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Facebook ads and marketing tips to learn in 2022
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Facebook ads and marketing tips to learn in 2022

It is quite obvious that a lot of business individuals or companies still see Facebook marketing (Advertising) as a very difficult task, just like the implementation of keyword researching is the utmost thing to do when it comes to Facebook ads.

This is a close guide made special for marketers that want to learn how to convert their Facebook ads into a leading ROI, Which is the major reason why most companies and businesses do promote either their brands on Facebook.

Research made it known that 78% of successful businesses got their major incomes online set apart from physical marketing where one needs to showcase physical products P2P.

Inside this topic, you are going to find the GUIDE to:

1. Understanding Facebook Ads
2. Understanding Ways to Target the Right Facebook Audience
3. Understanding Your Facebook Client’s Engagement
4. Keep Re-Targeting Your Facebook Audience
5. Where and How to Lead Your Audience
6. Watch Your Facebook Ads Markup
7. Build a Reputation Before Trust

1. Understanding Facebook Ads

Facebook can be so difficult to understand sometimes, In fact, I wasted $220 running a Facebook advert and I never made a penny out of it my Mum would always say crazy boy go keep making Mark Zuckerberg Rich silly.

Well, those challenges were what made me dive into social media analysis and I have found out that Facebook can be difficult truly that’s if you don’t know how to play around it, Why in some cases Facebook can be the best platform to get your complete ROI if you’re looking for engaging marketing.

Research has it written that about 70% of successful business revenue comes out from {SMM} Social media marketing, 50% of it comes out from Facebook and 20% of it, relies on {SEM} Search Engine Marketing in total about 70% of businesses and companies no longer patronize physical marketing, as it is now an old system of looking for clients.


if you don’t understand Facebook’s ways of advertising you will find out that all most all of your Facebook ads are not bringing close to the amount you roughly estimated before running the Facebook ads or maybe you aren’t even getting any conversions in return from your Facebook ad.

So many advertisers have made thousands of complaints about getting so many likes for their Facebook ads but not getting any {CTR} Click through rate which is bad. A successful round-ups of ads that have made the best on Facebook shows that ads with re-targeting make [50] times the money used in running the Facebook ads.

Now you may be a little bit skeptical about me mentioning the word Re-targeting but don’t worry we will discuss all of it in this [GUIDE]

2. Understanding Ways to Target the Right Audience

If your Facebook ads aren’t getting click-through then it means it’s not showing to the right audience.

A quick explanation of what a click-through rate means (A click-through rate is when your audience is finding your ads interesting and are clicking through them to either learn more or purchase something), This part of Facebook ads got me to research more and I have analyzed and understood that there are two types of user engagement in running a Facebook ad.

[a] 50% of users on Facebook are Social entertainment people who just like whatsoever they see on Facebook be it relevant or irrelevant.

[b] There are about 30% of users who understand the relevancy and go furthermore by checking through the ads.

[c] If not all then 20% of the users are people who have really been waiting for your kinds of ads.

The real truth is that who among these three is your rightful audience. Now here is the answer but let me make it more explainable, Before you will know who your right audience to target first checklist your niche and understand what your company or business is all about or check what your product is related to.

If you have an entertainment business then know that you are targeting [a] [b] and [c]. If you have a corporate business then you are targeting [2] and [3], understand when am trying to put a difference between corporate business and Corporate Social business, “Fashion is social business while engineering company is a corporate business.

So the truth of targeting the right audience is knowing your company/business niche and using the rightful keywords to target the right audience, Many companies know about keyword targeting but don’t know how to do it or maybe don’t know how to implement it.

It hurt so much knowing you are not doing the right thing after investing so much money into advertising, Because Facebook is a large community with a larger audience, If you are to run a successful Facebook ad then you will have to target the right audience which is targeting people interested in your product or service.

There are many premium tools out there that you can use to run keyword research before using it on Facebook, best I will list out now are the ones I have used to run ads on Facebook:

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[1. Keyword Spy
[2. Keyword discovery
[4. Fb keyword

Facebook has an inbuilt keyword planner to help you pick and target the right keywords but it might not just be an easy-access tool for beginners getting started with Facebook, I find it hard to use it when I was starting out with Facebook ads.

The tools I have listed above may just work in their best ways but may not be compared to the Facebook built-in tools, But in some ways why it is good to work with external keyword tools is because you can easily compare keywords and check for the volume of the keywords to know if it is target-able or not, It part of keyword planning.

