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Co-working space in Abuja for Entrepreneurs

8 stunning Co-working spaces in Abuja for Entrepreneurs.

In Nigeria electricity inconsistency has become a hole of injury in our bones and has created a stigma to the mentality of how we run our digital affairs, not to talk of Data, and miserable discomfort caused by bad roads and lousy environments.

you are currently reading – Co-working spaces in Abuja for Entrepreneurs.

If you are reading this as an entrepreneur, freelancer, startup, or a small business team experiencing discomfort from your home, place of work, or your precise location then we have made a handful list of the best co-working space in Abuja where you can visit to stay connected with productivity amidst creative digital mindset and entrepreneurs power pack with Constant electricity and Working super-fast Internet.

This is only for residents of Abuja we will soon publish Co-working spaces for Lagosians and other states.

If you hate distraction when working on your laptops most especially from home or in a very noisy environment then a Co-working space is a zone of comfort for you where you can visit to meet absolutely a whole new experience

A well-structured co-working space will be able to provide you with a free internet wifi connection, a kitchen to visit whenever you need to quench your taste, a relaxation room to ease your eyes off the heavy blue screen stress, an Innovation Lab to transform your micro ideas, Restaurant to eat food, Gym to exercise the bone, a phone boot to answer calls just to avoid distraction and many more.

Also, a small business with a low budget or no budget for office space, can also opt-in to the business plans for Co-working space and get to use an exotic office space all for a small monthly plan, at no cost of rental or purchase for any other office Interiors or Equipment as all provision is, therefore, made-ready for you.

The amazing attribute of a Co-working space is the ability to meet a digital mindset like yourself, explore different innovative ideas and collaborate in real-time to reach a whole new experience, keep focus on your system workflow or projects no distraction no suffocation. Enjoy the comfort of real office space and learn the skills of office management all in one package.


So now let’s get down to the listicles of the day.

#1 Work AND Connect

Is a co-working space located in the Jabi area of Abuja Nigeria founded by a passionate Entrepreneur Abdulrazaq Ahmed, with a mission to support at least 1000 Startups before the next 5 years.

8 stunning Co-working spaces in Abuja for Entrepreneurs. 1
Work and connect Co-working Space in Abuja

As an entrepreneur or freelancer living in Abuja, Work and connect hub is the best co-working space you could ever think of visiting, at the glance of a new peep you will be wowed at the well-structured planning crafted by the Genius architectural work on the Building. The Interiors and furniture are Exquisite. and you will love the comfort of exploring all the digital ideas in your pamphlet all at once.

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Work and connect offers other amazing spotlights such as:

High-Speed WiFi | Heating | Air Conditioning | Seating | Standing Desks | Relax Zones | Lounge / Chill-out Area | Outdoor Terrace | Swimming Pool | Nap Room | Yoga Studio | Meditation Room. And many many more views here

Work and Connect is not a hotel: But for you to gain the comfort you need then you need to live in a Comfortable zone that is Work and connect for you.

Visit this page to learn more about their pricing.

#2 Novare Shared Office

Aka – Where work meets Life

Is a Co-working space located at Dalaba St, Wuse, Abuja Nigeria, with a very neat and conducive networking space you can easily gain access to – Free internet, training room, meeting rooms, underground parking space, maximum security, kitchen, climb the Rooftop anytime. That’s super-wow, you wouldn’t know what it is to work comfortably at all times except you are an Entrepreneur striving through the Nigeria hard Economy,

Novare Share Co-working Space Abuja Nigeria - By Mss resource
Novare Share Co-working Space Abuja Nigeria – By Mss resource

Novare shared Office also offers other services exceptional to Co-working hub only, They offer other indoor and outdoor services such as sports and fitness, Restaurant and eateries, technology and electronics, Entertainment, and also banks are available there in the plaza.

Kindly note that the building is a plaza used for multipurpose services. Novare Office Co-working space is a part of the building and a Hub.

Visit this page to learn more about their pricing.

#3 House 72

Is a classic co-working space located at Birnin Kebbi Crescent Garki II, Abuja, filled with Amazing Interiors and wide space that could make you feel like you are at home and a Glassdoor to see the amazing outskirt visibility of the environment while you work in serene comfort

House 72 Co-working space Abuja - By Mss resource
House 72 Co-working space Abuja – By Mss resource

House 72 Premium membership plans come together with an all-in-one comfort pack. like Free Wifi, free coffee, Board room to host your office meetings, Virtual private Office for conference meetings or remote video calls, Pixel Private Office a fully dedicated non sharing office for you and you only, and many more.

