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Contribute to mss, do you have the copywriting or have something you want to share with us, then contribute to mss and get a cup of link juice from us that will power your web presence

We’re strong minds of Innovative writers! Copy that !, Writing on MSS resource vary depending on your writing skills, every day we write strong valuable content that makes an impact on the lives of our readers, so that made us very conscious of the type of contributor we accept to write on our website but we would hope that you’re a great and well-established writer in your field of expertise.


Content length: This should be well written and drafted in an appropriate length of 1500- 3000 words or even longer.

Quality Content: Content we consider publishing on our website is quality content, check every text to avoid grammatical errors, plagiarism to avoid copyright issues, we would not bother replying to you if your content is stolen content or does not propound Quality.

Images: Images for the content should indicate where it should be placed, and all images should be in PNG or JPG format only.

Biography: We want you to write your biography with up to 30-60 words describing yourself in a sentence, also include just one link pointing to the homepage of your website. your social media handles are optional.

We give do-follow link juice that’s is why you must write exceptionally different from every other writer.


  • Entrepreneurship success
  • Technology marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social Media
  • Content marketing
  • Internet marketing
  • Website growth
  • Influencer marketing

All content submitted will be approved or Disapproved within 10 hours and will be published within 1 – 2 weeks. due to Google penalty purposes 
Please send your content to editors at mssresource .com please be sure to change the at to @ when sending your email.

Most Frequent Asked questions:

How would I know if my content has been approved?

Our editorial team would email you if your content is approved or not.

Why would my content have to wait 1-2 weeks before being published if approved just 10 hrs after sending it?

  1. Don’t write an article that we have covered on our website numerous times, always make sure you check through our website to know which topic has fewer articles.
  2. We know why you want to publish your content on our site so as thousands of other writers also are sending their content, and Google would penalize us if we publish more than 10 do-follow articles in a week so luckily sometimes if there is no queue your article can be published immediately after approval.

Can I add more than 1 back-link?

If you’re quoting another source in your article you can add backlinks pointing to that source but please note that those sites you may be pointing to must be authority sites and the DA (Domain authority) must be above 30 or above, according to MOZ rank.

  1. The external link must not be yours | You can add only 1 link pointing to your site.
  2. Content must not have more than 4 external links.
  3. Content must not be difficult to read.
  4. content must not be self-promotional.
  5. Content must not be a bitcoin, porn, or Affiliate related kind.

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