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How to create Instagram Video ads that Generate sales
How to create Instagram Video ads that Generate sales - Photo credit by Unsplash

How to create Instagram video ads that generate sales 10x.

If you are not getting clicks on your Instagram video ads CTA or conversion, then there is something wrong somewhere. The problem might practically not come from you but from the landing page you are sending the viewers to, maybe still the quality of the video does not appeal to what viewers find lucrative, or you possibly launch your ads at the wrong time. Well, there are many things that could cause Instagram ads to fall short of its budget.

Instagram is a fun place to drive crazy conversion from, in fact, me personally, I support Social Media Marketing Industry 2019 Report that propounds Instagram as 2nd most engaging platform containing more likely to convert users compare to Facebook or Twitter.

Don’t quote me wrong, Instagram is a mobile-first platform. Instagram was built exclusively for mobile usage. Lost in ads has been the most case of internet marketers trying to reach an engaging audience, reaching an audience you want them to purchase or convert works with different factors and brain algorithms.

In as much as you find your own ads very captivating and fine to attract the first-sight audience, it might not to viewers. I personally recommend that you find brands instagraming in your line of business, study their most engaging post, learn how users are engaging with their post and after researching over 10 Instagram profiles in your niche & what their audience like about them, then use that same strategy you gathered from those sources to create your own ads.

Don’t build with your idea first even if your idea is Superb, people don’t really care about what your idea is unless it comes with creativity and styles.

Most times individuals switching to the uniform level of Instagram for business might find it complicated adhering to the Instagram advance side of advertising, which is using Facebook ads manager to get the most profitable ROI.

When boosting Ads, it takes a hectic calculation to draft effective Instagram video ads. As reported by Instagram in 2017 they stated that their Advertising network has grown to over 2 million advertisers.


Sometimes you see brands dominating a successful audience circle using Instagram video ads, and you would wonder “which day am I ever going to grab the attention of multitude engaging audience”, or maybe just want people to click on your Instagram video ads CTA, then here is one thing you need to impact your Advertising knowledge.

Bonus Tips (Mostly to work for Newbie, Expanded knowledge)

1. Create Engagement before sales. (Re-targeting users based on Engagement)

Let people get used to your brand name before you sell to them, I consider that a First-class marketing strategy. Focus on running ads that engage users with your brand before running ads that persuade them into a purchase.

People are less likely to engage with ads that show a shop now button than a learn more button, the best practice to driving 10x a successful sale through Instagram ads, is Re-targeting people that have previously engaged with your brand.

Engage users before you convert them, Instagram users will likely convert if they have previously engaged with any of your Instagram activities before, E.g you can’t open a new office in a community that doesn’t know you before and expect to get multitudes of client that same day. Research shows, companies with strong customer engagement strategies retain an average of 80% of their customers.

There are three major or more types of Audiences in advertising, that best describes how people are interacting and engaging with your page or ads I.e. Cold, Warm & Hot audience. Converting a cold audience into a warm audience needs engagement before you turn them into a devoted customer, In most times advertisers get things wrong by presenting a Cold audience with a shop now CTA which is somehow considered legal spam (Lol) and it’s not a good choice, rather.

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In 2018 adespresso analyzed 752,626 ads to determine which CTA generates best results for advertisers and they found out that the most common CTA mostly clicked by users are “Download,” “Learn More,” “Sign Up,” and “Shop Now.

So I recommend you make your brand look more satisfying by presenting an audience with a learn more button to your product landing page or your blog with a detailed level of your product information that will magnet them into conversion, here I have written an article on how to create content marketing for products.

Instagram video ads – Example from Elementor

From the above video ads, Elementor is using a marketing strategy to get more people to engage with their post so they can be re-targeted later, In fact, this sense of targeting ads brings 10x increment in ROI than display ads, Since they’re already familiar with your brand name they’re expected to convert.

People who engage with your post are literally considered a future prospect, for whatever reasons they engage with your ads, it shows they have a desire for what it offers or how you offer it, 40% of this people are more likely to purchase or convert when next your ads show to them to buy or visits unless you are Re-targeting existing customers don’t chase new customers who are expected to convert, because of the Shop Now CTA they see.

One thing you should have in mind is engagement is not a waste of money people who engage with your post through likes, comments, or even visiting your page can be used for your next re-targeting. If you want to learn how to re-target an audience who have previously engaged with your post,  I recommend you to read this post from a better lemonade stand

a. How to engage users before conversion.

Hashtag marketing
Instagram video ads from – Charley

For an enterprise or marketer with a small advertising budget, learn to surround your brands with hashtags related to your type of business, service, or products.

Segment the style of your ads and it demands before finalizing who you are targeting it to, this way you are building impressions inside the mind of your future prospect who are more likely to convert when they see your ads. It just like showing people your product or services every day, and one day they see your Instagram video ads showing them the opportunity or privilege to take advantage of the products.

Since the person has already been seen your post for a while, they are already used to your brand name and presence, they have the impression of who you are and what you have been doing, If you segment the right ads pointing to them they are more likely to purchase, convert or recommend.

