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pinterest marketing strategies & tools to increase traffic
pinterest marketing strategies & tools to increase traffic - By Mss resource

8 powerful pinterest marketing strategies & tools to increase traffic

There are many Pinterest marketing strategies you can utilize to drive traffic, gain search engine impressions, and increase your search engine crawl rate other than pinning posts.

Most Pinterest pins are crawled by Google crawler and this by far will increase your website search engine crawl rate. see the image below.

8 powerful pinterest marketing strategies & tools to increase traffic
8 powerful Pinterest marketing strategies & tools to increase traffic- By Mss resource

Pinterest has amazing benefits which include, getting post ideas and exploring different types of amazing eye-catchy topics on your blog. Every time you visit Pinterest there is a certainty of getting new post ideas, reading an amazing blog post, and expanding your knowledge with insightful brain tips.

If you are familiar with SEO you would also know that guest posting is a good way of building backlinks for a website to increase domain authority.

Since Pinterest is a content delivery platform that serves as a search engine. Your search for blogs to guest post on and drive amazing traffic is finally over. You can find fantastic blogs through an awe-inspiring blog post on Pinterest that best suite your niche, reach out to the author by following him or her on Pinterest, or by sending a personalized email to them.

The reason you will love Pinterest is that it drives traffic, at least that is what all bloggers strive for, it generates topic ideas, gain search engine impression, and increase your website crawl rate. One more reason Pinterest is a good source to drive traffic is that people on Pinterest are 70x very active with pins.

Most especially, the amount of pins you have on your board or timelines determines the impression you are likely to get from search engines, Most of the time I auto-post on Pinterest I get up to 50 repins per post. People save repin to their timelines or board/tribes they join, the huge amount of members or followers that are in the boards/tribes the higher traffic you will get.


For best practice, if you want to gain high CTA, then I recommend you join a Pinterest board that has a huge amount of monthly views and thousands of pins. Why I recommend this, is because when getting started with Pinterest there are some tips you need to know.

With over 948.50 Million yearly visits if you are not leveraging Pinterest marketing as a secondary source of increasing your blog traffic then you are not blogging. Give more time to Pinterest marketing just the same way you give more time to Facebook if you blog often then find time to visit Pinterest and explore organically. Haha.

So today what I want to tell you about Pinterest, Is the techniques and tools that will supercharge your business. Everything I have listed above needs a tool to automate the process you can’t be eating and sleeping at the same time, so you need a social media tools to work for you while you sleep or keep producing more amazing content.

Also, if you are starting as a brand or business and ever thought about tools you could use to automate your business workflows then I recommend these astounding mind-blowing tools that will boost your startup.

To explore and excel magnificently on Pinterest you need to be consistent and active on every Pinterest board you join, sharing other members pins, and joining more boards. The stress of manually utilizing these tools happens to be the reason why most people turn away from Pinterest marketing.

With little time frame around a blogger’s desk, prioritizing full focus on only Pinterest is a big NO, so that is why you need tools that will power your automation and work while you smile and sleep in peace. On mss resource, I have used some great amazing tools and it worked pretty fine for me.

Just like I am writing this article right now I’m sipping a Chevalier Noir Cocktail. Haha.

So let’s get down to business. But before we get down to business I want to share case sensitive techniques with you that should transform your focus of automation and increase your chances of winning in Pinterest marketing. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s take a Pinterest ride.

Use keywords.

Just like keywords play an essential role in content optimization for search engine searchers, that’s how vital it’s required to optimize your Pinterest post, never the less it doesn’t require many skills to optimize a post on Pinterest but most of all, you should be optimizing your board and profile to increase followers and also increase findability for your post both by Pinterest users and search engine crawlers.

marketing strategy to drive traffic

If you create a Pinterest board and want people to discover it, based on there search intended keywords, you need to put the keywords within your board description it is just a native way of optimizing your Pinterest board, it will be discoverable by Pinterest users that are finding topics to explore within that keywords.

That’s not all, there are more than 5,000 people on Pinterest optimizing for that same keyword as yours, but how do you outsmart the algorithm and show yours in line with Other results.

