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5 Websites to sell your photos
5 Websites to sell your photos online

5 Websites to sell your photos online

Are you looking for Websites to sell your photos? Would you like to use your smartphones to take fantastic pictures and sell them off to Photos stock websites that will pay you handsomely? If yes then we are on the same train, I remember using the $100 I made selling an image on Shutterstock to Buy a brand new pair of shoes 3years ago, which was about ₦ 34,000 as of 2018.

So I made the journey to 2021 my Shutterstock account was banned for some reason best known to them, but I didn’t bother. That’s by the way so today I want to list some sites that will pay you cash in USD to sell that stunning photos in your phone library to them. Not just haphazard or random photos but a Unique shot.

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But Before then be prepared, most of this site pays with Paypal or direct to your USA bank account, or maybe Gift cards ( Rarely )

But to ease the whole process Download Getbarter by Flutterwave. ( For Nigerians Only )

  1. Register Getbarter
  2. Filling your necessary banking information
  3. Once approved head over to Card Section
  4. Create a USD or NGN Virtual card ( of your choice )
  5. Fund the Card with as little as NGN 500.
  6. The card becomes active.
  7. Head over to PayPal and use the card information provided on your Barter Virtual card to register PayPal.
  8. Tell me Thank you as your Paypal is now ready for use.

When filling in your Paypal information carefully fill in all sections correctly as it appears on your virtual card details section. While registering Paypal be careful, Just One error can make PayPal decline the card and that’s final.

For the sake of God do not misuse this opportunity for dubious or fraudulent purposes use it for this tutorial only or legitimate purpose only.

If you are still confused just comment below with a screenshot of your confusion or errors, and I will try my best to guide or resolve the error.


Making money from photo selling doesn’t have to do with only a professional camcorder or Digital camera set before you could consider selling photos to make money, even if High Definition camera set is still a professional way of taking pictures, still consider that the techno-creative industry is changing, Smartphones are taking steps of what a 7K HD camera can do and yet still produce amazing visuals.

Smartphones like iPhones and Samsung are transcending digital cameras in terms of rendering quality images, Removing background image noise, Adding amazing Gradient effects, and many more.

Do you know that you can make up to ₦ 45,600.00 selling stock photos? Which is about $120 per photo. Bloggers, small businesses, and Graphic designers are willing to pay you for your images to gain copyright permission and ownership of the image because it fits in their proposed content graphics or for advertorial use. In other words, they find your image appealing to match in their current enterprise so they would like to pay you to use the images.

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Now that you have acquired this knowledge, it is time to actualize it and thereafter put them into action. But before then let me give you clear insight tips of what venturing into a stock photo trade requires, lets read below.

There are many other certainties you will need to look out for before planning for your next big shots it is easy to take photos but if you don’t lookout for the weakness of the image and fix them then you can’t sell it.

  1. Graphic & Effects

The only way you can get people craving for your stock photos is when the graphic is exceptionally mind-blowing to wow both the consumer and its audience, you need to add effects to correlate with the image visuals and brighten the arts of the image, Everyone loves beautiful designs.

5 Websites to sell your photos online
5 Websites to sell your photos online
  1. Lenght and Height

When taking photos consider the stock marketing demand for the type of height, pixel, Landscape mode, Horizontal mode, and width, if you take photos without understanding the needs for all this listed above your photos might just become the 10th option for consumers which they might even end up not buying. Always make sure that your image is quality enough to fit any screen size disregarding the Device used in taking the picture.

  1. Release form and Sign

Apart from taking abstract pictures of wilds animals, and Green vegetables maybe plant and none living things as well, take note that some sites may request a model release form & sign for photos containing people or person, it clearly shows that the person whose image you have capture solely give you a right to publicize the images.

  1. Image Alt tags, Keywords, and Captions Optimization

Image Optimization plays a major role in the stock market, yes or course every stock website as a search bar, this search bar is what users use to find an image that best suit their needs, And the images they search for are triggered by Keywords, then related images below the search images are generated by tags ( aka Alt tags ) while some are generated by captions.

