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Top mobile banking wallets in Nigeria

Top 10 mobile banking wallets in Nigeria

Mobile banking, as we know, is taking over the banking industry, due to its efficiency, reliability, and speed. According to a study, more customers between the ages of 20- 35 would rather use mobile banking than go to a banking hall.

This goes to show the fact that mobile banking is not just the present but also the future of the banking industry.

Top mobile banking wallets in Nigeria
Top mobile banking wallets in Nigeria

It is however no surprise that presently in Nigeria, all the major banks have functioning Mobile Banking Wallets: no bank wants to be left behind. In the light of the saying that “

whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well”,

Philip Dormer Stanhope

some banks have distinguished themselves by not just creating Mobile Banking Wallets, but they have also ensured that the Apps create a hitch-free experience for customers with every click.

In this article, we would be looking at the banks with the top ten Mobile Banking Wallet Apps in Nigeria at the moment, so as to assist you in picking the best bank that would aid in the fulfillment of all your financial transactions and needs…you are most welcome!


There are mobile banking apps and there are THE MOBILE BANKING WALLET APPS, this is a list of the best mobile banking apps in Nigeria at present.


GT Bank is one of the best mobile banks in Nigeria at the moment because it provides the best services for its customers by ensuring that the application is accessible, fast, and user-friendly.


The new version of the app is GT World, this version allows you to personalize your experience and derive the solution to all your banking needs and problems in just one place.

Another feature of the GT World that would blow your mind is the GAPS, which is specifically designed for business owners and entrepreneurs to take charge and monitor the financial progress of their businesses without stress.

Customers with issues such as double transfer, dispensing erros, and so on can simply fill out the complaint form on the app (this is the best part) and get reasonable feedback in less than 24 hours.

In a case where the matter is not resolved after 24 hours, the customer is encouraged to fill out an escalation form to speed up the process.

GTBank has a 3.9-star rating on google play with over 5 million downloads.


The second runner-up goes to Access more. This app allows you to make transfers, check your balance, pay bills, and lots more.

However, the downside is that you must have registered for Online Banking Services in the bank before you would be given the opportunity to download this application on your device.

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Just like GTBank, customers can also fill out the complaint form in case of errors or any account-related issues.

Access bank also has a 3.9-star rating on google play and almost as many downloads as GTbank mobile app.


As expected First monie by first bank made the list of the top ten banks in Nigeria. This app allows you to maintain your card, check your account balance, make transfers, pay bills, and much more.

It is easy to use and unlike Access bank, customers can use the mobile app without having to go to the banking hall as long as the customer has a Verve card or a MasterCard.

However, due to an upgrade of the application a year ago, there was a reduction in the level of speed and efficiency of the application. Recently, this issue has been resolved and the FirstMoblie app is now better than ever.

The Wallet has a 3.6 rating on google play with over 5 million downloads.

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Kuda Bank is a strictly online bank and it is by far the most popular digital banking platform, even though it has not been around for too long (it was established in the year 2016).

It is a free mobile bank that allows customers to monitor their accounts and participate in automatic savings from the comfort of their mobile devices.

Guess what?  After opening an account online, Kuda gives credit cards to customers FREE OF CHARGE! Not only that, customers are not charged for debit card maintenance or the normal transfer fees.

Customers do not have to go close to the four walls of a banking hall; they can perform any transaction, make any complaint, and derive efficient service without any bank hassle.

No wonder they have a 4.4-star rating on google play with over 5 million downloads, which is equivalent to the likes of other prominent banks that have been in existence long before Kuda was established in 2016. Big kudos to Kuda!


ALAT by WEMA is presently the fastest mobile banking app in Nigeria at present, it allows customers to perform financial transactions such as opening accounts, monitoring accounts, and receiving solutions to banking needs without having to visit the bank.

Here, customers are also allowed to save and have access to free debit cards (both naira and dollar cards for performing online transactions) which will be delivered to their own doorstep like in Kuda mobile banking app.

Another perk of this amazing bank is that customers are given up to 4% annual interest on saving with other great lifestyle benefits which encourage customers to build an efficient saving culture.

This customer-oriented and cost-friendly attribute of ALAT has endowed the bank with several awards over the years.

Awards such as the  ‘Best Mobile Banking App’ and ‘Best Digital Bank for 2017’ at the World Finance Digital Banking Awards, ‘Best Digital Bank in Africa’ at the 2018 Asian Banker Awards, and the ‘Best Digital Platform Nigeria 2019 Award’.

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This bank has carved a niche for itself in the mobile banking industry and is definitely in a class of its own.


FCMB MOBILE APP also falls under the category of banks with efficient mobile banking systems in Nigeria.

