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How to write what google wants

How to write what Google wants

Learn How to write what Google wants, the truth is that many writers, content developers, and bloggers still repeat these same mistakes of writing what Google already has in their search engine database, I have come across multiple sites talking about one topic repeatedly in different explanations as if the readers don’t understand English.

How to write what Google wants 1
How to write what google wants

When you search the web on Facebook marketing you come across 6,000 posts saying the same thing, but the question is why would I write an article on a topic that sites like, and Social media examiner have double-crossed to the front page of Google?

When google said original content is what they want so many people still don’t understand that fact, when you write an article focusing on a topic that has already been crawled 1.1million times by google bots, you won’t get any authority for that, Even if you write it to the best of your knowledge.

The truth is as long as that topic is everywhere on the web the content is useless Google sees it as a spintax and credits you for your newly added Grammar, not the whole content. topics are the essential part of writing as long as it contains value then it should be time-consuming


Have you ever done a roundup on your blog before, roundups are a content focus on multiple sub-topics for example instead of me writing on topics like ‘how to install the Facebook pixel’, ‘how to run successful Facebook ads’, ‘how to do Facebook marketing’ etc.

All I could just do is make research on topics about digital marketing that haven’t been answered by Google, how to do that is to head over to a site like Quora, Ask.FM, or Reddit, check through their categories of digital marketing, look through comments sections or question to see most asked question do a roundup to about 10 – 25 questions still needing an answer then set a top-level title that would wrap up with the content and write on them let’s take an example

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Topic: Facebook marketing all questions answered: 2019 roundup

  • How to this
  • why you aren’t doing this
  • wished I knew this before running that
  • why you should never invest in that
  • Is pixel what a try
  • why is mark taking so much of my ads credit
  • why am I not getting my ads coupon code
  • can facebook help me grow through that
  • how can quora work with Facebook
  • how can I add a pixel to Facebook
  • Is pixel the best marketing tool ever

Now you can see that these sub-topics are still referring to the main topics but you will be writing it based on the question you have gathered from a different source.

Remember you can rank higher on google for that topic google understands what the topic is referring to and how the content will add value to it, users, just stop researching topics on google planner or any other’s, the truth is that those keywords are generated by Google and millions of people have written articles on it.

When I make a search on Google about Facebook marketing and, I check the volume of that keyword it happens that the web result is around 6.4million, so now tell me what can anyone contribute to Facebook marketing that hasn’t been written by someone else.

Well, let me throw a scope of how you can beat these, for example instead of you write a topic like ” How to run a Facebook ad” or how to create, blah blah blah. if I write 6,000 words on a topic like “Facebook marketing all question answered: 2022 roundup” expect to see that post at the top of Google first page for any sub-topic within that article.

Ask the question see the answer and write on them Find a topic that has no answer on Google write about all the answers that could probably solve the problem, and take your time searching for questions through the comment box, categories sections, and what you should expect by doing this

  • Rank on Google’s first page. [Evergreen ranking]
  • Rank for quality content.
  • Get satisfied visitors who are likely to convert.
  • Increase page authority.
  • post should rank on Google knowledge graph since it focused on answers.
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What is a controversial content? also known as engaging content.

Controversial content is content your visitors are engaging with through commenting, it means they are cross wording or contemplating with the content and everyone is controverting the topic.

This can help Google understand the importance of that content, nobody wants to read a long paragraph of text with no hookup, These probably won’t work for some niche but at the same time might work.

Controversial content isn’t just focused on the content but also the topics, for example, have you ever come across a topic like these” How to explain entrepreneurship to a 5-year-old” now see that topic has a powerful captivation, and the topic is Evergreen, everyone would want to contribute what their points of views are through your comments section and as long as entrepreneurship is consigned you will always rank for the keyword you implement to the post.

So the truth is always at least once in a week create controversial content. a powerful topic that would likely attract people.


The weird question you’ve asked Google these weeks: Let’s discuss.

My 60year old grandmum wants to venture into entrepreneurship what’s your thought?
A day without Google, Facebook, and Amazon, where would you turn to?

These topics will keep your website or blog engaged as if it was social media, trust me topics like this are what we see on social media every day, but have you ever thought about starting topics like that on your blog run a Facebook advertisement inviting more people to come and contribute or maybe, if you have a large audience base, it will work fine for you and increase your shares.

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Now let’s talk about content health, do you know that if you write fresh content and after 6 months or 1 year you didn’t check the health of your blog post your competitors will beat above your content with fresh ideas, fresh content, new updates, New reference, and optimization, you’re likely to lose the search signal strength for that post, and also search engine authority are also likely to decrease.

Google love you to write new content and keep them fresh even after 2years update the content with new Grammar, fresh ideas, new working techniques.

Be case sensitive whenever you want to update your old blog post always change the grammar as well, use fresh synonyms check on google to see synonymous of your previous grammars E.g ( expectationAnticipation ), that’s what makes google know that these content as been updated.

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unlink any external site you source to a domain that has expired or is no longer working. If you previously linked to a site always check those sites to avoid redirection pointing to a dead domain for example if you point an external link to a dead domain or domain penalized for violating google policy you’re likely to get penalized too you’re passing a link juice to a spam domain.

Check the heatmap of the site and update the keywords to what your competitor is using to come at you. these case sensitive as well if your post is ranking in the 1-3rd place of google you need to be very cautious of the positioning, cause if a site with higher domain authority uses your keyword they are 89% sure of climbing above your post.

Google allows you to know who you are dragging the front page with from 1-10 are your competitors monitor their page rankings.

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