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How to do WhatsApp Marketing Ultimate Guide
How to do WhatsApp Marketing Ultimate Guide

How to do WhatsApp Marketing Ultimate Guide

How to do WhatsApp marketing properly can be difficult if you aren’t sure how to get started. WhatsApp is a big deal, boasting over 1 billion active users. With that kind of reach, it’s no wonder marketers have been trying for years to figure out how best to use WhatsApp for their marketing campaigns.

There are plenty of ways to promote your business through WhatsApp and make the most of the platform’s features. It can be tricky to send marketing messages to a random person or group on WhatsApp.

This guide will assist you in doing WhatsApp marketing effectively and efficiently. Read on to find out more!

How to do WhatsApp Marketing Ultimate Guide 1
How to do WhatsApp Marketing Ultimate Guide

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

Whatsapp marketing is a modern way of marketing, where digital marketers use different functions given by WhatsApp to reach potential clients.  It’s a free mobile app that lets you chat, call, and video with other WhatsApp users without any SMS or calling costs. If you are planning to run your business through WhatsApp, then you need to know how to do WhatsApp marketing to get success in your industry.

As far as pricing is concerned, WhatsApp has become accessible to all users since February 2016. This means that it doesn’t cost anything to use WhatsApp anymore, but there are a few things that you should know about it before moving ahead with it for your business.

The first thing is that you will only be able to send messages to 256 people at once, known as a broadcast message. Also, you can send media only up to 64 MB in size, which means that if you want to send any video or image, then make sure that its size does not exceed 64 MB; otherwise, your file will be automatically split into different parts by WhatsApp and sent individually.

Why Should You Use WhatsApp for Business?

Before we dive into what you can do on WhatsApp, I want to stress why marketers should get on it right now.


Despite its incredible popularity, there’s still an opportunity for your business. As of May 2017, only 36% of companies in North America have a presence on WhatsApp, and nearly 60% of customers say they prefer brands that have one.

As a result, there’s plenty of room for you.

Here are just a few more reasons why your brand needs to be active on WhatsApp,

  • Customers often complain about feeling like companies don’t hear their voice – but with WhatsApp (and similar platforms), there is no reason for them to feel that way anymore.
  • According to Forbes, 68% of consumers expect businesses to respond within an hour. And while most brands aren’t able to meet that expectation all of the time, WhatsApp gives you a great chance to build stronger relationships with your customers by responding quickly and being available when they need you.
  • You don’t need much money or resources: To start using WhatsApp as part of your marketing strategy, all you need is a smartphone or tablet and internet access. That means you can take advantage of WhatsApp without investing a ton of cash in additional hardware or software.
  • It’s also easy to set up and doesn’t require special skills. This makes it ideal for small businesses that may not have huge budgets or teams full of tech-savvy employees. It’s super-convenient: With over 1 billion monthly active users, there is no denying that WhatsApp has grown tremendously since launching back in 2009.
  •  You can send multimedia files (such as images, videos, etc.) along with text messages through WhatsApp without having to worry about paying extra charges for data transfer.
  • There is no need to download any additional software to use WhatsApp; download it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and get started.
  • You can easily manage your conversations by creating different groups and adding people to those groups.
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Is WhatsApp Business Free To Use?

Yes, WhatsApp is free for all users.  There are no hidden costs or charges, and it works on both Android and iOS smartphones.

How To Do Whatsapp Marketing

The best way to get started with WhatsApp marketing is by starting with an official business profile.

This makes you look like a credible business; it enables users to find you more quickly and means you can start getting reviews on your profile that could help boost future client conversions.

You should include some basic information about your business in your profile description, including what services you offer and any contact details people might need.

You should also be sure to add any links or images of products or services relevant to potential clients – if they click through these links, they’ll be able to see what kind of business you run and whether they want to do business with you.

Once you’ve created a professional-looking profile for yourself, it’s time to connect with potential clients!

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Is Whatsapp Marketing Effective For Business Growth

In short, yes, it will; if used in a planned and effective manner.

However, many people are still skeptical about using WhatsApp for marketing as they’re unsure of its effectiveness. Let’s look at some reasons to understand why WhatsApp is a great marketing platform and how you can benefit from it.