For you to gain such results for your image then you need to optimize your photos or image to fully match the desire keywords of the user search intention, it is now the choice of the site to rank your image accordingly both On-site and Off-Site which is both Good for search engine purpose

  • 5. Upload Quality Images
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Image quality is the reason while people will buy your image, so you have to give in your solidarity and commitment to rendering nothing but the best quality images, Extend your reach to find more creative ideas, and establish your focus on only what the internet define as valuable.

So if you have all this in check then it is about time to show you the top best sites that pay you real money for your photos depending on the terms and conditional agreement you have with them. Always note that almost all stocks photo Libary/sites out there pay on commission or a certain percentage.

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So always look out for their Creators agreement within the terms and condition section of the site or a Creators agreement page on the site whichever ways always know what they offer before uploading your photos, for some reason you might upload your photos exclusively to the site without knowing, so you don’t get stuck in the middle and can’t upload your photos elsewhere.


Foap is a mobile-first premium photo library filled with Amazing content and videos for just any brand or designer could use to explore their brand creativity. Foap as pride itself among the best Online premium stock library next to Shutterstock and co. with over 9years of existence the company has been able to gain the heart of Entrepreneurs, creators, and clients who now see the brand as a place to go when Inspiring visuals are needed.

The Foap app is a mobile-first photography library available for both Android and IOS users. On Foap you can sell your photos for around £8 – £9 Depending on the agreement between the creator and the Publisher. Country taxes may be subjected to payment terms if needed.

They also have a Foap mission that allows you to watch videos Ads and earn a Foap Coin which can also revolute to Cash.

iStock Photo

Istock is an online royalty-free image library parented by Getty Images and a great place to sell your photos if you are just getting started as a photographer, literally all Istock images are always on demand because of its popularity among other photo stock websites and their Quality images they showcase on the site.

Istock pays a royalty for images starting from 15% per download and this varies depends on your photo popularity, the more people download your photos the price may change. But if you are selling your photos exclusively to Istock you will retain %30 – %45 percent of your income. this is for just one photo, if you have a multitude of photos in your Istock portfolio you could be earning massively.

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Dreamstime is a Global photo stock market, compared to Shutterstock images on Dreamstime have been used for many tv presentations and cinemas and their clients are big companies like Coca-Cola, Samsung, and Walmart,

On Dreamstime images uploaded are of high quality and never to be compared to the rest in terms of revenue share they pay up to 60% revenue on exclusive user photos and 25% for non-exclusive photos, Dreamstime is the best option if you want to sell high-resolution photos. They pay pretty well but their pixel demands are beyond expectations.

Canstock Photos

Canstock isn’t the best on my list but they are sure the Good paying microstock site to get your Quality images on. The amazing thing about canstock is you don’t need to register to buy a photo that’s for first-time visits but recurring membership will warrant membership signup. They pay up to 1USD for a small jpeg image and you could be making up to a hundred dollars when you upload plenty of photos.

The honest review about canstock photos is that they are Generous and pays really high, but yet their images on the site are cheap, but they let you take an amazing percentage on photos sales since it is your work then they allow you to retain the fruit of your labor not to be compared to other stock sites but also have in mind that you cannot withdraw less than $50 on Canstock.

Canstock is a Canadian-based site with over 10years of existence and 1.90 Million monthly visit global visitors, their visitors are mostly from the United state so to gain the most of their consumer’s attention always optimize or keep a clean shot that regulates a view of more than one person.


Is one of the Global stock websites to get the Quality image they are also listed as one of the best stock sites to pay creators up to 60% royalties for their work, which also makes the images exclusive only to 500px, it means that you cannot submit the images anywhere else,

500px is Unique and uploads eyes catch images with a Quality HD lens to captivate the mindset of their consumers, the site bost of over a 6.90Million visitors monthly and is rated as editor’s choice for Photographers according to Google play.

Final Thoughts.


Don’t always feel contented using only your phone to take pictures the Quality a mobile phone camera will capture can’t be compared to a digital camera, but smartphones like iPhone and some Samsung can do a pretty start, But as time goes on always save for a bigger cam vision.

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