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8 Sites to Buy real Organic followers in Nigeria
8 Sites to Buy real Organic followers in Nigeria

8 Sites to Buy real Organic followers in Nigeria

Buying real Instagram Organic followers can be hard sometimes, there are over 10,000 Instagram BOT on the internet, and searching for the best site to buy Instagram followers won’t give you any doubt not to believe that you are just about to pay your money to another BOT Booster.

In a country like Nigeria, Instagram is the best social media app that has helped many influencers stand out in their dreams of Earning magnificently, ranging from short clips to comedy, entertainment to hashtag challenges, and many more. Nigerians and other Instagram influencers in the world make money. you too can be part of this IG fame.

Followers count plays a major role in Instagram marketing, Either you are using Instagram for marketing purposes or you are using Instagram for influencing purposes, or you are using Instagram for targeting your customers whichever ways you are using Instagram, followers count plays a major role. now not just followers but Organic Followers

What is Organic Follower in IG

Just like BOT is a list of inactive Instagram users, created by spammers to sell for people who want to boost their Instagram account, Organic followers are real followers who are real humans they are more likely to engage, likes, comment, or purchase your products, this type of followers are considered Organic followers, BOT followers can’t engage with your post talk more of liking or purchasing your products never.!!!

How can I detect non-organic Followers?

A non-organic follower is easy to detect, just like the name defines it, non-organic followers can be detected in many ways firstly, BOT followers don’t post often, BOT followers don’t comment on your post, BOT followers don’t buy your products, Imagining having 10K Bot Followers, and you post 1 picture on your page without getting a single like, not even 10 likes, then you need to check what you have as followers and immediately delete those followers.

Now that you know what Organic and non Organic followers are, let’s get to the main thrill, how can you buy real organic followers that are more likely to earn you more money or get you more fame.

Having followers is a great way to start your social media journey, either as an earner or just for fame purposes and for this reason, Instagram begins to get more boring for you if your primary focus of gettings followers is not working out, at that point you begin to give yourself enough reason not to go to Instagram, Especially Subscription management becomes your top excuse, and boring activities and many other.


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Well, today we want to show you the list of top and respected Instagram sites that sell real Instagram followers count, likes, and comments, all you just have to do is to pay for the number of followers you want, select the country you want them from and if possible highlight your targeted audience type to help you retain only Organic followers.

  1. Growthsilo

When it comes to Instagram marketing and Acquisition, Growth Silo has proven themselves to be one of the recognized faces in the Social media space, They have been in the Instagram marketing business for years and have propelled their algorithm workflow on the best way to channel the right audience for a business.

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Buying followers from Growth Silo shouldn’t be a thing of Doubt as they have been recognized by some of the top leading digital marketing websites such as Influencive, Quantum marketer, Increditools, and many more.

Growth silo offers natural organic Instagram followers, not just organic but the whole followers are based on your business type and audience, this is one thing that makes Growth Silo different, they assign you an account manager that will put you through the guidelines of winning for your business, they also take into account your business model, type of targeted traffic you want, Demographics and more.

The Juicy part of Growth Silo is that despite their professional business value, their services offer remain one of the best reasonable pricing in the market, With outstanding benefits, you can get started with $49 and experience massive Instagram growth over time.

  1. The Sizzle

When looking for an Instagram marketing company in Nigeria that offers strictly Nigeria organic followers, then The sizzle is a choice for you, The sizzle is a company that Mss resource has worked with before for a client, and the result was quite good.

If you are a Nigerian and majorly an entertainment blogger or just lifestyle blogging or your niche is related to the entertainment category in General and you need real organic Nigeria followers to boost your Instagram account no BOT no Drops just real organic that is more likely to engage, purchase or convert.

The sizzle can help you reach your targeted audience with a little number of Organic followers, while you can pay as you go, Gradually you can increase your followers as time goes on, over time the website has worked with different companies and has helped different brands reach their target followers count and audience reached.

One more thing about The sizzle is that they are reliable and very efficient with what and who they say they are, and their business models/services they offer, they have different pricing and include pay as you go for different Instagram reach, such as Likes, Followers, Subscribers, watch time, and many more.

Set aside, Instagram followers, The sizzle also offers various, social media boost abilities such as Facebook likes, TikTok followers, youtube subscribers, watch, and Instagram likes, WhatsApp contact for stories views, telegram followers, and many more. Their web interface is a beautiful design to fit on both desktop and mobile screen

  1. UseViral

One of the best on our list is UseViral, if you wish to stand on top of the crowd and want to drive a massive boost to your social media account using viral outreaches then UseViral is for you. don’t miss this,

Useviral just as the name entails, they seem to use a viral marketing strategy to boost engagement and followers to a page, such as giveaway offers, hash-tags, and many others, this type of marketing strategy makes engagement more seamless and easy to direct followers to a particular page, just as the landing page can be yours and they direct the followers on the guide to follow you before gaining what they seek for.