Here are three reasons why

  1. 1)    It helps build relationships with clients:
How to do WhatsApp Marketing Ultimate Guide 2

The first reason why WhatsApp is so effective is that it allows you to communicate directly with your clients on a personal level. By interacting with them individually, you can build strong relationships that will ultimately increase sales and revenue. So next time when someone contacts you through WhatsApp, instead of emailing them back or calling them, try replying to their message via WhatsApp.

  • 2)   You can target a specific audience:

Another reason why WhatsApp is so popular among marketers is that it allows you to reach out to specific groups of people without spending too much money.

Through WhatsApp, you can send bulk messages to multiple users at once by simply adding them to your contact list. You don’t have to worry about reaching out to each person individually, saving time and money.

  • 3)   Allows You to Create Buzz Around Your Brand:

An excellent way to promote your brand on social media is by creating a buzz around it. With WhatsApp, you can do just that. For example, let’s say you want to create awareness about a new product launch or any other news related to your company.

Instead of posting it on Facebook or Twitter, where only a small number of people will see it, you can post these updates on WhatsApp groups or on your broadcast list, where your target audience will Instantly get to see it.

WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

WhatsApp advertising is a high-potential segment of mobile advertising. We have selected an approach to WhatsApp marketing that has proven its worth on thousands of campaigns worldwide. For you not to get lost in all these possibilities, we’ve decided to give you a step-by-step guide to ensure your business growth through WhatsApp marketing

We will be talking about how to use WhatsApp for business purposes and how it can help your company grow.  This guide will give you everything you need to know about WhatsApp advertising so that you can start using it today!

1)   Use Whatsapp For Business App Instead of the Normal WhatsApp

WhatsApp Business is an Android app that is free to download and was built specifically for WhatsApp marketing.

You can use it to chat with your clients and prospects, send them images, your business location, connect with them, and more, especially WhatsApp marketing.

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It has so many more features for Marketing than the regular WhatsApp. You can set up a catalog on it, create payment links, etc.

2)   Create an Appealing Brand Persona for Whatsapp

The first strategy to use Whatsapp for promoting your business is to customize your profile by including information about your business and its contact details, such as name, phone number, and website address. This information allows potential customers to know more about you and your business.

Moreover, you can use customization in more than one way:

  • First, create a brand new Whatsapp account where all other personal accounts will be linked with it so that it becomes easy for clients to recognize that the Whatsapp account belongs to a particular business.
  • Secondly, add some attractive pictures of your business or products on your Whatsapp profile that attract people’s attention towards it.

3)   ​Look Professional On Your Profile

It’s not just important that your profile is up-to-date and you’re adding clients and potential business connections, but it’s also essential that your profile looks professional.

Be sure your WhatsApp profile looks clean, crisp, and compelling. Potential clients will use these details as a reference point when they first decide whether or not to choose you for their new project.

4)   Build a Contact Database

Getting a list of contact numbers to start with is crucial. Ideally, you want these to be numbers of individuals who already are interested in your brand or product – so you can market to them directly via WhatsApp! Get as many contacts as possible from Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, Twitter chats, etc. Offer Relevant Content to Customers


However, getting WhatsApp contact can be a hard nut to crack, as many people wouldn’t want to drop their number to an unknown person for privacy’s sake.

The best strategy to get potential customers’ contact is by offering something accessible to them to drop their connection. It could be an E-book or free training.

5)   Use messaging tools

In business, messaging tools such as Away Message, Greeting Message, and Quick Replies are great to set a positive and professional tone for your brand.

They can also prevent communication failures when you don’t have time to type a detailed message. The effectiveness of these tools is not to be underestimated – even in terms of engagement rate and response rate.

For example, if someone sends you a text that says What’s up? And it has an away message saying I am currently busy with work. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me later!

You will probably think twice before sending another text. This tool allows brands to create a personal experience with their customers by adding more value than simply replying with one-word answers or short phrases.

It gives customers a sense of understanding about what kind of person they are dealing with.

6)   Start growing an audience

The first step in leveraging WhatsApp for marketing is to start growing an audience of customers.

You can have an entire contact list already on the phone of people you’re working with, such as business clients, friends, and family members. It’s a good idea to get your list started by adding those who may need what you’re offering now or in the future— you can add these sets of people to a group chat or broadcast list to make it easier for you to reach out to them at any time.

7)   Create different groups to market

WhatsApp groups are, in essence, more like chat rooms than private conversations. That means they’re ideal for broadcasting marketing messages to a large audience of engaged customers.

You can create different groups for high-value customers and their interests to give them an exclusive place where they can engage with you and each other.

