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10 best startup and entrepreneur to follow in 2020
10 best startup and entrepreneur to follow in 2020

10 Reliable Entrepreneurs and startup websites to follow in 2022

Have you been on the web in search for Entrepreneur or startup website to follow up, then don’t worry I got you covered, in these articles, I am going to out list 10 best startup and entrepreneur sources to learn about Entrepreneurship and startup in 2020 or better still stay updated to all news going on around you or Globally.

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Everyone is an entrepreneur, but the process of boosting your SMB is quite a headache if you don’t have the right source to guide, so many people throw a hell of cash into the waste bin believing they are doing the right thing but later found out that it was all for lack of knowledge why I am writing these, is because I want to congratulate you for heading over to these place at lease if not for anything but for the fact that you don’t want to be among the people who will end up saying ” I thy know” you’re early !!! If not then try to check the above link about starting fundraising, well that is if you have tried to raise your business to a Stanbic level but yet not mission not accomplished, you can check this link to know the – 5 thing you need to know before raising a crowdfunding”

To cut the story short am not much of a talkative though, but just wanted to help you understand that what you are venturing into needs a lot of courage and Congratulation you just beat over 56.7% of that courage let’s see how the rest gets accomplished !!! Kudos

1. Entrepreneur

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If you are a regular google searcher then you must have come across these site called Entrepreneur well the name is a highly competitive name in the industry but with great entrepreneur and startup resource the California based company was able to win the heart of over 14.3 Million entrepreneurs and Small business who now see Entrepreneur as a great resource to boost the growth of a company or Individual small business owners, The website emphasize on writing more about entrepreneurship and startup growth you could check it out if you want to explore you Entrepreneur knowledge or augment your startup growth

2. Inc

Inc an American based website, with over 20,000.00 or published content the website was founded April 1979 in Newyork city as a magazine based company, The website has been devoted to delivering great content about entrepreneurship and startup growth, with over 12 million monthly readers and over 4 million subscribers and more than 6 office branch in the united state, Inc has been able to capture the heart and mind of young inspiring entrepreneurs, and small business owners in the industry, they have great content from the best authors and editors some that you may know off, if you hang around Inc you won’t regret it or get disappointed they have you recipe.

3. Techcrunch

Let’s talk more about startup and crowdfunding news update, Boom !!! here comes the ultimate of them all TechCrunch is one of the best startups and tech website on the web, maybe not but no competitor could outshine that, for over 14years of contextual content delivery Techcrunch have never disappoint the hearts of their visitors, they publish articles that focus more on startups, fundings, events, and lot more of technology. that super amazing stay sharp with Techcrunch and be empowered with more than knowledge.

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4. Forbes

Forbes is rated one of the best online magazine company but that’s not all let’s say you are an entrepreneurs or a small business owner or better still let me say a startup individual/company and you don’t have an inspiring block then forget it, Forbes connects you with not just the best entrepreneur content you need they also expose you to wide variety of entrepreneur discuss just see yourself conversating with top business moguls, read what inspires them and how they raise the company, this content isn’t just the regular content you come across online everyday these are created especially for you.

5. VentureBurn

When you hear the word venture burn please don’t let entertainment run through your mind, basically, it sounded like that but well maybe not meant for that. VentureBurn is a south Africa biggest tech | Startup | and Entrepreneur website focus on content distribution to over 5 African countries, these websites have been recognized by top South African companies, and have hosted many top-notch events, Everyday the website bring to your tabletop rich content that could enlighten you journey to great achievement in Entre.

6. TED

When other website are emphasized on delivery content directly to your laptop or smartphone ted talk are organizing a conference that exposes you to varieties of technology discussions, More than 5,000 Entrepreneur has been featured on TED conference and more than 15,000 small and big business have been featured on TEDTALK you might be wondering what is this TED all about well let me give you a quick sprout.

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a. ted talk is an American media organization headquartered in Newyork- they host a media conference that gives top business moguls or high profile personnel the privilege to discuss the growth of their business how they successfully reached stardom or how they intend to reach the stardom

7. TheEconomist

With over 10million monthly visitors if not more than, The economist brings top-notch business news and entrepreneurship discussion from over 10 countries.

8. Feedly

These may sound little different, Feedly is not like a website where you go to find content is a website where you go to get connected to millions of content, Feedly is an content aggregator just like they said, when you stumble upon their website register, you will be redirected to a page where you may need to choose from thousands of content from different blog which one to reach ranging from Entrepreunship to technology, startup name it and you will find it there, subscribe to the category that best suit you when next they update there blog you will be the first to be notified.

9. Startup Digest

Startup Digest is like Feedly they are aggregators in charge of going around the web picking contents making it available on their website based on categories, you choose from hundreds of categories and stay connected to millions of news, articles from your favorite niche or website

10. Score

well, the score is a startup based website in charge of distributing content about startups and fundraising, if you want to stay learn how to start a business or raise fundraising then you should visit score today and be hydrated.

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