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They offer different types of social media promotion services that will help your brand stand out, Useviral is a reliable platform that offers 100% legitimate and Organic traffic they understand what you want and what your audience wants, and that is why you will never get enough of them.

They offer high quality follows no drops no BOT, their followers are channeled manually to fit in your proposed achievement which is making your brand engage with the right audience that is more likely to engage, convert or desire to purchase.

  1. Social Plus

Despite the competitiveness on social media, from brands and their competitors for B2B to gain social media engagement can be quite ethical when not done smartly especially when your niche is a very broad niche that requires a lot of effort, Growing your social media presence can be time-consuming and stressful, which at the end of the day you might end up not targeting the right audience.

This is where you need a Social media booster, a company designed to help you ease the stress of growing your social media account, by helping you put your company in front of the right audience, demographically and Goal Acquisition, this company is a talented group of expert that knows how to create a massive boost campaign that will help your brand gain the sight of the audience and, customers, and fans who are more likely to engage, and stay connected to your page

Social plus is rated 5star when it comes to social media boosting, with years of experience they deliver only great results that are more comparable to your price, social plus makes sure that they deliver Very very high-quality followers for any of your choices,

  1. 9ja Growth Network

Looking for the best site to buy real organic followers in Nigeria?
What you need to increase your social media engagement is Organic followers, 9ja growth network makes it easy for you to buy real organic Nigeria followers, which will help your brand maintain high credibility and exposure on social media.

For as it is Nigeria Audience you want, 9jagrowth Network remains the best in rendering high quality and engaging followers for your social media channel, Since the growth potential of every business is reaching the top and staying on top requires authority keeping an engaging customers for your business is what helps your business increases it revenue years over years (YOY)

9ja Growth Network is an affordable Social media company, with their years of experience and type of work, they have been able to work with great individuals, business owners, and content creators to help them beat the struggle of gaining momentum and skyrocketing their reach to 10x their revenue growth both home and abroad,

  1. Nitreo

It a one web app that offers everything that will help you build your social media account from dust to molds, this Web app makes life easier for you, they offer rich features that are designed based on AI and real human intelligence, to help you grow your Instagram followers filter Irregular users and keep you glued to only real Instagram active users.

Nitreo Is an affordable and cost-effective social media management platform with mind-blowing features that you won’t find anywhere, they make the mark of growing easier for you and your brand, They have been trusted by some of the big names in the market, which has increased their authority in the social media management sphere.

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With Nitreo you are given the feature to target the right hashtags and users for your brand type, Use a gender targeting filter to filter what type of audience you need, and you are also assigned an account manager that would always be available to solve your dilemma and resolve your query in real-time.

  1. ThunderClap

Sometimes you wonder how some of your favorite celebrities and influencers get up to 10 thousand and millions of followers and hundreds of likes, well there is no magic to that, why some of them might be real organic followers based on their content and passions some influencers are increasing there follower count by buying more followers from companies like makes it very easy for you to buy real organic and super active Instagram followers, and likes, and watch for your Instagram account without hassle or BOT/Drops, they deliver quality high organic followers

Thunderclap is a social media management company that has been in existence for a very long time, they have rendered quality services over time by helping businesses, organizations, and influencers who want to make a Living or just get famous on social media achieve their dreams.

  1. Twicsy

Followers play a major role in the growth of your business, and getting followers is the hardest task when it comes to social media, but a company like Twicsy makes it easier for anyone out there that is wishing to build a brand to get as many followers as they want until they reach there propose achievement rate to the success of there business.


Twicsy is rated the best so far they have a lot of positive reviews on Trustpilot, and they are recognized by 381 people with an averagely 4.5-star rating for delivering nothing but quality service to its customers, Twicsy is proven to be an authority in their niche following domain research it shows that they have been in existence for 12years.

In the crowded world of Instagramming, fake followers can be a major reason why most people don’t like to buy followers or comments. or likes, because it is easy to see an Instagram account with over 50K followers but little or no engagement on the account. But Twicsy makes like easier, they provide reliable and super active Instagram followers that are Organic to engage with your content.

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What you should know about Engagement and retaining organic followers

Quality content:

Just like buying organic Instagram followers is easy, if you do not keep your page updated with content to make your user stay, they will all come and go not immediately but with time you will begin to notice drops in your followers, but to make sure this doesn’t happen always make sure that you upload content.

Benefits of Organic followers:

Boosting Post outreach
Gain Edge on your Competitors
Boost Social Proof

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