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How do you Explain Entrepreneurship to a Five-Year-Old, let’s discuss.

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Today we want to discuss something really tremendous, about entrepreneurship and how we could help our kids archive a greater knowledge of entrepreneurship we disagree with the fact that this post consigns only parents or grandparents instead we pose these posts to everyone above 18years, either way, we feel brothers sisters, uncle’s, father, mother, are allowed to share there separate opinions on this topics

Topic: How do you Explain Entrepreneurship to a Five-Year-Old.

This new age is rapidly growing into an undefined ecosystem every kid growing up now knows that money is been paid to buy something, so now the word kidpreneurs came into existence, but not fully functional this topic could raise the importance of it, How do you explain entrepreneurship to your 5 yrs, old kids? What do you feel is your opinion on these topics, please your contribution is important people are reading too.

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  • My son is 4years plus . Basically, best way to explain entrepreneurship is to allow him observe my business steps. How do I do that ? I allow him do deliveries and Waybills of my products along with me . At this stage , he dreams big and understands the term entrepreneurship in his little way.

  • My child is 4years and 7 months and I am an entrepreneur. Basically, what I do to make him understand the term entrepreneurship is to allow him observe my steps in business. How do I do that? I allow him take some goods(a little parcel 📦 ) to a client in my supervision and he also follows me to logistics office for a Waybill. He understands in his little way what entrepreneurship entails.

  • This is a very detailed and well written article. A lot of nice insight and information. Great work.

  • I’m sure trying this with my little cousin. She’s barely 10 and wants to know what we do. Didn’t know how to explain to her. This would help.

  • No need for long epistle explaining Entrepreneur to a 5year old kid won’t really work out fine because of their mentality so in a summary you as the has to engage in physical classes with them and reference your explanation to their day to day activities in order to attain easy understanding for their level and age.

  • Entrepreneurship is the process of establishing or rather creating a business for the process of making a profit.

    But as a basic entrepreneurship definition, that one is a bit limiting. The more modern definition would be about changing the world by solving huge problems. Like creating an innovative product that challenges the current way we live our lives on a daily basis.

  • Topic: How Do You Explain Entrepreneurship To A Five-year Old Kid?

    Entrepreneurship is when someone owns a business and such a person is ready to either gain or lose from the business. This person is called an ‘Entrepreneur’.

    For example, I am the entrepreneur. I agree to have a business with the money I have, let’s say #20,000. I start selling the items I bought with that money. At the end of the month, I have sold everything. I count the money with me. It’s #25,000. I’d be happy because the money at the end of the month is greater than the money I used to start the business. So, we subtract the lesser money from the higher one-time #25,000-#20,000= #5,000. This #5,000 is my profit or gain. However, if I spend #20,000 to buy things for my business and at the end of the month I have sold everything and then count what I have and it’s #18,000, I have lost or faced a loss. This is true because the money I counted at the end of the month is less than the money I used to start the business, that is #20,000-#18,000= #2,000. Therefore, the #2,000 is what I lost or my loss.

    You see, I was happy when I gained. I accepted it. When I lost, it hurt so bad but I still have to accept it because I am a risk bearer, that is one who has made up his or her mind to do something whether he or she wins or fails. A risk bearer has the courage or boldness to continue doing something by changing the ways and believing that he or she can still gain another day after the loss

  • Entrepreneur is defined as creating business or taking business risk in hope of making profit, now to explain this to a 5year old requires breaking it down to their level so I’ll simply explain to a 5year old that selling stuffs or creating something and selling it to make money is entrepreneurship, I’ll further explain with an example say for instance if as a 5year old you come up with an idea, let’s say the 5 year old who has a toy car but the toy got easily broken because of the material it was made from and since it has no screen guard like our phone, if the little one comes up with an idea to pad the toy car in some places making it that when it falls the padded part doesn’t let the toy car break easily, when other parents or kids see this and wants something like that, the kid can do it in exchange for a token which is entrepreneurship.

  • To my five years old kid, I will explain entrepreneurship, ” Entrepreneurship is a way in which someone starts a new business in other to make money.
    That is a situation in which a person runs his/her own business in other to make a gain.

  • An entrepreneur is a man, woman, boy, girl who has money, idea, and willingness to bring this three together and make something new from which jobs can be created and mom and dad could be employed to work with and for them for enough money for your school fees and up keep.

  • Entrepreneurship is when you decide to put your intelligence and creativity into proper use by creating a line of business on your own that earns you profit.