So the only way to target the right audience is to know who you want to target, these aren’t calculated by robots it is you yourself that has to decide that.

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3. Understanding Your Client’s Engagement

The most important part of Facebook ads is understanding your client’s engagement, This engagement is the ways your client interacts with your ads by either clicking through them, converting through them, liking the ads, saving the ads for later use, or just commenting on them or better still share the ads and many more, these ways are what brands use to calculate their ads interaction and engagement and then work towards improving it on their next campaign.

When running Facebook ads you should concentrate on how your ads are interacting and follow up with them, A note-worthy research from google stated that if there is a reason you lose one customer then that same reason will make you lose 20 – 40% of your customer if not corrected, So create no reason for losing them by following up with your user interactions, Learn to communicate through the heart of your clients, Interact with them through comments, Set a giveaway offer for them, Always make them know how much importance they are to you by wishing them season greetings.

This way you are creating an engagement that will help your brand retain large numbers of Happy clients, Then you will begin to see that your client engagement is on a climate change.

So many of your happy clients will keep a review of how you help them serve a better purpose, which is why the higher reviews you get inspire happy customers and prospects, What are your understandings? Always know what your clients want or like to better improve your interaction with them it is called client Engagement

4. Keep Re-Targeting Your Audience

Every social media marketing expert out there knows that the best ROI you can get from Facebook is through re-targeting, this re-targeting is not different from keeping in touch with those clients who have a previously conducted an unfinished activity on your webpage or have carried out successful activities through your ads, these users become your priority disregarded of which activity they conducted on your webpage.

Retargeting has great potential as it will expose your business to an existing audience until they pick an interest to convert or purchase, Remember committed clients are users who find comfort in the service you render this will make them bookmark your website as their first choice whenever they need anything you offer or sale.

So your re-targeting should be aimed at showing them more of your landings or new stocks Or showing them ads related to their last activities on your site, This way they will love to check them out and purchase them if they like it, In fact, Study has it written that 79% of people living in this world patronize a business/products by recommendation, For example, a first-time visitor might not look into buying your product or joining your mailing list, until maybe after a month later his or her friend shared another post/products of yours to their Facebook, That’s when he/she will decide to check the site out again and join your mailing list or purchase.

So the best practice in targeting is targeting both friends and friends of friends it clearly signified that clients who visited your blog through friends of friends are likely to become a long-lasting customers because you were recommended and trusted through a friend. There are different ways of targeting but the major targeting mostly used by advertisers are

List-Based Targeting:

Is showing ads to people who have previously or recently joined your email list, By uploading a list of emails to your Facebook ads manager panel, Facebook will look through the list and merge it, So if any of those emails are registered on Facebook your ads will show to them.

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Pixel Targeting:

When a visitor visits your site you place a snippet on their browser (Cookies) that save their information, so whenever you advertise on Facebook you can easily use your Pixel targeting option to show ads to those people who visited your site.

How to get started with this re-targeting tactics, Well the practice starts with using Facebook Pixels, Yeah Facebook pixel is a built-in tool on your Facebook Ads Manager dashboard created by Facebook ads teams to capture and track user click-back, here is a short note from Facebook teams on how pixel works

Facebook ads and marketing tips to learn in 2022 1

This Facebook pixel can be used to re-target every activity a user carry out on your webpage/Blog, Not just only that, this pixel can also be used to target user activities and interaction around your ads / Facebook page [E.g.] When a user clicks on your ads they are been redirected to your landing page. Now to re-target the user you need to save some cookies on their browser that is where the Facebook pixel comes in, they save your visitor’s last activity and tag the cookie as a pixel for re-targeting marketing.

If for example a user visits your e-commerce product page and saves a product for later purchase you can use Facebook pixel to re-target that user on Facebook through Facebook ads, Reminding them of the saved products on their cart, So you possess the power of controlling what your user does on your website and keep them with a Facebook Pixel.

A resource to Learn about Pixel Marketing:

5. Where and How to Lead Your Audience

An audience is the core value of any brand out there either you are looking for a new audience or you are trying to engage with the previous audience it still remains the fact that you are dealing with an audience and this audience deserves to be treated awesomely, so how do you intend to keep the audience.

Remember a User Interface and User Experience is crucial for retaining visitor if you are not creating a customer journey for your customers they will leave, For example, you can’t be talking about FREE and sending a user to a page that is for premium users only that’s a wrong turn for a visitor you will end up getting clicks but no conversion which is very bad.

