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The 11 Best digital marketing tools for small online businesses - By Mss resource ()
The 11 Best digital marketing tools for small online businesses - By Mss resource ()

The 11 Best digital marketing tools for small online businesses

Every successful business online today use one or more digital marketing tools to power its online presence and increase customer engagement. Not because they’re lazy to handle the task manually, but because there is a certain goal a tool can achieve that will increase business sales better than the human brain would think of.

Best digital marketing tools
Best digital marketing tools

The industry of marketers and business owners is becoming broader than it was 12 years ago. Where B2B marketing has to do with physical demonstration and persuasion to gain a buyer’s wallet. As of then, digital marketing was a story for another day ( maybe in the future ).

But now we’re in the real world where there are more than 200+ online tools created to work the automation process of service delivery across multiple channels and reduce time consumption for unnecessary tasks.

It is a common fact that most small businesses have the propensity of managing money to achieve their business goals and this includes building brand exposure on different channels, Acquiring data analytics from clients visits, analyzing heat-map to better understand user’s activities and behaviors on-site, crafting the best deals for a user based on interaction.

All these are easy ways to create a better user experience and interaction for a business website. Marketing automation which as made us take our time to provide you with the best digital marketing tools to help you achieve all your marketing goals.

These best digital marketing tools we have listed here are proven to be working fine.

1. Analytics for SMB

When starting a website the first thing we feel is important for businesses is the analytics that will help you gather users’ interactions and behavior of a webpage to help expand the user experience.



If you have a business website or an E-commerce store and would like to understand how users are interacting and engaging with every corner of your web pages, Including the Product page, checkout page, pricing page, and many more.

Then hotjar is the best web analytics tool to help determine the confidence of what users engage with mostly on your site and how they are interacting with a certain page all this through a live heatmap monitoring users from cursor adjustment to site navigation all you could ever require to increase user engagement is fitted for your business on Hotjar.

Few of what to expect from Hotjar.

Heatmaps: Allow you to see what users are doing on your website and how they are interacting with it,
Recordings: This allows you to watch specific user’s sessions on your site in case they get stuck, so immediately you render a quick help to the users
Feedback: Hotjar allows users to submit feedback on your site.
Survey: Hotjar also allows users to submit surveys based on their experience when using the site.

Google analytics.

Google Analytics is a free web-based software owned by Google that shows how users are interacting with a web page and gives a clear report of the number of visitors you have acquired in the last number of days since its integration. Google Analytics also can show you demographic reports, user’s interests, behavior, and real-time reporting.

Few of what to expect from Google Analytics.

Real-time: In real time you will see the count of how many visitors that’s currently viewing your website or webpages.
Demographics: for engagement purposes, Google Analytics provides you with an insight into people who interacted with your pages, such as age, location, country, and gender.
Behavior: Google Analytics collects information from user experience/actions on your website that reflect how or what the users love such as movie, sports, the time they visited their bounce rate, and how often they visit

There are many more features in Google analytics.


Intercom is a platform that allows you to provide help to users throughout their conversion journey on your website, the website allows you to integrate a customer relationship chatbot that pop-up as an assistant chatting system with instructions, whenever a user navigates into a lost page or a confusing section of your website, this allows the users to quickly ask questions and get immediate answers on what to do next.

Few of what to expect from Intercom.

Business messaging: This allows you to escort your customers throughout their journey on your website with a personalized message, tour guide, product discount, E.T.C
Customer data: Segment users based on different activities on your website.
App integration: You can sync data from intercom to other digital channels you own to enhance the result.

2. Lead capture service for SMB

When starting a website the second thing we feel is important is capturing emails of your new or existing visitors that will help you gather user data to better help them achieve a sales goal or meet a whole new user experience.


If you ever wanted a fascinating lead capture web-based software to use in building beautiful and captivating lead pages for your website, then Engagebay is the first option, with easy drag and drop options you can create simple beautiful forms at your fingertips loaded with multiples customization to power your designs

Few of what to expect from Engagebay.

Easy customization: Just with drag and drops you are one-way experienced than hiring a Dev.
Mobile & Desktop friendly: Every form created with Engagebay is 100% compatible with all modern browsers.
Receive instant alerts: Receive an alert immediately after new customers signup for your form.
Create free web forms: Create and manage multiple forms for limited freemium offers.


