers also writing the best expert roundups can boost SEO Organic reach.

#10 Guest posting to a site with better search engine ranking.

Guest posting to a site that possesses authority can be of good advantage to you, But the only side disadvantage of guest posting is if you which to convert loyal readers for your blog through guest posting then don’t go looking for guest posting opportunity at the early stage of your blogging.

Make sure you have written actionable tips proven to work countless times on your blog before you go seeking for guest posting site to write for. While this is the best practice to build better backlinks for your blog readers who like your content might want to check out your blog to gain more insight on the topic you write about that suits them. If they didn’t find one they would be disappointed.

Guest post on forbes by Neil patel
boost seo organic reach Guest post on Forbes by Neil Patel

After reading such a great piece of marketing content from Neil Patel if you head over to his site, you will be thrilled with more insightful and in-depth content published by him.

Guesting posting to a site with only social media referrals is not a good credit for your blog. But writing for a site that has to acquire up to 67 – 78 domain authority is a Good credit for both you and the search engine.

Thank you very much for reading, if you have any contribution you would like to make you can use the comment thread below we would always be here to reply to you as fast as possible be it any time of the Day, week, month or year we are here. Follow us on twitter @mssresource you can also join our twitter weekly/monthly thread, meet and engage with experts in your niche.

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