Always tell the story before the action not the action before the story if you know you have anything informative to pass to an audience before making them pay then make a page and write all those introductions and don’t just send them to a page with everything premium but your ads say FREE.

You should always give them a choice of conversion.
Converting a user matters so much (*) like you know it is two different things when dealing with Facebook Audience. (a) is getting the audience and (b) is converting the audience, If you get one doesn’t mean you will get two so make sure you are giving an easy-going conversion journey.

Create Knowledge base navigation for your audience, calculate and adjust over time with the data they provide for a better personalized experience.

Everybody wants to engage with social activities so to captivate the heart of your audience using social media and target their activities use Facebook pixel, Make a Zone of comfort using a nice interface, E.g. you can try to be super creative using Illustrations while explaining things on your landing page, Make your words fun and understanding so users can know why they should do or use it, Anything after this is a WOW for me

6. How to Watch Your Facebook Ads Markup

Sometimes the ways in which we present our ads in terms of advertising play a major role in the returning value of CTA for that brand. Presentation is the captivation and if it is not done with care you will despair your real audience and keep a low count audience, you can’t drive convince a user to convert with a low-quality image as ads.

Understanding your ads markup is the best you can do after taking out time to draft your ads, below is just 2 ways to make the right markups

Speak with an Image

An image is the heart of visualization, even physical, you can’t approach a company putting on rags what do you think they will do listen to you? Hell No, that is the same way it is to your audience please permit me to show you this ad from green blender
Facebook Marketing

Facebook ads and marketing tips to learn in 2022

You can see from the screenshot above that Green Blender Ads image is clearly showing what the ads are all about with a high-quality resolution, if you see this ad on Facebook you will surely love to check it out.

If you want to win the heart of an audience make a clean image, and if you’re not financially buoyant enough to purchase a stock photo then use illustrations this is another better way to make captivating Ads just in a Glance.

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Understand Your Write-Ups


Your write-ups AKA (Captions) matters so much when creating an advert online this write-up isn’t anything special but pointing it in the right direction, Write-ups sometimes speak to a wide range of audiences why sometimes it speaks to a small group of the audience just depending on who is meant for or who should open it Please permit me to share this ad shot by Ad Espresso

Facebook ads and marketing tips to learn in 2022

See clearly that the headline is talking to a wide range of audiences these ways they understand that almost every business out there wants to run successful Facebook ads and the only ways to do that is to guide them through that is what the headline is talking about. That is a look at ads for almost every business out there…

So make your headline high persuasive to your audience and never mismatch an ad, [E.g.] Do not make your write-ups speak differently from your image cause you can’t be talking about sport and showing an image of a flower garden.

Please don’t do that it is a bad practice, in fact, all your visitors will end up tagging you as a CONFUSE PERSON which might just end up jeopardizing your reputation let the image represent your words and let the both represent your brand this way you will know for sure that you are doing the right thing

7. Build a Reputation Before Trust

Do you know it’s possible for an ad on Facebook to get Click through but no conversions?

it will be so bad of me telling you how to run a successful Facebook ad without telling you the Cons of it, Look through you will see that Facebook is no longer a community but a World if am correct, 2.7 Billion people can make up a country then so is Facebook a country, You can get a lot of click-throughs but no conversions don’t worry those people don’t just trust your site or maybe your logic? so the best way is to build a reputation first

Don’t Sell First Create First

You can’t just open a store today and start making sales today So don’t expect to create a Facebook page today and start selling today even after [1] week, First, you will have to create awareness and impressions before commencing the selling of product or services.

First, build an audience before you start your Facebook ads with creating an impression to let people know what you do, this pattern can help your brand create an impression that will live inside the head of your visitors (using impression logic) [E.g.] If you study the human brain you will know that impressions are a simple way to penetrate into the brain by storing things for later use.

I may have seen an advert for how to buy phones from eBay about 2 months Ago then this month I want to buy a phone online the since I have an impression that eBay showed me my best phone last month then heading straight to eBay won’t be a doubt for me, now you see the impression was stored inside my head, Build impressions captivate the minds of your audience first, continuous brand awareness and impressions are what will bring trust and these trust is what will bring everlasting sales.


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And if this guide has helped you run successful Facebook ads you can email us so we will feature you on our Successful guide list coming up very soon, You can stay with us for more guidance on taking your business up and forward Using social media and besides if you have any question related to a social media marketing or Advertising we will be delighted to answer you using the comment box.

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