Unbounce has proven to be the best choice for marketers when it comes to increasing conversions. With an easy-to-create lead page builder, Unbounce also allows you to turn on smart traffic on a landing page or web form that is controlled by AI, to optimize and enhance users’ experience on a webpage.

With the AI smart traffic, there will be no need for manual A/B testing the AI is set to experiment with user interaction and offer different varieties of options to make them stress-free and enhance their experience throughout their conversions.

Smart traffic which has been the best feature implemented so far by the Unbounce team works with delivering the best experience/results to customers even for the first time, the AI is organically prepared to adapt to the user’s behavior and adjust over time as users re-visit.

Few of what to expect from Unbounce.

Freemium: even with a zero dollar, Unbounce got you covered.
Drag & Drop: for easy customization and installation life is simple with Unbounce.
Email Marketing: Take all the marketing experience with you.
Smart traffic: Smart traffic optimizes and enhance the users’ experience on a landing page.
Landing Pages: Create Limited landing pages for free.
Automation: process all your replies with simple automation ” say no to manual”.
Match ads with a landing page: Whichever style a user finds with your ads, Unbounce allows you to match your landing page with the same ads style users find your page with. no difference. no bounce back.

So if Unbounce is a GO for your brand click the link above to explore the features no digital marketing web-based tools will offer for a zero fee.


Instapage is a household name seated in the heart of most influencers, business owners, and digital marketers. With over 8 years of serving the world wide web with great digital marketing tools, Instapage has gathered great values through different marketing methods that improve the way both users and visitors use the website.


Zero coding knowledge no worries. Unlike other marketing lead pages, Instapage provides users with the best-packed solution supplemented with hundreds of mind-blowing features that will enable you to create mobile-first responsive & beautiful landing pages with drag and drop features that will leave you astonished.

Instapage is a choice for both small businesses and big businesses that wants to take every control flows of how their forms and landing pages are helping their business succeed. Using Instapage for small businesses is a rapid process for growing a brand conversion rate within a short time.

Few of what to expect from Instapage.

Freemium: free 30days trial that will convince you.
Drag & Drop: Zero coding skills. Ooops!! No problem Instapage is the life of the party.
Mobile responsive: even on a smaller device visitors will still appreciate the viewpoint.
Dynamic style adaption: whichever style your users find you with. will they continue to see you in.
Conversion analytics: see all your analytics results in one place.
Heatmaps: 1st of its kinds to offer analytics for user behavior such as clicks, mouse movements, scrolls e.t.c

Bonus: Sumo

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3. Search Engine Optimization for SMB

When starting a website the 3rd thing we feel is important is Optimizing every single section of your pages with SEO in mind that will help both search engines and readers feel conducive to interact and engage with the page


If you use a WordPress content managing system to manage your online publications, then Yoast is a one-stop plugin for you in terms of Optimizing the website to gain a high search engine ranking. WordPress does have a lot of On-page SEO plugins but mainly that I have seen, Yoast happens to stand out from its competitors.

With years of existence, the parent Organization behind Yoast plugin has put more strength to make sure that the plugin remains free for SMBs while a Bigger company with big-budget can do away with their Premium plans to extend the free features to Amazing added features which have proven to work effectively when focusing on a large scale of search engine optimization.

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On Mss resource we use Yoast to optimize most of our blog posts for specific keywords and, this has shown us more search engine Organic effects than, Other plugins which we have tried. That’s why today I want to recommend Yoast to you if you haven’t gotten around it that much, Maybe you or, your company should give it a try.

Few of what to expect from Yoast.

Content insight: If you like to see the SEO strength of your content Yoast plugin got you covered.
Keyword Optimization: Yoast lets you Optimize content for specific focus keywords.
Keywords phrase: Set apart from focus keywords, Yoast also offers keywords phrases to extend keywords optimization.
Keyword Density: With Yoast finding focus keywords shouldn’t be a problem, the plugin analyzes your content and return the most used words within that article so you can find Hint.
Local SEO: Optimising for a local store, Yoast all-in-one pack comes with an extension to help you set up your website for Local Directories and search engine crawl bots.
Internal linkings: Never run out of internal content to link, Yoast offers Internal linking features that enable you to see relevant links in your site, that you should be linked to.
301 Redirect: If by anyways you change a permalink for an article or page, to avoid the 404 error page, yoast make a URL redirect from the old URL to the new one.