Use the keywords more often in your repins. Don’t just flood it under any pins you like, find pins that are quite engaging and has a lot of views, comments and is less than 1year old post, use the keywords within that kind of repins, The more Pinterest crawlers find the keywords within your repins the more the keyword is likely to show when people search for it.

Enable Rich Pins.

Rich pin is the beautiful soup of Pinterest, but not commonly used by many Pinterest users if you own a website, whenever you share a post from your website to Pinterest it comes with a handy and more flexible look like the image below

Pinterest rich pins
Pinterest rich pins – Mss resource

Rich pins accurately add metadata from within your content and also include a follow button that makes the pin look more fantastic and amazing, more like you are a premium boss !!!, people who find your pins interesting won’t have to visit your profile before they follow you.

But before you achieve this with Pinterest, you need to validate your site with Pinterest meta tag validator, using Yoast plugin, All you need to do is download the yoast plugin.

1. Download yoast plugin from your WordPress dashboard, that’s if you aren’t using it already.
2. Head over to your Pinterest settings.
3. Fill in your website URL inside the box as shown below this screenshot | Next a modal will pop up asking you to claim your Website.
4. Use the meta tag option of validation.
5. A code will be presented to you, copy only the code that starts with a number like the image below.



Now head over to yoast plugin on your website.

1. On your yoast WordPress dashboard.
2. Navigate to social.
3. Navigate to Facebook
4. Toggle ” enable” Open graph
5. Navigate to Pinterest and insert the copied code and click save.


If you’ve completed the whole step above correctly just the way I have explained, then it will take Pinterest 24hours to validate your website. After 24hours you need to do just one more thing to get the final validation. 1. Head over to Pinterest Validator. 2. Insert a URL to one of your most recent or old blog post that is well optimized.

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Pinterest will validate if the post contains meta tags, If found congratulation, thereafter, all post you share from your blog to your Pinterest boards will now be recognized as Rich pins.

Join relevant boards.

Well, the truth is it has never been easy to join Pinterest boards, you will have to reach out to boards admins through emails with persuading them to add you to their boards. While this seems to work fine for some bloggers, it doesn’t seem to work for some. If you want to join Pinterest boards now you need to do a little workaround to gain admin attention.

To rapidly gain success in your Pinterest marketing journey you need to join boards with a huge amount of monthly views and followers. Find boards that are quite engaging and contains Quality pins. However, you can do that by using the search bar to find a niche by keywords E.g, ” Pinterest marketing” you will be shown results with different kinds of categories, people, and post for that keywords.

Kindly navigate over to boards, Check through the board’s pins and see how interactive they are, if you are well satisfied with the engagement rates you see, head over to the board description and look out for admin email address, which is often found within the description, also check out their board rules.

Copy the admin email address and send an email to them, it may take some “forever” to reply to you why some would have to go through your Pinterest profile to analyze your profile strength.

Now here is the part ” How can I write a persuasive Pinterest request email“. It all depends on your authenticity. Consider using.

Hi, my name is “your name” I stumbled upon your Pinterest board when searching for boards in my niche to join, I really would like to become a contributor to your board, to evaluate get inspired and add reasonable value across the board it will be an honor for me to become a contributor“.

That is just for demo purpose you can still personalize it to your approach and see how best it works for you. Another way to join boards without having to email or contact admin is by using tools like tailwind app. I will talk about it below. just keep reading.


Use eye catchy-images

We’re in the new normal of digital marketing were images express visual understanding for almost any type on context, That applies to Pinterest. If you want to gain user attention you need to use an eye-catching image.

Since almost all the images used on Pinterest are visual persuasion you will need to analyze the most engaging pin in a board to clarifying why users are engaging with the pins, While doing this, your major focus is to find the creativity in the image.

Creativity comes with style, you will need some amazing tools to help you create a fantastic design even with a ZERO graphic design knowledge, Drag and drop will do just fine to help you get started with, People love amazing display.

Repin & like pin consistently.

The truth is for whatever reasons you may be using Pinterest, you need fidelity to win, I won’t write this article and not tell you the truth behind it. To get the best results from your Pinterest marketing you need 3 things which are Fidelity, techniques, and planning.

Repining other user’s posts to your Pinterest boards will increase your chances of gaining new followers and viewers, the more you repin other people’s pin the more they are likely to check you out.

