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Mss Rewards gives its users the opportunity to share their valuable and insightful comments/opinion and get rewarded through cash, and gift cards as compensation for their comments well shared. This Incorporated feature by Mss Resource also known as my marketing search stories allows users to Earn Magnificently by sharing their knowledge/comments on our Mss Digest Roundups, which enables us to ask you question that concerns the Industry.

On Mss Roundups Aka ( Mss Digest ) Is a section on Mss resource where we bring to the table business issues, and digital-related matters, to trigger communication, mind-blowing ideas, resolution, and values that propound authority, this kind of contribution is what makes us reward you.

What is Mss Resource:

Marketing search story also called MSS – Resource brings you stories of Entrepreneurs & business change-makers in Diaspora covering trends on Digital marketing, Business ideas, startup planning, and Day 2 Day Business Goals.

How much reward can I be paid for sharing my thought?

That varies depending, our maximum reward for cash is NGN 50,000 which is (120 USD) for international users and the Minimum is NGN 20,000 (48 USD), depending on the Topic and the Question asked determines the Rewards. For international users, we reward you with Gift cards.

How do we choose the winner?

After 1 week everyone has finished commenting and sharing their thoughts we will close the comment thread and then examine the comments, understand the value, and then reply to the winner there in the comment section with a means for us to reach out to him for his rewards.

Note: Every topic for rewards has a notice under the post that also shows the end/reward date for the topic

Most Importantly all our rewards will be recorded and cached on our telegram group for future reference so it is advisable that you join our telegram Group here where we always announce the winner.


How often do tasks for rewards come up?

We can’t tell, it can be 2 times in a week or more, just depending on our editorial and research teams, but follow us on Telegram that is where updates for new posts, winners, ideas, and features are been released it a community for winners, and been a part of the winners makes you a winner.

Are Mss resource topics for the General public or Niche focus?

This is a Good question, Our topics most times concern the general public, anyone can share their thought, but sometimes we write on topics that are niched focus mainly topics that don’t go out the scope of our website niches, such as Digital marketing, business changemakers, Success stories and many more.

Kindly note that we are rewarding you for your thought, There are different factors of what we consider before declaring the winner.

  1. Comments/ Thoughts shared must contribute/add values in relation to the content read. Don’t comment on a topic you know nothing about.
  2. Comments/Thoughts Shared must be written in English language.
  3. Comments/Thoughts shared must not contain insults or bullying or any insensitive words that
    violate the right of the next reader.
  4. comment/thoughts shared must be Unique
  5. Comment/Thought should be shared once, don’t comment more than once you are free to reply/follow up comments/replies from others or yours.

Joining the mailing list which is also our telegram group gives you exclusive updates on new posts, winners for our previous opinion shared, discussions, ideas, and many other benefits

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Kindly note that cash rewards will be deposited into your local bank account if you are considered a winner, for an international user Gift card is the payment option

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