And many more.



Off-page SEO is a great way to reach out to new readers and also signal search engines that you’re a cool content creator and the only way to do that is by analyzing your content health and building links to your page from authority blogs/websites in your niche.

Ubersuggest is one great web app owned by the popular Neil Patel the founder of Neil Patel Digital. The website focuses on improving your website findability using various algorithms to calculate how your website is ranking, the most difficult pages on your website and keywords you rank for, including your backlinks, some other great features we mss resource likes about Ubbersuggest is its fast crawl rate for backlinks linking to your page.

Not compared to MOZ, while it may take Moz months to generate links pointing back to your blog, it would only take weeks for Ubbersuggest to give it stats. The platform is like a virtual assistant joining hands with you and your brand to improve your site search presence guiding you with SEO content created by Neil himself which is proven to work for other brands/websites.

Few of what to expect from uBBERsuGGEST.

Freemium/Premium: Ubbersuggest makes it easier for you to use either as an SMB or B2B, whichever size your pocket weighs the online tools got your back.
Top pages: When you hear write above your competitors. Top pages in Ubbersuggest give you the ability to spy on your competitor’s top-ranking post, analyze the content focus and why users love it, then gather all the resources from top-ranking pages to create a content boost for your blog.
Keywords suggestion: Keyword is an essential part of ranking on Google, yet it is quite tricky to get around with, But Ubbersuggest gives you propelled keywords strengths and difficulties to better help you understand what keywords are easy and hard to rank for on Google.
Domain Overview: Domain over-view in Ubbersuggest gives you a clear insight into how your content is ranking on Google and how much Organic traffic your blog post is getting from search engines.

Rank Maths.

Since ranking on Google gets contemplative day by day, that’s how more online digital marketing tools are been created also, Google search engine recommendation for most new blogs is to build Inbound links as relevant as you can.

Google takes that part of ranking seriously, especially a new blog with low domain authority. Rank maths is a free WordPress plugin that enables you to perform multiple SEO tasks on your blog for free.

The plugin comes with a lot of SEO-effective features that haven’t been compared to other WordPress SEO plugins, as of the time that I am writing this post Rank maths is free and considered the best choice for bloggers with little or no budget for SEO tools.

On Mss resource, we formerly use rank maths to optimize our website, but for some reason best known to us, we remove it and decided to use Yoast all in on SEO plugins that give us better search engine understanding than other plugins we have used. But so far so good, during the time we use this plugin we were able to see quite a lot of positive reports from search console which also made us write about it.

Few of what to expect from rank maths.

Free to use: As of the time I wrote this post, rank maths is free for every content developer.
Easy to install: If you have Zero knowledge of how SEO works, then don’t worry be happy. Rank maths is like ABC as long as you understand English life is simple.
Schema markup: If you are just starting a website it’s best to recommend that you understand Schema markup, it’s the best process of telling Google what your page is all about and where to rank them, I recommended that in my post here.
Instant indexing: The swiss knife that slays faster is rank maths, instant indexing is a core Google search console API, created by the Google team for a faster way, site owners/webmasters on a specific niche like sport, and job posting could use to signal Google bot that a new post has been updated on their site. Rank maths as that, as part of their features.
Google search console: In rank maths, you can check through ranking posts/pages/ and keywords on your blog and explore them all on your newly created content.
SEO analyzer: Analyze your new content and see what keywords that post can rank for, also see meta descriptions focus keywords, Image optimization, permalinks structure, and word count. See all this as you write them in real-time.

4. Online Business Listings for SMB

When starting a website the fourth thing we feel is important is promoting your business visibility on authority directories that would help your business stand out on Google search engine and recur more sales.

Google My Business ( GMB ).

To supercharge your business online presence you need to be on important business listing websites that take care of showcasing your business name and address to the right customers or clients whenever they search for products you offer or relatedly on Google.