It allows customers to monitor their accounts and fulfill their financial obligations at any point in time. The application is user-friendly and the icons are easy to navigate.

This app allows customers to purchase items from stores, make payments, open accounts and perform different transactions without the use of a card.


The bank was voted the “most customer-friendly bank” in 2015.

The application has a 3.7 rating on google play with over 1 million downloads.


Zenith bank mobile app is also among the best mobile apps in Nigeria. This mobile application is easy to use and consumer efficient. It allows customers to make transfers, pay bills, monitor accounts, make payments through QRC (Quick Response Code), and so on.

It is however important to note that the application has been known to have some flaws such as the inability to download receipts, lack of speed, and lack of connection to the internet, to mention but a few.

Hopefully, Zenith Bank is able to create lasting solutions by upgrading its applications to ensure customer satisfaction.

The application has a 3.4-star rating on google play.

8. UBA:

The UBA banking mobile application is the fastest mobile bank in Nigeria at the moment. This is because it is built with a user interface that allows customers to log in immediately without wasting time.

The mobile application allows you to make transfers and payments instantly, monitor your accounts, and so on. It is also enabled with user-friendly features that allow customers to maneuver the application flawlessly.

One special feature in the UBA bank mobile application that enables it to stand out among other mobile applications is customer service delivery. The customer service personnel in this mobile bank are by far the most responsive and efficient. They operate 24 hours round the clock and reply to messages instantly.

The UBA Mobile Banking app has 4.0 stars on google play with over 5 million downloads.

9. OPAY:

OPAY allows customers to make money transfers, pay bills and monitor their accounts from the comfort of their homes.

A special feature of OPAY is that it grants loans and overdrafts to customers. The mobile bank has also created a source of livelihood for many Nigerians, through the creation endorsement of several POS stands.

This has enabled the application to derive a 4.4-star rating on google play with over 10 million downloads!



This mobile bank is a derivative of Sterling Bank. A digital bank that is user-friendly, security conscious, and updated information on investment opportunities such as Forex and so on.

One special feature of the application is DOUBLE, this feature allows users to choose from a wide array of investment opportunities; either in large or small-scale investments.

Users can also send money both within and outside Nigeria.

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One bank provides a virtual card for customers who want to shop online, which allows them to make safe online payments without the risk of online scamming. This goes to show that One bank is 100% security conscious.

This application also grants overdrafts and loans to customers.

This application has a 3.4 rating on google play with over 500,000 downloads.


As much as Mobile banking applications in Nigeria have their benefits, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Improvement in terms of security, customer illiteracy, and network breakdown.

  • SECURITY: In terms of security, the porosity of mobile phones and other devices creates an avenue for hackers to breach into the mobile applications. Therefore it is required that banks create a higher level of app security that ensures that hacking is reduced to the barest minimum.
  • CUSTOMER ILLITERACY: In as much as the mobile apps are user-friendly to educated and tech-savvy customers, illiterate customers are usually left out of the benefits provided. Language options and dummy apps would ensure that mobile apps are accessible to all.
  • NETWORK BREAKDOWN: This is the most prominent issue affecting the efficiency of mobile banking in Nigeria. It is important for banks to create a long-lasting solution to this issue so as to enable them to serve their customers better.          


The rate at which customers download and use mobile banking applications further proves the fact stated earlier at the beginning of this article that; mobile and digital banking is taking over the banking industry.

This is definitely a welcome change and a deep breath of fresh air.

Most of the issues that were prominent prior to the creation of mobile banking are almost non-existing.

Issues such as spending hours in the banking hall to perform simple processes such as transferring funds, payment of bills, checking account balance, monitoring accounts, and so on.

All thanks to these banks for evolving into this hassle-free era.


In conclusion, Mobile Banking Wallets have created an avenue for consumers to derive direct access to their accounts and perform financial transactions from the comfort of their homes without little or no hassle.

Transactions such as transfer, payment, monitoring account balance, buying airtime/data, saving, taking loans, making overdrafts, shopping online, making complaints, requesting a statement of account, and many more.

As much as Mobile banking applications in Nigeria have their benefits, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Improvement in terms of customer illiteracy, network breakdown, privacy, standardization, and coordination as stated earlier.

Banks that have not reached their full potential and do not have sufficient features in their mobile applications to fulfill the financial needs of their customers should upgrade their mobile applications to the required standard.

Lastly, the top mobile banks in Nigeria are Guaranty Trust Bank, Access Bank, First Mobile Bank, Kuda Bank, ALAT by WEMA, FCMB Mobile Bank App, Zenith Bank App, UBA Bank App, OPAY Banking App, and last but not the least OneBank.

Let us give it up to these amazing banks for doing such an amazing job!

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