Now the boilerplate of it all is, The more people check you out, it signals Pinterest that people find comfort in what you do, gradually Pinterest pin-bot will start featuring some of your pins on Pinterest home feed, which is going to drive massive traffic for you.

Like any pin you find amazing, the coffee benefits around liking amazing post is. Not all articles that you pin are awesome that is why among all, there must be pins that are quite fascinating and should be liked it’s a credit that triggers love between bloggers. It could help you engage with others.

Use Alpha & Beta image testing to drive fast results.

Images are the main reason Pinterest still exists, images should be your no.1 priority if you want to get traffic from Pinterest. But how sure are you, that your image will produce a better result, It is possible that you’re hiring the best graphic designer but yet no one is engaging with the pin. You need to be niche focus and time calculative before you can reach an engaging audience.

Create up to 3 Pinterest images for your blog post, all should be different designs but pointing to one link, the description should be different so as the title should also be different, let me give an example.

Image 1. “How to drive traffic from Pinterest.
Image 2. ” What will you do with 10,000 traffic from Pinterest
Image 3. ” how to get massive traffic from Pinterest in 2020.

Each should have different descriptions, I know it will be hard to get started with but I will share below tools to automate your Pinterest workflow and leave you with amazing results. Remember the goal of A/B testing is to automate the image to see which one drives traffic best.

Use Pinterest on mobile to keep an active rate.

Honestly, the desktop version of Pinterest is cool, but the mobile version is cooler, Imagine having the ability to repin more than 500 – 1000 pins a day, seriously this is going to be heavy task doing it on desktop.

I won’t talk much about it until you try it. But trust me the flexibility and compatibility of using Pinterest for mobile is amazing, it increases your engagement rates, gets you to share, like, and contact anyone on Pinterest without having to worry about load time.


So now that you have the techniques in your possession it’s time to implement the techniques into your social media workflows, Honestly, you can’t explore Pinterest without tools, You need at least 2 automation tools or 100 if possible, Haha !!!. While automation may work fine for you, you still need to use your brain.

1. Pinterest tools for automation.

Pin Pinterest

Pin Pinterest is an amazing tool to help you automate all of your business workflows, without having to stress through manual promotion. The tools as a name similar to Pinterest but it not a property of Pinterest rather a web-based app that focuses on helping marketers and publishers achieve authentic business marketing automation.

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Pin Pinterest as amazing features that will thrill you and your audience, so you won’t have to put the cat inside the cage anymore. Below are some great features Pin Pinterest offers to help your business excel.

Pin Content From Your Website: If you have a website Pin Pinterest can scrape content from your website to your Pinterest boards without delay, all you just need to do is to provide your website URL and the automation begins the Pin Pinterest crawler

Artificial intelligence: Pin Pinterest as artificial intelligence that auto-post your content to your desire channel at the best time of the day, weeks, or months. Just like Hootsuite the AI is designated to work with the most active time users are most likely to be online, share your content, and help you increase your engagement rates and clicks.

Auto Pin, Follow, Schedule: Life becomes easy when all your task is been handle by robots, Pin Pinterest runs on autopilot that allows you to automatically pin a post from a particular hashtag, and it can also help you follow more influencers in your niche to increase your follow back rate if after some days the follower didn’t follow you back pin Pinterest will automatically unfollow them.

Let me stop here, there are more amazing features when using pin Pinterest, give it a shot, and watch your business grow 10x above its current stat. I also know you like safety for your brand but trust me. Pin Pinterest understands the need for speed to avoid bans.

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The most used app by Pinterest marketers is tailwind app, the web-based app is a social media darling for automation with little comparison among its competitors, tailwind app has been able to add more amazing features that as proven to work for most digital business online.

To increase your post traffic from Pinterest you need to use tailwind app, the conversion rate this app can generate for a business is very high, 64% of people on Pinterest uses this app to automate there website blog post and with proof of effectiveness, many influencers and marketers have been testifying that the website brings a lot of traffic to them. I’m also am a testifier.

From some gathered resources around expert, Pinterest marketers tailwind here is few thing tailwinds is good for.