Google my Business listing is an excellent way to dominate a local search Query on Google or any other search engine. When people search for office addresses or product shops closer to their location, As long as your business listing is listed on directories that offer sales or services within that region then your business info is likely to show to the user.

While this is an essential way to drive more local customers through search engines, some businesses prefer to keep on a low profile by making business online listings just to maintain a reputable online presence for customers to find the comfort of working with them directly.

Few of what to expect from Google my business.

Free: Google my business is owned by Google and for the main time the service is completely free and jam-packed with a lot of features beyond expectations.
Interact with customers: This digital marketing tool created by Google by far is rated the best business directory to showcase your business the right way to the audience, including features like customer reviews, customer response product or service, working days/hours, and many more.
See stats on a go: Before you flip the coins, GMB gives you the authenticity of a unique dashboard that displays correctly all engagement & interaction rates on your CTA.
Easy to find: For local results GMB got you covered. It will display your business listing if Optimised for product keywords or business keywords. To increase your business findability you need to make sure you optimize your GMB properly.


If you’re a digital marketer or agency looking for digital marketing business listing tools to put your business profile online then, Upcity is a one-stop for your search. If people looking for a digital marketing service from experts or beginners trigger a search query on Google like this ” Best digital marketing service in Chicago” Upcity is likely going to list your business website service among the listed site that would appear on Google if Optimised for that location.

Not only that. Upcity is a digital marketing tool Created to help digital marketers earn a profitable presence online. Based on user queries for service providers or products in a city, local environments, and country, depending on your optimization.

Few of what to expect from Upcity

Pricing: Upcity is a free service, Charges may incur in the future.
Unique Optimization: Upcity is super cool when it comes to optimizing your business website for search engines.
Easy to use: With a great interface, Upcity is easy to use and navigate around with no stress.
Analytics: As much as you optimize for a particular location, Upcity provides you with a beautifully designed interface to monitor your business presence.
Local Report Card: A report card in a rich format layout that prints in front of a great result for your ranking efforts so far.

Yellow Pages

Yellow pages help you provide results to your customers, with a great review system and Question & answer, users are more likely to confide in your business. Other ways Yellow pages offer a great boost for business robust expansion, Yellow pages can be found in more than 12 states and more than 100 cities in the united state of America.

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As a digital marketer or a small business owner looking for digital marketing tools to dominate a better local search presence here is what you should know. Yellow pages are ranked No.5 in its industry, and attract more than 21 million visitors. That’s a great pledge of commitment to their existence. Their visitors are mostly from countries like the United States, Canada, India, Philippines, and nearby countries.

Few of what to expect from Yellow pages.

Pricing: Register for free but limited to certain enhanced features
Reach Better results for users mostly in the USA, Canada, and India.
Availability: Available on Both android and Desktop format.
Exposure: Created with SEO in mind for both small businesses and big businesses.
Rank: Rank in the United States as #5 in the directory and business listing.
Visits: Average of 21 Million visitors.

Bonus: Yelp

5. Social Media Marketing for SMB

When starting a website the fifth thing we feel is important is social media marketing that will help you drive massive user engagements, interaction, and sales to a page.


Social media marketing is a great way to build brand exposure, through marketing the right products to the right people at the right time, but that sounds more like a hard task for a business with a little time frame for social media management.

That’s why you need a tool to save you all the time and energy. A tool that will work as an AI virtual assistant managing your social media task for you on multiple platforms, this tool like Hootsuite will do just great when it comes to scheduling posts to the right social media networks.

One great feature of Hootsuite is its advanced AI in auto-scheduling a post and publishing it at the right time users are supposed to be online. the marketing tools accompany great features that could make a business leave a 20-star review if possible.

Few of what to expect from Hootsuite.

Pricing: 30 days of trial. ( Best you could ever see )
Reach Better results for users mostly in the USA, and Canada.
Availability: Available on Both android and Desktop format.
Exposure: Created for both small businesses and big businesses.
Rank: Rank in the united state as #3 in business and consumer service.
Visits: Average of 9.60 Million visitors.

(IFTTT) If-that-then-this

The best platform to get your automation work in progress is using IFTTT. The digital marketing tools have applets for almost every task you could ever wish to automate. For example, if you manage a Twitter account and want to increase engagement, then you can auto retweet other user’s tweets using IFTTT.

