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10 Inspiring Entrepreneurs in Nigeria to follow on Instagram

At some point in our lives, we all need the voice of a leader to supercharge our career path to keep moving or striving either through motivation, inspiration, tutorials, or

success stories either way we need that one or two people that speak through the heart of our errors and correct or encourage our career path.

As an Ambitious and Aspiring Entrepreneurs in Nigeria trying to gather ideas, and inspiration to spice up your startups or business workflows, but getting distracted by the inessential

activities on your timeline, then today we will show you business changemakers, moguls, and decision-makers in your Niche, that have beaten through the hard life of striving and reaching their success point.

These leaders can’t just be anyone or a random person, their expertise and years of experience play a major role in how well they can lead your path. Over the years

Nigeria’s Digital industry has involved prominent decision-makers and business moguls. that can spice up your timeline If you are running out of inspiration, ideas and

you need a power pack to supercharge your startup as a founder then welcome to mss resource, we are about to list the top inspiring Entrepreneurs in Nigeria that are going to flourish your Instagram account with great insightful activities,


The fastest social media platform to connect with your favorite Moguls is Instagram and LinkedIn but today we will focus more on Instagram because that is where they

share things easily about their success story and an easy platform for your voice to be heard and responded to.

Tony Elumelu

Founder/CEO UBA Bank of Africa


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10 Inspiring Entrepreneurs in Nigeria to follow on Instagram 1

One of the most prominent and prestigious Social life Entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and Business change-makers in the Financial Technology Industry is the founder of Heir Holdings, Tony Elumelu Foundation, and also United Bank of Africa (UBA), and other co-founded companies.

Tony Elumelu is a social life entrepreneur that embraces the social life of Equality and social justice for all, he keeps his audience and followers glued to his everyday lifestyle, business meetings, Investor vibes, and Entertainment at its best.

He’s a handsome man, a father of 5 beautiful kids married to a Gorgeous wife Awele Vivian Elumelu who is also the chairperson of Avon Healthcare Limited, and also part of the board of directors of the Heir Holdings. Tony elumelu is also a smart thinker, investor, and host of the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship program created to empower African entrepreneurs.

A mentor to Wizkid, Burna Boy, Davido, and other top artists/celebrities in the music industry, host for the UBA marketplace a concert that features performing artists such as Wizkid, Niniola, Dj Cuppy, and Dj Neptune, a concert held in Abuja city of Nigeria, Created with UBA customer in the heart.

If you are looking for a creative mindset and aspiring entrepreneur with a touch of stylish and investor vibes mixed with entertainment, then Tony is the guy for you, get inspired, motivated, and be business-oriented at the same time

Femi Otedola

Founder / owner of Zenon petroleum & gas limited


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10 Inspiring Entrepreneurs in Nigeria to follow on Instagram 2

One of the recognized faces on the list of richest men in Nigeria, father of four stars DJ cuppy, Temi Otedola and Tolani Otedola & Fewa Otedola, a business changemaker, Philanthropist and an Investor of numerous businesses both home and abroad, founder and owner of Zenon petroleum and gas limited and also chairman of the geregu power plant.

Femi Otedola shares with his audience his luxury lifestyle and inspiration to motivate his audience, though he uses one of the most boring captions on some of his posts, which is more like him not been too social jungled, with the help of his entertainment daughters, papa needs to find himself online doing the things social media want him to do.

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He’s a great man and a businessman who focuses more on meeting with great minds in the same line of business as his, such as tony elumelu, aliko Dangote, and many others in the quintessence of expanding his business outreaches.

Femi otedola is a man of prestige and great reputation! a millionaire in the making, in most of his visual appearances on the internet you will always find him calm and undemonstrative, which shows that he has a great sense of humor and also a good listener.

Otedola has beaten through the hard life of rains and drop and is now a business change-maker passionately innovating and empowering the Ecosystem of Nigeria’s Economy through his visions.

If you are a passionate entrepreneur or startup with the same vision of contributing effortlessly to success in Nigeria, you need a leader with the same vision as you to make these dreams of yours come through or Ideas brought into life. Femi is the right man for you.

Always looks out for his career life and starting point to success, he has failed numerous times even debating on an edge of selling literally everything he has, but the road didn’t end for him.

Folorunsho Alakija

Director Sharon Group, Executive vice chairman Famfa Oil


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10 Inspiring Entrepreneurs in Nigeria to follow on Instagram 3

She’s a prominent figure and a fashion Icon, The reflection of Great women making changes to Nigeria Business Digest, a God-fearing woman, fashionista, and a Philanthropist projecting greatness through empowerment.