Grow Your Reach: With Tailwindapp you can join engaging tribes that will rapidly expand your board reach and help you get tons of shares/traffic.
Meet New Influencers: On the tailwind app, there is a chatting system, that makes it easy for tribe members to communicate with one another this can be great for connecting with awesome bloggers in your niche tribe.
Pins to Drive Traffic: Since the tailwind app was built with Pinterest in mind, the app allows users to use an extended feature called Smartloop to automate their workflow with algorithms.

All automation is done with Smartloop AI, to help rebroadcast your pins to multiple tribes the right time users are online. Explore Tailwindapp, and watch your business grow.

Sprout Social.

With sprout social, you could a lot more than automation, while other tools focus more on auto-posting to drive the best results to your website simultaneously.

Sprout social help business owners keep organized analytics of there social media response rate, engagements, and user performance across all social media platforms. The tool focuses more on helping you understand a business success rate using different factors than automation E.g.

URL tracking: You can create a friendly Short URL that helps you monitor social traffic, referral traffic, and keep custom user data for you.
Content suggestion: Explore content from your desire niche all in your sprout social dashboard to inspire your ideas of creating content.
AI automation: get your content to all the right channels the right time with a content schedule automation.

2. Pinterest tools for Graphic design.


The most recommended online graphic design tool is Canva. For a business owner or blogger to get massive traffic from Pinterest he or she needs a captivating eye-catchy image, people are tired of seen stock images, that’s why I recommend you use a strong graphic design that reflects the goal of the content you share.

Canva comes with great style that could transform a design leads with rich text, Wow designed animations, amazing elements builder, compatible with all social media channels, and a lot more.

Most of the Canva app is zero dollars free for anyone looking to give it a trial, you can create high stunning visuals with no graphic design knowledge. Just to get started with, canva designers already made a pre-designed template, all you just have to do is to explore with.


Just like Canva, Snappa app for designers is pretty outstanding when looking for flexibility and speed in delivery. Snappa is a very simple graphic designing tool for Pinterest and it comes with remarkable pre-built designs that you can just click and start editing.

If you like creative designing and will like to add style to your visuals then Snappa is the second on my list compared to Canva. The app makes it easy to do more than just creating a design from scratch, they understand the urgency required to beat the competitive market.


For whatever designs and graphic you wish to create Crello as bring the best to the table, designing is evolving and becoming a thing for everybody, creativity comes with a style even in your business you need stunning banners to grab people’s attention.

Crello makes it possible to win in visual display graphic for your brand you do not need to go helter-skelter looking for an affordable graphic designer, that’s an old school. In this new age of digital marketing, images play an essential role in visual expression than voice.


The brilliant creators behind these apps made it possible for you to explore multiple features in one place to bring the best designs for you. While I recommend this app is because of the impressive pre-built template that comes along with it.

3. Pinterest tools for keywords


Do not think that finding keywords is easy until you want to rank for a particular keyword then you will know that keywords also need thorough researching, lets say you want to rank for a post on Pinterest for a Yoga key phrase.

How in the name of God are you ever going to rank for that keyword, because the estimated post writing under than keyword is more than 10 Million, Oops! that’s a huge number.

Pinterestkeywordtools can help you defeat that challenge, Simply by analyzing the competitive strength of keyword and return the 8 most used but not very competitive keyword. While this may sound like “Not cool”, you need to understand that ranking for high competitive keywords is lame.

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Every minute on Pinterest comes with a new uploaded post and if the keywords are competitive then boom your content is lost. To explore the beautiful side of life you need to eat some nice chocolate. Haha.


Pinterest is expanding every day by day, and more people are joining, the more people are joining Pinterest the harder it is becoming difficult for some unoptimized post to get noticed. You will need to optimize your post to make it findable by board members and Pinterest searchers.

73% of people on Pinterest use the search bar to quickly find pins or boards they can engage with. Now that brings us to the benefits of using cliprise to optimize your post so users searching for posts related to your keywords would see yours, it never that easy.

Cliprise is a chrome extension that allows you to sort for keywords based on focus keywords ideas the extension returns related keywords and ranking keywords that would help you boost your post findability. Let’s say for example your focus keyword is ” Pinterest marketing” the extension returns other search terms people are searching for on Pinterest marketing like ” Pinterest marketing strategy, tailwind Pinterest marketing, Pinterest marketing make money, Pinterest marketing tips” so on, and so forth.