While this seems to be the best digital marketing tool on my recommendation list, it is pretty hard to get around with, most especially for new users just getting started with the platform. But on the contrary, the platform offers great extensive digital marketing tools to power up digital marketing automation.

You can use this link here to learn how to get started with IFTTT. On mss resource, we use IFTTT sometimes to auto retweets and do autopilots for our social media accounts.

Few of what to expect from IFTTT.

Pricing: Free for a lifetime no added charges.
Automation: If you ever wish to get things done quickly and less forgetful then use IFTTT.
Availability: Available on Both android and Desktop format.
Exposure: Created for both small businesses and big businesses.
Visits: Average of 2.20 Million visitors.
Type of applet: For almost every task you wish to automate, IFTTT got you covered.

Content Cal.

Content cal is different from other social media marketing tools I have mentioned above, If you ever get lost in between generating great content ideas and writing it then Content cal is a good place to start from.

With your team in place content, cal helps you keep proper planning of how your content should be published if you have a team of content creators and would like everyone to collaborate on an article before publishing, then this is the right digital marketing tool for you.

Content cal is pretty much more complicated than you often use social media management tools like Hootsuite or Sproutsocial. But contextual is a great way of making great content with collaborators sharing different ideas behind the scene, Content cal is a community for a team of content creators that gives both authors and writers the ability to write, engage, comment and share ideas to content before the Original author takes final conclusion on publication.

Few of what to expect from ContenCal.

Pricing: Free for 14 days.
Easy to use: Both for big and small business content cal is easy to use.
Workflow: If you’re a team of content creators then collaborating and sharing ideas on the improvement of content development shouldn’t be from chats but rather on a platform that makes your content accessible by all added collaborators to engage, share ideas, add comments
Content library: Now if you buy images or digital assets online for your content or publications you will need a place to keep them safe.

Bonus: Sproutsocial

6. Content Marketing Tools for SMB

When starting a website the sixth thing we feel is important is content marketing tools that will make your content creation easy and Organised for visitors and readers to see and read.


The first on my list when it comes to digital marketing tools for content creators is WordPress. Mainly I won’t focus on the WordPress platform for publications and content writing but on the plugins powering the WordPress platform.

If you’ve started using WordPress it’s a good thing to know that you already know the benefits attached to the WordPress platform, but mainly the primary focus of using WordPress is creating content and managing it.

Few of what to expect from WordPress.

Pricing: Free
Availability: Available for everyone
Easy to use: By everyone.
Optimization: Built with SEO in mind
Support: A open-source program for all groups of developers.


Another digital marketing tool you should be using to make great content is Grammarly, the chrome extension, and the web-based app is jampacked with a lot of amazing corrections that would keep your content amazing.

Nobody is perfect. In a time like this, all we need are digital marketing tools that would make life easier for our business. As a digital marketer writing to thrill your visitors or building authority and reputation as doing with rich content. Grammarly makes it easier to find punctuation correction, comma, and sentence alignment, the better head part of Grammarly is its AI text reader that aligns your sentence correctly if it’s misaligned.

Few of what to expect from Grammarly

Pricing: Free for basic premium for advance ( Both Cool )
Availability: Available for everyone
Easy to use: By everyone.
Optimization: Built with AI in mind
Support: for all users.


Canva is a graphic designing platform for anybody, creating visuals and making it a content expression is a great way to keep readers tied up to your content. Infographics as proven to be an effective visual expression that triggers shares.

Built for almost anybody with a piece of computer knowledge, if you are willing to bring creativity out of what you do you need graphic design, and looking for an expert designer cost about $10 – 20 per cut. But with Canva, you can print out amazing visuals with do-it-yourself designing tips.

On mss resource, our social media editors use canva to repurpose our brand style in different formats. so far so good it helps our readers share images or pins they find attractive on our blog.

Few of what to expect from Canva

Pricing: Free for basic premium for advance ( Both Cool )
Availability: Available for everyone
Easy to use: By everyone.
Optimization: Built with AI in mind
Support: for all users.

7. Business Management tools for SMB

When starting a website the seventh thing we feel is important is a business management tool to keep your business up and running in real-time and offline, both for SMB and B2B.