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House 72 is a cool co-working space located in a serene environment where comfort lies. If you will love to visit House 72 for a preview inspection then kindly look up the address on Google search for House72 visit there and explore the digital comfort of life.

#4 Aiivon Innovation Hub

If you have read all the co-working spaces above and still not convinced as to which one best suits your comfort then the Aiivon Innovation hub should be your last option if not then continue below.

Aiivon Innovation Hub - Co-working space Abuja
Aiivon Innovation Hub – Co-working space Abuja – By Mss resource

Aiivon is an Innovative Co-working space that houses over 60 Startup entrepreneurs and power over 100 ideas to maximize their reach with Exquisite comfort, They render amazing services for a cheap amount of money compared to other spaces HUB I have listed above.

Aiivon gives you access to free high-speed internet and 24hours electricity supply, free business and legal consultation, kitchen to eat food when hungry, free access to programs and training and game nights lots of hub activities also they give you a Unique workspace to enjoy a satisfying couthy

If you would like to visit Aiivon in Abuja trigger the search Query on Google “Aiivon innovation hub” and get their address to visit the hub and stay digitalized. See their pricing page here

#5 Ventures Park

Is one of the most simple yet most beautiful and well-organized Co-working spaces in Mambilla Street, Off Aso Drive, Maitama, Abuja Nigeria, A co-working space with compound flexibility and constant electricity, Stunning Office interiors, and a magnificent environment where comfort is at its best.

Ventures Park Co working space Abuja - By Mss resource
Ventures Park Co working space Abuja – By Mss resource

Venture park co-working space just like every other space hub, offers 24 hours of constant electricity, reliable internet access, lounge, gym access, coffee, and many more, all these are subjected to your membership plan the minimal your plan is the limited your access to their services is.

So If you are an entrepreneur or a freelancer living in Abuja and needed a space to work, or a quiet environment to browse the internet, then Venture is just one spot for you to Enjoy the relaxational comfort you ever desire.

For more information on their Pricing Kindly Visit here.

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#6 Social Innovation Hub

Is not just a co-working space but also a socially engaging community for entrepreneurs and a digital mindset who are passionate about changing the world through their ideas and innovation.

Social Innovation Hub Co-working space Abuja
Social Innovation Hub Co-working space Abuja

Social Innovation Hub offers great working space value for their community, to increase productivity and collaboration while they think of new ways to solve problem problems in the society.

Just like any other co-working space value, you may have encountered, SIH is a one-stop Co-working Space for Digital events, Social Impact Incubation, Private team offices, and other added services.

Click here to read more about them and their pricing

#7 Box Office Hub

Looking for affordable co-working space in Abuja, then search no more Box office hub in Abuja offers affordable working space for freelancers, entrepreneurs, or just a person who wants to explore the world of digital innovations.

Box Office Co-working space Abuja
Box Office Co-working space Abuja – Mss resource

Box Office Hub is located in Albert Osakwe House Abuja Municipal Area. they offer amazing space value such as constant electricity, High-Speed Internet, Productive Workspace, Unlimited Coffee,

The community hub has been able to co-join and partner with vibrant community experts/companies to provide support such as Foodyours, Ride9ja, Trainers, and many more.

Click here to read more about them and their pricing

#8 Savvy Instant Office

The era of cyber Cafe’s ( Internet Shops ) is gone ( Say Bye Bye ). Co-working space hubs are taking over the reformation of Internet centers in Nigeria, As long as you have a working laptop and innovative ideas you need to power with digital resources then you need Selene’s comfort.

Savy Instant Co-working Office Abuja
Savy Instant Co-working Office Abuja

Savvy Instant Office as you expect is a co-working hub located in Kumasi Crescent Wuse 2 Abuja Nigeria, There facilities are fully equipped with the latest technology computing system structured to drive inspiration and leverage cost-effective office solutions fully integrated with spilled business services.

They offer amazing Banquet such as High-speed internet, meeting and conference room office desk, resting spaces included, and many more.

Click here to read more about them and their pricing

Hello reader we are glad you made it to the hands-down listicles we have provided for you, it is about time to get your gadget, bag, and prepare yourself both orientally, and financially and be set vigorously to connect creativity in between.

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