Folorunsho Alakija is a mother, a Beautiful wife, and the managing director of Rose of Sharon Group, Executive vice chairman of her family business Famfa Oil, and also Executive vice-chairman of Dayspring Properties Development Limited which is a real estate firm.

She thrills her fans with her Gospel contribution through her Rose of Sharon Ministry, Folorunsho Alakija is a woman of deep Christian faith and on her page, you will find her sharing visuals of her ministrations with top Gospel leaders, On the other hand, you will also find her sharing with her audiences visuals from her meetings with great leaders and business change-makers like herself in the industry.

If you love explorations and would like to tap from the character of a Gospel women leader and also a business change-maker attached with a string of fashion, then folorunsho alakija is the right woman for you.

Wale Adenuga

Founder of Wale Adenuga production, PEFTI film Institute, Binta International School


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10 Inspiring Entrepreneurs in Nigeria to follow on Instagram 4

Is a household name, founder of Wale Adenuga production, PEFTI film Institute, Binta International School, and Writer for the act of the first English comedy tv show, Papa Ajasco.Ikeba Super, Binta, Friends, and many other TV shows aired on Nigeria Television since 1950 – till date.

Wale Adenuga is a respected name, just like folorunsho alakija Wale is a songwriter a Gosper worshipper formerly a pastor, a business Mogul, and a social entrepreneur, set aside that wale over his years of cinematography and a Cartoonist publisher Wale has garnered so many awards to his fame of wealth just like in 2002 Nigeria Film Festive Award, Wale was given 5awards on a role, such as best scriptwriter, best producer, best director, Best Television Drama, and Best Socially Relevant Television Production.

Wale is a philanthropist, he empowered many Nigerians through his visions and created many stages for upcoming and striving Nollywood acts through his Pefti film institute, Wale is a good listener and a kind-hearted man, he is presently married to Ehiwenma Adenuga, with 5 beautiful kids.

If you have been a big fan of the super story, Binta and friends, papa ajasco, or Wale adenuga production and ever wonder who is the owner? ….. OR you are passionate about connecting with great minds in the filming and cinematography line of action, then wale is the right man for you, though he might bored you a little bit, with time you will find what you want with him.

Tonye Cole

Founder of Sahara Group and Co.
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Tonye Cole

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10 Inspiring Entrepreneurs in Nigeria to follow on Instagram 5

Is the face of Sahara Group an Energy producing company in Nigeria Founded in 1996 in Lagos, After he was forced to relieve his job as director of EMSA due to the sudden threat of the Abacha Milliatary regime which affected major International Firm in Nigeria, and made them flee away from Nigeria due to the high jail threat

Upon the order to sign off all the outstanding and pending contracts from Emsa, Tony had immediately realized his peak to expand and explore this same opportunity, so he resolute the dilemma and built Sahara Group out of this, Fast forward from that day till this day Tony Cole has built Sahara Group into a well established and reputed firm a name synonymous to it founder.

Tony is a 55years old port Harcourt born millionaire and social life entrepreneur, a father to Vanessa cole, Serena cole, and TJcole, a God-fearing man, and the founder of Nehemiah youth empowerment initiative, also he is a very supportive man and a good listener. he shares on his pages events that gives entrepreneurs a lift for their voice to be heard.

If you are bold about your step to finding the right mentor or Leader to guide your career point to the limelight then tony is the man for you.

Ben Murray-Bruce

Founder of Silver Bird & Co


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10 Inspiring Entrepreneurs in Nigeria to follow on Instagram 6

Is one of the prestigious icons and figures in Nigeria that uses his Voice to motivate and pass a strong message to the Nigeria Government and Youth, His messages are so powerful that his audience finds him competent to run for the Nigeria Presidency in the coming year after years.

Ben Murray is a former senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 2015 – 2019, and also the founder of One of the most Grand winning television stations Silver Bird, and Silver Bird Group, One of the things to know about Ben is, He is a politician, a Business magnate, Investors and partners to some of the Biggest Companies in Nigeria also a smart man with positive vibes of controlling the empowerment for youth advocate in Nigeria AKA let your voice be heard.


He’s a social life entrepreneur as listed in our 100 Social Life Entrepreneurs,… Happily married with 4 kids, Cody Murray-Bruce, Jasmine Murray-Bruce, Jonathan Murray-Bruce, Jared Murray-Bruce, he’s part of the Founders in Nigeria you will need to follow.

Ben Murray portray great values in the sight of his audience as his message centered on speech on equality and social justice for all, he pass a deep message of in-depth understanding and always help the youth translate their voice to the forefront of the Nigeria Government in a way that is not disparaging or Unqualvocal.