Proof source

Provesource allows you to showcase your business sales in real-time to new visitors, When users visit your site they will see a little pop-up modal showing them how many people are purchasing your products in real-time or how many people are viewing your products in real-time. It works like magic

You can configure the pop-up modal to whatever display order you would like it to display whenever a user visits your page e.g reviews, real-time product purchases, testimonials, signups, subscribers, and users online. In the sense of marketing, visitors are more likely to convert since your products are getting a lot of sales which means it is worth the purchase. In other words, people find comfort in proof of purchase.

Few of what to expect from the Proof source

Pricing: Free/premium
Availability: Available for small businesses and digital marketers.
Easy to use: By digital marketers.
Optimization: Built with marketing in mind
Support: available for all users.


If you are looking for software that could handle almost all your business solution tasks all in one place without having you navigate through your desktops or laptop browsers, then Bitrix24 is a choice for you, not as compared to other online software but also works as a long run on for small business and big business looking to manage their online business without having to spend much on multiple platforms.

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The focus of this great web app is to help small businesses manage their time and online business with not much work other than automation, collaboration, project management, and time management, this website does make business management online pretty easy, that is why I am personally recommending it as a great digital marketing tool needed to start a business.

Few of what to expect from Bitrix24

Pricing: Free / Premium
Model: Both for small and big businesses.
Support: Support available.
Benefits: Business online management tools for SMB and B2B
Marketing value: Providing tools for CRM, Tasks and project management, Chat and video calls, and Online store. Lots more.
Optimization: Built with marketing standards.


Trello is a good website fit for managing an online business from client meetings, to webinar planning, podcast publication, team collaboration on certain workflow, preparation to launch a website, newsletter, all you could ever get from different websites packed in one place for you.

Mss resource we use Trello to manage our business modeling and team workflow for some of our under-going projects. The web app seems pretty awesome and amazing to get started with, bunched with guidelines to power your business suit.

Trello also works with other web integration digital marketing tools like slack, Google drive, dropbox, and evergreen notes, and mixes in collaboration to enhance your business duties, and tasks.

Few of what to expect from Trello.

Pricing: Free/premium
Best for: Both small and big business
Marketing value: Tools for a client meeting, newsletter management, team workflows, client meeting schedules, webinar planning, podcast planning.
Optimization: Built with marketing & team management in mind.
Process: easy to use.

Bonus: Timecamp

8. Email Marketing tools for SMB

When starting a website the eighth thing we feel is important is Email marketing which will help you gather emails of loyal visitors or readers for conversions or re-targeting purposes.


Making Hubspot my first on the list of email marketing tools shows that they are officially the best marketing hub for both big and small businesses. Hubspot understands your company’s wallets and is ready to work with your brand from a Zero startup to a financed company.

With Hubspot, your business is 67% ready to take a fully online commitment to achieve reliable results & great online presence, With a free trial you can do practically everything a business needs to explore, but with a little investment, you can do additional exploit.

Few of what to expect from Hubspot.

Pricing: Free/premium
Best for: Both small and big business
Marketing value: Tools for Free HubSpot CRM, Marketing Hub Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub NEW Content management software
Optimization: Built with marketing in mind.
Process: easy to use.


Every business or website needs loyal readers and recurring buyers, Either you’re writing great content that thrills or you are producing content that supercharges sales, it all still takes a lot of processes to determine who is a loyal reader and recurring buyer, that’s where you need an online tool to polish the minds of your visitors on a first time visits, with ConvertKit great articles, can’t be neglected.

ConvertKit makes sure that visitors are turning into prospects while great content is making them convert to loyal readers whichever ways you are presenting your website to the world convert kit can honor your work with conversion, ranging from Unlimited landing pages, Unlimited, customizable CTAs & signup forms, Unlimited traffic, Customizable domain setup, Mobile responsive designs, Email broadcasts and many more.

Do you have to worry over new visitors’ bounce rate, then say no to worries, convertKit kills the bounce rate and increases the conversion.

Few of what to expect from ConvertKit

Pricing: Free/premium
Best for: Both small and big business
Marketing value: Tools for landing pages, Unsplash integration, Unlimited traffic, Mobile responsive
Optimization: Built with marketing in mind.
Process: easy to use.