There is another benefiting aspect of using the extension few are: It helps Unfollow users, Invite people to join your boards, search, and follow other users.

If you download the plugin there will be a redirect link to guide you on how to get started.


This extension does this same thing as cliprise, but functionalities are quite different, Pinto keyword can convert keywords into hashtags, and makes it easier for you to copy all at once and insert it into your Pinterest post.

4. Pinterest tools to earn money as influencers.


We all love money very seriously, the reason we work online is to make money, at least giving up a full-time job for blogging should pay off if not then it is a silly arbitrament.

Some influencers or marketers on Pinterest are already killing it, while most emphasize on blogging only, Upfluence can turn your passion into earning by connecting you with brands or SMB looking to sponsor or promote a pin in your board.

Life is easier when we work and earn.

If you have an engaging Pinterest community and would like to make money from it then consider joining the big guys upfluence. Become an influencer register with them, they will do the promotion for you and also bring brands for you, your task is to optimize your profile to avoid bounce-off by brands.


If you have followers on Pinterest and want to monetize and start making cash, there are various ways to do that.
Tap influence is an official marketing partner with Pinterest they join hands and collaborate with Pinterest influencers in helping them monetize their followers into earning.

I recommend you visit the site to learn more about how it works.
As there are too many amazing features to explore and help brands hire you.


With over 900 million visitors Pinterest should be a turning point for marketers and brands that wants to transform there digital marketing to a whole new level, AspireIQ is a Pinterest marketing partner that is focused on building a marketing bond with influencers and brands.

It is either you are making money from influencer marketing or blogging, having a huge amount of traffic is sweet but how will you keep up the reputation without violating anyone’s privacy.


Whichever platforms you hold strong followership you can always work with brands to earn money by showcasing products on your page for your followers to engage with. Hype Auditor connects influencers and brands on their platform to earn and monetize their follower-base.

Other powerful Pinterest tools.

5. woobox

Most people you see on Pinterest with 1m followers and 500k monthly views are not having two heads, they have made fidelity their priority while working hard to achieve their online goals. You too can take advantage of the same follower count.

Woobox helps you utilize your visitor’s focus when they visit your website. A Pinterest popup box will show to the visitors with a more flexible and beautiful design layout that will thrill the audience to follow you. Not only that, the box can be customized to any color of your choice but for best practice always maintain a design scent similar to the main site.

6. Fan page robot

This tool in particular. I have used it for up to a year now and not compared to other tools I have listed above, With these tools, the concentration of establishing a great online presence, with little or no time frame is superb. If you are a fan of automation then you will know what I am talking about.

Imagine having all your online tasks like auto tweeting, automatically convert your best pin into customer leads, discover competitors in your niche using your keywords, generate the best hashtag for your pins, turn the autopilot to a free advertising source.

The web-based app automates almost every task that would take 24hours for a human to achieve.

7. Ninja Pinner

Another best autopilot is the Ninja pinner. With a simple interface and fascinating automation the autopilot does pretty the same thing as other tools could, but the exceptional mind-blowing features from Ninjapinner is its ability to filter your target audience.

The only place I have seen that is on Pinterest paid advertising system, but ninja pinner made it possible to analyze pins, find the best hashtags from numerous Pinterest account in your niche, compare the most active hashtags compile them in one place for you to implement with and explore.

8. Socinator.

Every saas company developing apps always add a killer feature that will be different from there competitors, while other features may look the same, the algorithm for it to work without having social media ban on your account is what makes it Unique or Bad.

Socinator does the same automation workflow like other tools I have listed above but the takeaway feature that would still make you want to use the tools is it can automatically create boards for you, automatically comments, auto-follow back, broadcast messages to all your followers at once.

So after reading and viewing all these tools what next?

You can’t use all at once but you can utilize them one by one throughout your blogging journey so far I would like to get feedback from you to know if any worked fine for you or I should remove them.

Thanks and once again. please lift a hand for me by sharing this post to your social media channels, any help is a great help we will appreciate. Thanks in advance.

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