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How to target content to google featured snippet

Hi, guys today I want to share with you my recently concluded research on Google quick answer box and I want to share this small Greenclip I found that could help you rank on the Google featured snippet with no hassle. It was not easy making random research on 50 websites, Analyzing each of their post that hit the KGP, to understanding tactics or SEO flows they used to do that, I implemented it on my website and it worked for me so I want to share with you how to get that your awesome content to Google featured snippet and watch your traffic grow.

This topic is focused on how to rank a content/blogpost to Google featured snippet (Google Quick Answer Box) so if you are a beginner that does not really know about Google featured snippet click here to learn more after that come back here to learn how to use it.

Okay, I am going to show you three ways to get that awesome article of yours to Google featured snippet, and also I will show you some attestation samples.

I guess everyone reading these article already knows what Google featured snippet is all about if, you are a blogger, entrepreneur, or writer you probably would know Google featured snippet is all about rendering quick and useful information to users query on-demand and how it as contributed to the way we see the results from a search engine, if yes then I won’t bother to talk much about it since everyone is familiar with (Google featured snippet ), but if no then I recommend these article that would give you a proper understanding of what featured snippet is all about and it uses/value before, I get started I want to share with you something first

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1. What are the benefits of featured snippet

That is one question many people would first ask when you tell them about something new, Google featured snippet is a great space to hit maximum traffic if your content reaches there, I wrote an article for a long-tail-keywords and Google ranked it to it featured snippet ( Quick Answer ) and that post brought me more than 10k visits late last year because of it was a low searched keywords but yet people are getting the Quick answer whenever they query Google related to that search terms,


2. Is Google featured snippet for every niche or specific.

Google featured snippet is made for every niche that writes valuable content that helps searchers solve their search problems or maybe serve instant accurate answer based on your content is focused on their search queries, so if you have a website then you need a blog section of your website to explore let’s get started.


If you ask google ” 10 Reliable Entrepreneur and startup website to follow in 2019” the result that would be displayed to you is not a Wikipedia answer instead it sourced from and trace its way to featured snippet ” see screenshot below

how to target content to featured snippet

Now let’s go into this post and see how the question was generated, whenever you write a Cornerstone content or just your regular articles always focus more on sub-headings, which is listing all that the content is all about with their subheading (table of content), these tells google crawler that all subheadings are a parent to the paragraph within that tape.

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Always let your subheading focus on question for example:

Main topic: How to run a successful Facebook ads
then the table of content:
1: What’s is Facebook ads
2: where to buy Facebook ads
3: can Facebook ads show to my mobile visitors

so on and so forth.

This is how Google bot works –

1. visits your blogpost
2. Pick the main topic
3. Analyzed the table of content
4. analyze your main content
5. Then try to rank your content to the main keywords

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15 out the 50 Blogs I analyze, did something on their website that I later found out that is also a good way to give google a hint of why your post needs to get to the Answer box. Whenever you write an article highlight all the subheadings you used within that post with a bold text. this helps Google know how important that text is when you highlight a given word bold Google crawler see’s it as (!Important) just like web developers also declare it within an HTML syntax like this <b>.

In line with Web vibes Twitter question with John mu Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google in 2017, he stated that your post will definitely get traction for humans, but in some cases, Bot might find it conducive to crawl it to its search engine. It means if you use bold text within your article as long as it’s pointing to a valuable title or section, it will likely rank to Google featured snippet, which I will advise you not to flood your article with it, just focus more on highlighting Title of the sentence you feel is a direct answer to solve particular search Queries when Google users search for it.

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Will you focus on long-tail keywords, most people don’t find it easy scouting for long-tail keywords don’t forget that the world contains more than 6 Billion people and everybody around the globe has their different search phrase, the way a regular google searcher would search” owner of Google” is different from an average searcher phrase ” who is the owner of Google?” searches are different, people search short sentence why some others search long paragraph, which one should you go for, research as it that searches for long-tail keywords end up getting a short keyword to answer because there might be no answer for who is asking google 10 – 12 line of the sentence.

Whenever you’re writing, never forget to write specifically to long-tail focus keywords, and let your focus keywords be question base to answer keywords, as a new blog or existing blog struggling to hit Google ranking factors, what you should have in mind is that if you write articles focusing on long-tail keywords you will see a better result because Google will rank that post above some blogs with that same keyword but less

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Now over to you, tell us your experience ranking for Google quick answer box and how it increased or decreased your traffic

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