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How to get Guest-post on Forbes, Inc, Fastcompany etc
How to get Guest-post on Forbes, Inc, Fastcompany etc

How to guest-post on Forbes, Inc, Fastcompany, etc easily

Today you will learn the various requirements of how to guest-post on Forbes and some other authority sites. Contributing to sites like Forbes, Inc, or can get you the maximum exposure or reputation you ever needed for your brand, business, or website.

These websites are household name’s for most United state residents, Entrepreneurs, and Businesses Worldwide and a go-to place for articles that focus on Different Valuable topics.

Having your Guest Article published on a website like Forbes, Inc or Fastcompany E.T.C website you’re likely to hit your first 100k – 1M impression and still get up to 10 – 20k traffic redirect as a new contributor or Journalist, not only that but Google will also rank your page and increase your domain authority with page rank, to better increase your chances of getting Google to crawl your web content Quickly,

how to guest-post on forbes
how to guest-post on forbes

People who visit these sites are readers & top business moguls, Company owners, and entrepreneurs who take their time to read the content you offer.

The keynote of what the goal of your content is set out for. This applies to why your content must be exceptionally different from what others are sending.

Editors in charge of publications on these websites receive tons of emails from different writers and contributors almost every day. Still, nearly 43% of those contributors’ articles are flung into the recycle bin may be because they didn’t meet up the website’s Contribution Guidelines or Requirements.

So today we’ve compiled a list of 4 Top ranking websites that you can contribute to and watch your brand or website name flourish 10x higher in reputation and Exposure, we also put together their requirements in short and how to Quickly send your content across to them, but before you think of contributing you need to be sure of this 3 approach.



No website is going to accept your piece of content if you write with poor grammar and Grammatical errors, and your content doesn’t focus on a particular topic E.g ( Topic: SEO content: SEM ) Before you set out your goal of becoming a contributor to these websites you must have checked your writing skills and be sure that yes you can win the scope of Grammars errors, content markups, plagiarism-free content, content focus & values because you’re writing to the eyes of more than 100 Million audiences, it is highly recommended that you’ve contributed somewhere else maybe a blog/website that reflects the amount of engagement the site users engaged with your content.

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Your chances of approval vary depending on your knowledge of how this websites works, if you have a Twitter account kindly check through forbs, Inc, or Fastcompany editors on Twitter stay connected with them, learn on topics they’ve past written on, and ask questions focusing on those topics, this way you’re building engagement with them, and according to research 50% of past & present contributors socially engaged with editors through Twitter if any other source Linkedin too will be acceptable.


Since the website administrator is not asking you to pay a dime before getting your content on their website then the time you offer to put together a great piece of content is worth it since you see yourself as a virtuous writer then your article should be focused on one topic and add great value to the person reading it, As a writer, you must make a thorough research of what you’re writing about, search through the website to know previous post users have engaged with in the past and write vigorously above that user strength.

Do you feel that the above demands meet your writing specification, the reason why you should do this is

Forbes, Inc, and Fastcompany is a household name, registered over 10 years ago, with visitors of almost 100 Million monthly and recurring, a site Google trust both with its followers, when these sites link back to your website your domain authority will be ranked within 24 hours – 48 hours of the time it was crawled, your social reach will increase to more than 5,000 depending on your contributed content weight, your website redirect will be over 10,000 new visitors depending on your link back article or homepage.

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So let’s get started.

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Forbes is a name you must have heard hundreds of times, Forbes covers topics on technology, Business, personal finance, financial news, Lifestyle E.T.C If you want to submit your content on Forbes you will have to send an Email to [email protected] – For fast content review kindly contact an Editor directly, Read the editorial line from Forbes here through their Twitter account just like I have indicated above ( STAY CONNECTED ).


The article you submit must be original and exclusive to Forbes Only, which means the article must not be published elsewhere.
Article length must be 900 – 1000 words long but 1,500 – 2,000 words will do very fine for approval.
No follow-ups, means no unnecessary emails, after 5 working days if your article is not published on their site, you can submit it elsewhere else.

ENTREPRENEUR just as the name has unwrapped the picture is a magazine website focusing on its mission to empower entrepreneurship for small businesses, they cover topics ranging from entrepreneurship, technology, marketing, business, E.T.C. if you want to submit your article, you must first need to read about Entrepreneur community Guideline to avoid article rejection after that now send your final article to one of the editors from here

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The article you submit must be original and exclusive to Entrepreneur Only, which means the article must not be published elsewhere.
The article must not be fewer than 1,000 words 1,500 words is fine for instantaneous approval.
The article must not contain affiliate or promotional links.

INC. is an American based Magazine website that has existed for a long time now the website publishes content of high authority and great value to its readers which are mostly topics about Startups, Marketing Growth, Technology, Founders’ projects E.T.C if you want to submit your article to Inc, send your pitch to [email protected]


On the Inc. website, there is no official statement or guidelines of how you should maintain your content before sending it to Inc. but for better practice, we recommend you follow the previous steps as we have written above on the other websites Notice.


Fast company is a technology-based business, a focused website emphasizing helping both big and small businesses grow. If you want to send your article to fast company editors, you must first check through their guidelines to know if it is compatible with your writing style. after reading you can use this email [email protected] to send your article to Fast company Editors.

So thank you for reading this article with us, How to guest-post on Forbes
Our teams are working so hard to produce valuable content to help our visitors make an impact on their everyday life, we still have great articles on our website homepage you could check out on hope to see you again.

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