The feature isn’t exactly intuitive—it does require some work—but it has possibilities for marketers who want to reach out to a large group of customers or fans quickly and easily.

8)   Take Customer Support To a New Level

At first, WhatsApp was meant for mobile devices, but they soon realized that it could also be compatible with desktops. Since then, WhatsApp can be used on desktop and mobile devices.


This means that your customer support team can engage your customers directly from their desks and make it easier to communicate.

9)   Develop Rapport with Your Customers

This is very important in business. You need to develop trust and rapport with your customers. To do business with you, they have to know that you are reliable and not out there just looking for their money.

To do so, make sure that you are polite and ask more than you answer if possible. And yes, it’s okay to ask questions as well. Talk about how much you love what you do: Your clients want to see passion from people who work for them. They want to see that what they pay for is worth it because someone truly cares about what they do.

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If a customer has a problem with your product or service, it’s your job to resolve it quickly. Customers who feel respected and taken care of are likely to return. Good customer service can help keep customers even if there are problems with your product or service, ensuring every employee knows its importance.

As an added benefit, excellent customer service will usually improve other business areas, too—improved morale increased sales and more loyal customers.

So what does it take to provide good customer service? You need to:

1) be responsive;

2) be available

3) listen

4) empathize

5) apologize sincerely

6) fix problems quickly

7) create solutions that work for everyone.

 The best way to learn these skills is by practicing them regularly. For example, when someone asks you a question, try responding immediately instead of putting it off until later. When someone compliments you on something, thank them genuinely and sincerely instead of brushing off their comment.

The more practice you get at being empathetic and attentive to others’ needs, the better you’ll become at providing quality customer service.

10) Getting Feedback and Doing consumer research

Whether you’re planning a new product launch or looking for feedback on an existing one, understanding what your target audience wants is a game-changer. And, as every successful entrepreneur knows, it doesn’t hurt to get a little outside help from time to time. Consulting with an expert can be pricey. Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank if you know where and how to look.

How often should you send WhatsApp marketing messages to a customer?

The short answer is often. The more complex (and better) answer depends on your business and goals, but at least once a week is a good starting point.

Keep in mind that customers’ expectations of businesses using WhatsApp will increase over time—consumers who expect brands they engage with on other platforms to also be active on WhatsApp may be disappointed if you don’t make them aware of missed messages or share relevant content regularly.

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Best practices for executing WhatsApp marketing campaigns

While Whatsapp might seem like a strange platform to run marketing campaigns, it’s not so different from other social networks and can be used to promote your business. Here are some tips for getting started.

  • Personalize your messages

You’re already using your customer’s name at least a few times during your conversations, but that’s not enough anymore.

Evidence shows how vital personalization is when using messaging platforms like WhatsApp for marketing purposes.

The trick here is not only to personalize your messages but also to understand which personalization methods work best. Some people prefer their first names, while others might be more comfortable with nicknames or whole words.

Find out what works best for your customers and use that as an opportunity to get them on board with what you have to offer.

  •  Make it Simple

If you want your consumers to buy into your marketing efforts, don’t overcomplicate things. It might be tempting to try and go above and beyond with your content on WhatsApp, but simplicity is key. Don’t send links or attachments: People often find WhatsApp annoying for a reason, so keep it easy for them by keeping things simple. If you can provide relevant information in text, do it; if not, don’t risk losing people’s attention.

  • Understand your customer’s mobile behavior

If you’re going to use WhatsApp for marketing, you need to understand mobile behavior in your audience. Why? Because using it effectively means being strategic about how and when you reach people. If they don’t want to hear from you at a specific time or on a particular day, then don’t contact them then! Understanding customer behavior will help you determine where they are on their journey and what kind of messaging resonates with them. This will also inform your content strategy—the more relevant your content is to their needs, desires, and interests.

  • Don’t be spammy

What works on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter don’t always work with WhatsApp. Keep in mind that only a tiny percentage of your audience will want you filling up their phone screen with automated messages—even if they opted-in for messaging from you.

When trying out new WhatsApp marketing tactics, run a small test with a handful of contacts first to ensure that what you’re sending is quality and not spam.


WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world, and with over 1 billion active users, it’s become one of the best platforms to take your business marketing to a new level.  

The above guide is an ultimate Guide on doing WhatsApp marketing, which will skyrocket your business profit if followed duly.

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