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Top paying digital marketing Niches in Nigeria
Top paying digital marketing Niches in Nigeria

Top paying digital marketing Niches in Nigeria

When starting a career online the first question you would probably ask yourself is, Which digital marketing niches in Nigeria is profitable for a person to make money from at least 6 months to a year.

That’s a good question, there are many profitable niches you can make much money from, and they all require consistency and quality content to attain such achievement.

The top-paying digital marketing niches in Nigeria is for a person that wants to become a digital marketer or blogger focusing only on top paying digital marketing niches to write or work on. your blog is like your portfolio whatever you learn you can write on your blog and this will help you land more marketing contracts/jobs in big firms.
Digital Marketing in Nigeria

Top paying digital marketing Niches in Nigeria

Top paying digital marketing Niches in Nigeria 1

There are big firms that would rather employ a person who is professional at a particular field/skill in marketing rather than a person who knows it all Company build teams of marketers and these marketers are consist of sales marketer, SEO specialist, content developers, visual designers, Social media manager, Email marketers, Link builders and many more.

You can’t get a job in a firm been all of that in one ) Even if you try to, you can’t get it all; marketing is wide and if you overload your brainbox with marketing stress you might just end up becoming physic.

“It’s hard to find things that won’t sell online.”

Jezz Bezos

to become a successful digital marketer you need to possess a lot of skills and have varieties of digital marketing experiences, according to studies the more digital marketing skills you have determines the rate of your earnings/salaries.

The monetization value in digital marketing is high according to the average salary of a digital marketing manager in Nigeria is 5,230,000 NGN yearly that is about an average of 435,000 NGN in a month, But the comparison differs from, The average salary for a digital marketer in United state is $40k dollar per year. While a digital marketing specialist makes up to $60k in a year.

Don’t get this wrong this stats is totally different from a digital marketing blogger, the comparison is far lower than the earnings of a digital marketing blogger. Average digital marketing bloggers makeup to $30,000 dollars in a month and roughly $100,000 in a year, that’s influencing, just like every blog on the internet has its own monetization values, you should know that digital marketing blogs make money from different monetization networks, such as AdSense, direct advertising, sponsored post and many more. mss resource makes more than $8,000 in a month that is NGN 3.2 Million nairas in a month.

The cost of learning digital marketing skills is freemium and premium the extended skills requires little dollars to get around with some brain opening digital marketing books or videos, and this will help open your brain to more knowledge about digital marketing from experts and build your authority in marketing in a short time. Expertise plays a major role in marketing, the years of experience you have determined the trust efficiency a firm will confide in you.


We have handpicked and answered some of the most asked digital marketing questions, from people who want to know about the expectation of their faith when they decide to try digital marketing as a career focus.

a.) Is digital marketing worth it in 2022

Digital marketing has emerged, and venturing into digital marketing should not be a deliberation, Digital marketing is a profession on its own and has good-paying monetization values for your efforts, The likes of Neil Patel, rand Fishkin, Kim Garst, Tim Ferriss, and Larry Kim including several others all Earn a living through digital marketing, and for that record digital marketing is considered a profitable career focus.

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b.) What exactly does a digital marketer do?

Digital marketers are the specialists in charge of managing a business online presence which includes brand visibility across all social media channels and search engines, they are also responsible for optimizing brand products for sales increment, generating product content, email marketing, providing companies overall analytics reports, and many more. But a digital marketing blogger teaches you about the right steps to achieve marketing goals, exposes your knowledge to great marketing secrets, tools, and marketing strategy to deploy in your marketing skills.

c.) Can I become a digital marketer without a school results/certificate?

Yes, you can.
Becoming a digital marketer relies on skill-set, but some firms will still prefer you to have some school degrees or credentials, but always know that most firms are not limited to hiring you because of your degrees. Your skill-set to the field of marketing they demand plays a major role.

It is best advisable that you own a blog where you can share content on marketing.

In recent times 60% of professional digital marketers got their credibility from their work online and this credibility is what makes them get the privileges to work in a big firm as contract marketers. Always start with a blog this is the fastest way to prove to clients where your knowledge speaks by writing relevancy enough,

d.) What skills do you need for digital marketing?

Having the skills is not limited to 1. Optimize funnel, 2. Conduct keyword research, 3. Optimize PPC campaigns, 4. Identify technical SEO errors on a webpage 5. Create quality content 6. Outreaching for link building 7. Implementing email marketing 8. Work in a collaborative environment 9. Optimizing a webpage 10. Keep clean report for overall performance | Full list of SEO skills is found here.

e.) Is digital marketing hard to learn?

No, digital marketing is not hard if you are niched-focused, but if you want to acquire all the skills in digital marketing that is going to take a lot of years and hard works put together to achieve that. But the goal of learning is to troubleshoot any marketing difficulties which will yield positive results.

f.) can I quit my job for digital marketing

In a rush NO, but with study and right knowledge Yes, Just like I stated earlier digital marketing is a career on its own, and if you are lucky enough to have found yourself picking the interest to learn it then you are lucky indeed, Don’t quit your job to try out a career that you know little about, take your time to learn it pick a niche and then gather more knowledge, and skills start a blog showcase your skills and see if people will like your new development.