    An entrepreneur is a person who is running his own business.

    For example a fashion designer,
    And your hair stylist.

  • The process of setting up a business is known as entrepreneurship. While an entrepreneur is commonly seen as an innovator, a source of new ideas, goods or services. Now, considering a five year old child, who you have observe has a skill or is good at creating things, I can use that medium to sit him or her down and begin to explain how entrepreneurship works. For instance, a child who loves to use paper to create an an aeroplane, can build up on such invention skill to build up jets as a business. A child who also likes making the hair of a doll, can be encouraged to do more by buying more doll with hair so that she can practice, hence, using that instance to explain what entrepreneurship means, that she can someday become the best hair stylist in Africa. Children tends to understand better when you make use of example and illustrations that are physical to them and one way or the other, every child from his tender age is found doing something with his or her hands as a means of playing but many of these plays are what can make a child future bright if the parent help them to build on it.

  • An entrepreneur is someone who decides to create or run a business, even though he or she might lose some money. An entrepreneur is a person who creates a new enterprise and embraces every challenge for its development and operation.
    Entrepreneurship refers to the process of creating a new enterprise and bearing any of its risks, with the view of making the profit.
    Entrepreneurs are often creative, daring people, and the businesses they operate are very important to communities.
    Talk to your kids about past mistakes of your own, along with risks you have taken and the rewards those risks did or didn’t yield. Talk about your motivations and what you were able to learn. As appropriate, you might even let them in on things you are doing in your business right now.
    Here’s a kid-friendly, motivational description of what exactly you do for a living: They dream big and can see things others cannot see.

  • I would explain entrepreneurship by siting an example for the child. Holding a lighted candle. I would let the child know that “entrepreneurship is seeing this flame as a means of making money, knowing fully well that fire can hurt, destory if not being properly handled but at the same time still be useful, you go ahead to make use of the fire, taking the pain and gain that comes with it. Seeing the flame as an opportunity and not a problem or disaster

  • Entrepreneurship is the ability to develop idea and establish a new business with the aim of making profit for one’s self
    Entrepreneurship involves taking risk in business it can be with one or two people.
    Entrepreneurship identifies need and want of a particular area for the satisfaction of consumers.
    A person who takes part in entrepreneurship is called an entrepreneur.
    Entrepreneurship has many examples let’s just take a look at the small business entrepreneurship .An example of small business are grocery store, plumbers and hairdressing whom we always require their service.

  • Explaining Entrepreneurship:
    Entrepreneurship is just starting a business of your own to earn money,though it involves much more.
    Entrepreneurship starts from IDEAS; you have to look around you and then think what is it that my environment needs that is essential ( explaining for children, a live example can be used to illustrate by mentioning an idea for your current environment) then IDEAS have to be converted into a profitable business by introduction of CAPITAL and EFFORT.
    Entrepreneurship is always done with sole aim of achieving profit and one who starts this venture of entrepreneurship is reffered to as entrepreneur

  • In a world where money matters and money management cannot be overemphasized, financial literacy is the key. Explaining the concept of entrepreneurship to a five year old is a little bit tacky and should not be seen as mere buying and selling. Entrepreneurship is an act of taking risk to solve problems and provide solutions in the society. It involves a lot of decision making which can either make or mar the entrepreneur. There should be a proper analysis of strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. A five year old perception about money would be to meet his needs. Noting the areas where they seem to be interested in and exposing them to the entrepreneurship aspect of the area which can be under a successful people in the same area such as music, art, technology, marketing.

  • Entrepreneurship is the act of organizing a business venture and taking the risk that comes with it. It makes a person,a group dependent on their creative ability and the opinion s and experiences of experts in the business they venture into. Entrepreneurship is simply believing you have what it takes to attract people to your space(business,ideas e.t.c).

  • Consider what they are good at.
    Introduce risk and reward concept.
    Introduce them to someone who has started something and let them decide the type of entrepreneur that they want. Teach them money management. Teach them how to embrace challenges and never to have a failure mindset.
    Teach them effective communication skills and how to relate with people they should give people listening ears .
    Encourage their creative ideas,help them learn from their failure.

  • Explaining what an entrepreneur is to a 5year old is more of just putting action into practice than just explanation which involves guiding her path to monetary spending, savings culture, and ability to have a piggy bank that helps her understand the value of money, over time you train her to understand what it means to save and create a source of income than just using the piggy money for sweet, gums, and toys rather you teach her what it means to create a source of lively-hood before spending.

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