A king is born !!!, Mailchimp is a best-rated digital marketing tool, used by over 200,000 marketing personnel. Mailchimp is a name highly recognized by industry people, and content creators, the website focuses on utilizing the power of email marketing to a whole new level.

Apart, from the features attached, Mailchimp is also an easy-to-use marketing system design with a simple interface to satisfy a user design for both beauty and quality, accompanied by thousands of features that make automation & outreaching email subscribers lots easier.

Few of what to expect from Mailchimp

Pricing: Free/premium
Best for: Both small and big business
Marketing value: Tools for boosting sales with landing pages, growing audience with signup forms, and finding customers with digital ads.
Optimization: Built with marketing in mind.
Process: easy to use.

Bonus: Drip

9. Content Curation Tools for SMB

When starting a website the ninth thing we feel is important is content curation tools to help ignite your passion for writing quality content that adds value to your reader’s business or expertise.


At a particular stage in digital marketing, we all need ideas to power up a sales product or adhere to a new blogging habit, we are sons and daughters of learning if you take your marketing strategy serious you should know that reading 2-3 times a day will help you keep your brain refresh and filled with knowledge.

Feedly is an aggregated platform that gathers curated content from websites integrated with their FeedBurner to serve content across to their readers, Feedly is a big resourceful platform to handpick different types of content you find fit for your type of industry, read through the articles to add ideas that will improve values to your own readers.


Triberr aimed to help bloggers and publishers share content to drive traffic and engagement to their websites, but little by little the story changed. With new features, added triberr has become a community loaded with more than 4 Million contents burned from different websites and feeds straight to a tribe. Triberr is super magnificent, In terms of getting content ideas and reading interesting content, you can confide in Tribe.

In the digital world curating content is what we do. As content creators, we strive at publishing the best of the bests and the only way to achieve that is by reading articles in the niche we blog in to produce high-quality content for both our readers and search engine.

If you are looking for a content wrapper, more like an all-in-one digital marketing tool to curate your content in a newsletter form for your subscribers, then you need E-link, the touch of the healing heart is one way to drive massive engagements.

10. Customer service tools for SMB

When starting a website the tenth thing we feel is important is customer service tools that will help you keep your company shaped and balanced.


It takes a hectic calculation to manually handle all the chores on your desk As a digital marketer or agency managing brand social media accounts, or a business looking for easy ways to automate their online workflows.

Fresh desk partners with your brand to make life easy for your clients when they visit your website. With the help desk, you can create knowledge base documents for your clients, you can setup ticket request and answer support for your customers, you can see an overview report of which time of the week get the most sales or ticket answered, and also see which days of the weeks or month your representative are mostly active.


The goal of using customer service tools like Freshdesk and co is to enhance your business solutions for customers, a fast online chatbot for customers or visitors who feel the agent works just the same way with Fresh desk and co.


Salesforce is a modern business-changing solution software created with complete B2B business solution and AI in mind, powering over 2000 businesses globally and rated the 3rd best customer service tool in-line with Hubspot and Freshdesk.

Salesforce is designed to serve the big business with multilingual channels and a multi-location basis with easy end–end collaboration managing customer relationships and supporting different solutions for customers. Consider salesforce as your all-in-one marketing tool to boost your business growth.

11. Video streaming tools for SMB

When starting a website the eleventh thing we feel is important is adding streams to your online business to keep moderately both physical and offline activities of your business growth.


Even on a vacation, you can’t be left out, Zoom is a video streaming software created to ease the collaboration between staff, employees, and employers in real-time.

With zoom you can do video meeting calls with client and business teams in charge of your project management, in real-time you make calls talk in a clear tone, take your business to another level of the conference call, a chatting system, and many more.

YouTube Live

The famous youtube video streaming platform is another great digital marketing tool you should be leveraging for your business model, life is easy when every task is easy, youtube officially releases the youtube live features on November 28, 2008.

If you’re a small business using video marketing as a key focus on building brand impression/reputation then going live with webinars is a cool way to maximize your audience reach.

So far so good these are the 11 best digital marketing tools for small businesses.
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