Key learning in marketing is having the desire to stay long enough to reap the fruitfulness of your labor and hard works majority of people don’t stay that long, your first step in pursuing a career is to gather enough influencers to influence your desire. If not along the line you may break down with too many thoughts running through your head – Giving up might be an option for you if you don’t stay strong.


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71% of Brands in Nigeria lack the optimization strategy of search engine marketing, if you want to make profits in digital marketing you need to be where decision makers are. Majorities of brands want to see their sales funnel filled with steady and recurring buyers.

Enterprise SEO is a profitable niche when looking at making more money, this niche mostly consists of Business owners, small startups, and entrepreneurs that want to expand their marketing growths, through marketing their brands in front of Google searchers. According to Hubspot Statistic report for Local SEO, “About 64% of marketers actively invest time in search engine optimization (SEO). (HubSpot, 2020) )”

Link building plays a major role when you mention search engine rankings, reaching out to authors and webmasters for a link back to your site is the reason why so many websites are on the 1st page of google today, Link building is very essential if you have the qualities of reaching out to website owners or editors. Link building helps a business website gain 10x search engine organic referrals when done smartly, it can be hectic trying to reach out to website owners to link back to you. but a smart link builder knows the fundamental strategy of reaching out to bloggers reach more about link building here.

An average search engine marketer in Nigeria earns
[150k in a month and 1.6 million nairas in a year]


  • Pixel marketing
  • Engagement marketing
  • Social media Management

Social media makes life easy for businesses that want to target a broad range of prospect in any country, just like search engine marketing show ads to people based on their search query, Facebook and other social media website makes ads accessible to everybody under your targeted keywords. this is sometimes less organic that is why between Google ads and Facebook ads comparison you will see that google drives more conversions than Facebook. But there is some strategy in social media marketing that you need to know

[1] Pixel marketing since it was first launched by Facebook in 2015 has increased the user experience for marketing benefits, at least advertisers can now target their users based on visiting or landing on a webpage. This type of marketing is profitable if you have the skills of optimizing user data for more marketing values.

[2] Many business owners don’t know deeply how to use their post engagement to retarget users who have previously engaged with their pages by using different engagement strategies to conduct an in-depth trail to the demographics of the user and use the engagement result to optimize other ads campaign. Read here about Engagement in marketing how to use it to get more sales.


  • Lead generation
  • Landing page optimization

Many businesses have already given up on email marketing but that hasn’t reduced the demand rate for a bit, as email marketing is the formal way of introducing your brand or business to your subscribers or prospect. It still remains the soft point of direct sales marketing according to Aweber statistics (“20% of email marketers has surveyed that email design is improving the email engagement rate“).

Learning email marketing need high knowledge if you want to get open rates, you need to write with Unique headlines and use a mind-captivating sentence structure within your paragraphs 1/2 paragraph should be your calling point – 3/4 should be your anticipating point 5/6 should be the digesting point. then any other points should be continued reading.

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Email marketing can be a waste of effort if you don’t have the magical marketing tactics to get around with it, so if you have the skills then you are in high demand.

An average Email marketer:
Makes: 70,000 nairas in a month [salary]
Email Marketing writer: 125 – 150k in a month
[dependable on traffic earnings may change some months]
Freelancers: 20,000 nairas to optimize well-drafted email marketing templates
[ either daily, weekly, or monthly that varies depending].


  • Product marketing
  • Banner designs
  • Video marketing
  • Influencer marketing

Content marketing is all about writing what will engage a user, retain the user and convert the user. That is content marketing, by creating relevant articles that will contribute value to a users life, when the content focus on product marketing you are engaging the user and if he or she purchases the product you have then converted the users, don’t let it end there consistency build trust. This can be calcuated as Cold, warm and hot audience.

If you have the skills of writing content that can convince and convert then you are in high demand, many firms want to be sure that you know what you say you are doing, even when submitting your CV you are still required to show proof of your content, where it was written and engagement rate of the content. If you want to know the digital marketing skills you need then check here.


An average content marketer:
Makes: 50,000 in a month [salary]
Marketing blogger: 300k in a month
[dependable on traffic, earnings may change some months]
Freelancers: 4 naira per word (average of 2,000 words: Earners = 8,000 ) either daily, weekly, or monthly that varies depending on your content writing and how many gigs you can handle.


  • Local SEO
  • Keyword research expert
  • Technical SEO
  • Link Building

Search engine optimization is the power-suite of digital marketing, literally everything on the web is powered by SEO so the career demand for SEO is fast ahead of time, every SEO specialist is learning the future of SEO, calculating groundbreaking google algorithms using white hat SEO techniques that have proven to work overtime see here.

Having the skills of local SEO can help you get a high-paying job in an Ecommerce or real estate company, the demand for Local SEO specialists in Nigeria is high. ranging from Ecommerce, hospitals, universities, law firms, local markets, real estate, and many more. Writing and blogging about SEO will also drive you tons of traffic from people that want to learn or enhance their local optimization skills while they are reading you’re making money.

To conclude this, there are other paying niches in digital marketing, but these listicles I have out-listed seem to work pretty fine, we have analyzed the country’s demands for SEO, carried out a roundup analysis from Abuja, Lagos, Calabar, Ph city, and Ibadan.

The demands for digital marketing in Nigeria is high and marketers seem not to approach businesses for managerial marketing proposal.


Richard Odds

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