1 vital tip I recommend, before you proceed into creating Instagram video ads, Check around Instagram for brand posting or rendering service relatedly to your kind of business, check the most engaging post they shared and check how users are interacting with it, or you can go further by using google to search how users are interacting, engaging and dealing with that product or service on the internet, this will expand your knowledge to insightful information and added value for people’s need.

b. Use A/B testing when looking for a better result in running a successful ad. From in-feed ads to story ads on Instagram, there are benefits accompany with these types of ads you choose when looking to reach a high converting audience.

Both may look fine for any ads, 64% of Instagram users only focus on scrolling down their feeds rather than viewing stories, even if they view stories the actual rate of conversion is low since the story ad is telling them to leave Instagram.
Story ads will only build engagements and impressions for your business, not a company looking for a conversion.

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Over 10 Million people visit Instagram every day to view latest from there favorite Celebrities, public figures, or whatsoever inspires them, Instagram is a home of millions, there is no secret to driving Crazy conversion but there is a strategy most especially when trying to get people to convert, pass-through from your Ads to your CTA and Boom !!! your Landing page/lead magnet and the next big thing sales for you.

Always learn to test two types of campaigns at once to gain insight into which one works best, it is more like comparison, comparing Engagement and Conversion to know which one brings results for your brand.

2. Clarify your focus & Avoid multiple requests

Avoid Multiple requests. So many times I have come across video ads asking users to click, like, and comment. Or check out our product, like, leave a review, the same goes to marketers if you give people many tasks to execute at once they will stick to one, leave, or end up not doing any at all, focus your production on one goal, people easily get overwhelmed when you are making too many requests despite they are the one buying with their money or patronizing you.

Clarify your focus

I analyzed over 20 Instagram video ads and I found out that nearly 60% of advertisers focus mainly on Explaining the key features of products or services other than explaining the benefits to the customer.

People scan things so quickly, In fact, it takes a person just 10 seconds to scan a full flesh content of 500 words of an article and 5 seconds to clip what a video ad is all about because they come across different adverts online every day.

People are interested to know the benefits of what a product or service is all about rather than features of what it contains, they would prefer to complete the research on your landing page or blog by themselves but give them the benefits to click in a more persuasive tense first.

As a business striving to establish a great result, you need a Unique Selling Proposition to get nearly 80% of your ads ROI.


Describe a scene of character that tell a story & share a personal experience, try as much as possible to point out something remarkable about the audience or the current setting

Bonus tips.

Headlines also play a lead role in advertising.

Yesterday I receive a newsletter from a firm with the headline “ Would you sign this cheque of 1 million for a company in your country”. this caught my attention and sharply I head over to their website and read the whole articles, learning their unique process of Requesting a loan from a company as a startup.

So, what I am trying to say is that people will click on your ads if the caption is beyond their comprehension they are more likely to engage check it out or learn more.

3. Maintain user lead experience.

Limit text on your ads, according to Facebook, Ads with a higher amount of text may experience a decrease in reach or, Flag for using text above 20% or, could experience Unsolicited charges. So to reach the best experience use text with less than 20% words to ease the sight of your viewers. Facebook uses text overlay to analyze text within your thumbnails, but not your main video, this is mostly for video creators.

Let user experience match your ads experience, when people see your ads and decide to check them out, 20% of the people will turn away if the site lacks the following, sitelock, page speed, easy navigation, optimized layout, smooth to scroll without no distraction, and the scent of design. From a wide experience with Instagram video ads, people are more likely to purchase from a site that maintains the same design scent as with the ads they engage with.

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Create Attention-Grabbing thumbnails, By default, all videos on Instagram will play automatically, while most people may disable it, you will need a captivating thumbnail to clarify the focus of the video ads, you only have 60 seconds to show your ads to people, what would be your elementary focus? Create attractive thumbnails that get people’s attention. Let the first 10 seconds of your video solve what they are looking for, or what they want to hear. Although Instagram video ads display is 60 seconds, yet you only have 15 seconds to grab people’s attention and 10 seconds to convert them.

4. Place an irresistible offer.

This strategy works like crazy, you would have come across ads with a caption like this “ The first 10 people get this $100 e-book with 90% discount and save $90” that is expected to convert, people have a choice that is controlled by freebies and cheap things, they would like to want to buy it because an offer like that will never come again, so the best way to draw more audience who will likely buy from you is to act different from their regular salesman – Give them a ” Keep the change offer”.

5. Add urgency.

People funnel a conversion scent when an ad is limited to a certain frame, in most times people who are supposed to click your ads and buy immediately or hire your service, would not because they feel it would still be in stock for whenever they want it, But when you apply Urgency or discount people would swing into buying.


6. Be outspoken.

Don’t just make a video explaining why people should buy your products or convert, directly instruct them to click the button and carry out purchase tell them words like “ Click the button now and meet me in the other side” be advertorial when pointing out your leads magnet, people have their various ways of thinking, if you don’ tell someone to click your ads, why should they click it? most times it just seems like you are entertaining them until you tell them to carry out actions, don’t focus on the wise focus on dummies too, you probably don’t know who is viewing your ads, some people can get confused if it is the button they should click or just visit their local store and ask for the products.

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