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Mss - resource The secret of marketing your brand value during this Pandemic
The secret of marketing your brand value during this Pandemic

The secret of marketing your brand value during this Pandemic

The world is facing a hard time now, with the current coronavirus pandemic Over-floating around the surface of the earth, with an atmosphere of air-born virus spread, businesses are forced to shut down and entrepreneurs are limited to their daily activities, this is really affecting businesses globally.

In as much as this pandemic is waving the air, the side benefits are still more lucrative for businesses that as already build a Digital audience or wants to build one, both big and small businesses are doing whatever they can to keep their business sales growing while the government still keep doing their thing, so if you have a business instead of watching your business sales drop, why don’t lift it up by

Everybody is staying at home and maintaining a social distance, the internet is choked up with people using entertainment, games, and movie to fade away their boring time into laughter, but yet If you’re a small business owner or a big brand, then this is the time for you to showcase your business to millions of people staying indoors, the truth now is that Digital marketing as increased by 90% up in revenue and media’s are making extra money, this is the time your customers wants to see what you can appreciate them with.


As an entrepreneur or a business person, if you have built a fan base on social media or Newsletter this is appropriately the time to get hold of your customer and make them keep the impression (belief) that your business is still alive and running, the pandemic is going to take a while and for that time people are likely to forget about your business because of the heavy loads and thinking gaining through them, so the best ways to do that is by engaging with them through every channel you must have convened with them. Facebook, Twitter, and youtube have increased their streaming revenue 76.8% up since the pandemic began because of everybody all over the world is experiencing lock-down, and practicing social distance, so the boring time’s people are having right now they’re are using it to create happiness for themselves, either through Netflix, youtube, Facebook or Twitter and many more, these are times social media are making greater revenue in streaming and advertising, now the question is what should you be doing to keep the name of your brand:

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Everyone is engaging in one or more things that would keep them occupied and stay happy social media is one, and, video streaming platform like youtube and Netflix is two, Create a social platform where you can interact with your fans and customers to help them stay connected with your business, do not let your customers find comfort in going to youtube or Netflix or navigating through different website finding comfort to while away boredom, your competitors might likely find them with captivating ads reflecting your business or service to them in a different style. don’t lose your customer because of your scarcity of not been socialized



Encourage your customers or fans through this hard time the world is facing right now, you have to show that you care and your company cares too, do not neglect your customers now because the problem is generic and it all for the world, share problems, conduct online video sections with your fans, and customer, take surveys and let your brand speak through you, support the less privilege financially or Business perceptive, Give a discount if possible, Example when Neilpatel founder of Uberdigest release a blog post that Uberdigest is now available for free just as a way to support the pandemic stay at home entrepreneurs, his traffic grew to 636K and 2.1 Million visitors/impressions, that was a fantastic move to exchange value for achievement in a more decent way this will not only help your brand keep its reputation but also increase your chances of gaining new and more customer/fans

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Stay afloat your competitors by promoting your business for millions of new people to see, If your business doesn’t have a website create it, create a social media page and start running ads targeting new and existing customers, remember if you don’t do this, your competitors will stay ahead of you. The lockdown is making everyone pay attention to anything online, just as your customer would be navigating through a different website, there are many companies that would be using advert to grab their attention, as a brand you are supposed to protect your visitor’s view, don’t mind my words, just make sure that you’re giving your customer the preparedness to stay stick to you, 97% of customers like to see their merchant/vendor doing show business ( it means flaunty Quality around your company, through entertainment, giveaways, partnership, endorsement, e.t.c).


Doing giveaways too can also help a brand increase market sales, more customers, boost their reputation and trust, people who buy from you would love to get from you someday, and this can only be done through giveaways, it will be an honor for a customer to receive a gift from her choice of company (e.g) Amazon, after buying and patronizing the company for years, setting a random giveaway to a customer would also help you increase shares by your existing customer that would attract more new customer, remember just 1 positive review about your brand can help up to 1,000 new customer trust you, so to be Unique in marketing, do not lock all your company funds to your own financial benefit only, do a giveaway and watch your business grow in new building customers.

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