Hanu Fejiro Agbodje

Founder Patricia & Glover

Hanu Fejiro Agbodje

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10 Inspiring Entrepreneurs in Nigeria to follow on Instagram 7

Is the founder of popular Giftcards, Crypto buying and selling app, and chief executive office of Patricia Technologies which was launched in 2017 he’s one of the fast-rising Entreprenurs in Nigeria and considered one of the youngest Millionaires in Nigeria following Mss resource publication on YMFIN (Young Millionaires Entrepreneurs in Nigeria ).

he’s also the founder of Glover as well, which is parented by Patricia Technologies

A small passion that turns into a multi-million company, Fejiro shared that the idea of Patricia started from his fraudulent experience while trying to trade his gifted card for cash which didn’t end well, so fast forward 2years after that experience, Hanu Gave birth to Patricia which he set on the mission to aid Nigerians or gift card traders not to fall, victim, the same ways he had fallen. So he considered Patricia the real deal for Gift and Crypto traders.

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Hanu is a fun-loving person and an easy-going CEO that takes his time to make every moment special for his employees, he shares a Good moment on his Instagram page where he gathers teams to have a great time ranging from, throwing balls, to having a great discussion, and much more fun.

Hanu is a fashionista, a stylish CEO giving his the audience the vibes of a Flamboyant CEO, Travelling exploring different places and meeting different faces, he has been privileged to make some pretty amazing celebrity ambassadors to his Patricia company, Like Tacha Big brother Naija Winner, Zlatan, Lasisi, Mercy, Jackye, Woli Agba and many other.

Jason Njoku

Founder IrokoTV


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10 Inspiring Entrepreneurs in Nigeria to follow on Instagram 8

Is the founder of Iroko TV, a popular streaming platform in Nigeria and Across Africa, He’s the husband of Mary Njoku a Nollywood actress he got married to in 2012 and they have 3 lovely kids, Mary Njoku is also the CEO of Rok studios which is a big and Global Distribution Network in Nigeria and UK.

Is a social life entrepreneur, an Entrepreneur, and also an Investor, you will find him mostly on Twitter talking, sharing lifestyle and informational discussions that will contribute value to his audience, never the less he also shares comedy clips, advice, lifestyles, and informational tweets on his official Twitter page.

If you are looking for one of the founders in Nigeria that is a CEO an Investors, an Advisor, and a social media clown most especially on Twitter, Then Jason is the man for you, stay connected to very fun-loving moment with him, and using Twitter as a medium to connect with him faster is guaranteed, he’s always available on Twitter and fast to retweet.

Tayo Oviosu

Founder of Paga

Tayo Oviosu

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10 Inspiring Entrepreneurs in Nigeria to follow on Instagram 9

Is the founder of Paga, if you have never heard about paga, it is an online banking/payment platform that allows users to create an account, manage their financial transactions, and also use the service to gain access to a wide variety of payment options seamlessly for there everyday needs.

He’s also the founder of Doroki NG, Kairosangel, and many other subsidiary companies to Paga, Toyo is Married to Affiong Williams who is also the CEO of Paga and Founder of Reel Fruit a company that produces locally made fruit for mass distribution across Nigeria.

Toyo shares on his Twitter page tweets he finds informative and considers valuable to his audience, he also likes little talks on footballs and also talks about lifestyle, politics technology, interviews, and many more about the release and innovation of his company Paga.


Odunayo Eweniyi

Founder of PiggyVest

Odunayo Eweniyi

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10 Inspiring Entrepreneurs in Nigeria to follow on Instagram 10

Have you ever wondered who is the founder of (Piggvest), Wonder no more, Odunayo Eweniyi is the female technology founder of Piggyvest and also the founder of other numerous companies such as PushCV, 99startup, 500dishes, Frontdesk, Village Capital,, @firstcheckhq, Cofounder @wineandwhineng, Impact @villagecapital.

She has also been nominated and has won awards such as The Forbes Woman Africa Technology and Innovation Award, The Future Awards Africa Prize for Technology, and more. She is a beautiful soul who is more passionate about creating positiveness through her vision while delivering the future to the hands of every independent woman out there.

She is a Diva and also a feminist, she is loving caring, she shares every moment and stage of her success through her Instagram or Twitter page, she also shares visuals about her lifestyle, events, meetings, interviews, and many more of her (public Private concerns) with her audiences.

If you are a female diva or just an entrepreneur that is passionate about connecting with founders in Nigeria or Great minds/leaders then Eweniyi is just the right woman for you, her connectivity is proven positive.

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