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7 content planning tools to plan blog content without stress. 1

7 content planning tools to plan blog content without stress.

Content marketing can be time-consuming and stressful if not done smartly. As a marketer, if you Incorporate content planning as part of your marketing strategy, it will help you build quality and clarity of what type of content your audience like, also polish your style of writing, and Organize values around your work across the web, One more thing is planning content improves your search engine trust and efficiency.

A good content planning is a signature that will prepare you to what your business would become in the near futures and showcase a clear goal of what the achievement would become as time grows with the content success and hit through, it will help you understand your audience, what demographic you should be targeting, and topics that would reciprocate a killer content that won’t get lost in the search result page, rather rank to incur Organic monthly traffic.

7 content planning tools to plan blog content without stress. 2
content planning tools

Every successful content on the internet was crafted out with a plan and these plans consist of a marketing Goal, which includes social media channels, consistency, different ideas, brief information, thorough research, page design, page speed, Visual appealing images, Captivating headlines, audiences ( Demographics ), and SEO in mind. This should be able to adapt to every marketing trend and increase the speed of content creation for your website.

For example, a website that produces 10 articles in a month can not be compared to a website that produces up to 30 quality post in a month, In competitive marketing like this, a content calendar keeps you on track of what you should be writing, when you should be writing, and how you should be writing. In addition, even after 2years of writing content the calendar still gives you a head-up of content that should be updated on your website. A good content map will lead your business the right way, it will give you the sustainability to write above your competitors and dominate search engine SERPs.

So how prepared are you to start using a content planning map?

Sometimes, the entire process of writing great content can be overwhelming time consuming, and frustrating most especially when the content final results didn’t fit in your proposed achievement.

content planning will help push wasted ideas away and give you a tight schedule of writing content that will resonate with your readers and increase conversions.


Every successful marketer you see today once finds it conducive working with their own self-assigned content planning ideas, But not in the marketing industry now, where every trend comes with a new habit, you must adapt to. In fact, there is a stage of content marketing you will need to imply content planning to achieve a fast publication.

Have you ever wondered how authors write e-books, how publishers write In-depth guides articles? with over 10 – 20,000 words. That’s the spirit of team collaboration, experiment, and content planning in one place to achieve such successful publications.

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Content planning is quite beneficial when you have robust content ideas to publish within a very short time frame and would like to maintain a successful CTA for that post. On Mss resource, we use various content planning tools to effectively plan content that we publish to our readers, some times we use Alpha and beta testing methods to test different types of marketing plans, to see which one anticipates the trends of content marketing. and below are some of our listed favorite content planning tools.


7 content planning tools to plan blog content without stress. 3
Coschedule content planning tools

The stress of managing content marketing for multiple omnichannel is quite hectic, from outreaching emails to multiple clients/customers, sharing products to all social media channels handling social media post and blogpost can drain the energy of a small business team, why do all of that manually when an All-in-one tool like Co-schedule can help you automate that workflow and increase your business marketing strategy.

Co-schedule makes it easy for businesses to focus on content planning for their business, ranging from email outreach, blog post calendar for content marketing also integrated with WordPress, Manage social media posts, Manage marketing requests, and automate team workflows.

In fact, Co-schedule is a platform that manages everything marketing and will help you focus more on creating new innovations every day to succeed.

So if you are a Big or small marketing agency looking for content planning tools to join your business marketing teams, then we strongly recommend Co-schedule. With a small fee, you can get started but if you have a zero budget for a start, and would just like to give it a free trial first then, Co-schedule also has 14 days free-trial plan for you to stair at the glance of marketing in peace before upgrading.

#2. Gather Content

7 content planning tools to plan blog content without stress. 4
Gather content a planning tools to plan content without stress

Unorganized content ideas can be lost forever before the morning breaks, the risk of losing it is the reason why gather content was created to help you Organize all your business content without having to stress your brain-box. Every resource you need to create your content doesn’t need to stay inside your head.

Gather content makes it easier for your content creators to manage content production with collaborators: In real-time editors can watch and collaborate with other editors as they write, The editor in charge can also do proofreading in real-time as content creation is in the process. After the creation process an appropriate approval team will audit the content and after that publication can take place.

I wish that’s was all, but gather content makes your writing process a lot easier, faster, and effective to quality creation, the tools help you keep in place a template that will make sure you never have to start a writing process from scratch again unless you are writing with another content focus.

Your desire to find valuable, reliable, and cost-effective content planning tools that will supercharge your content creation process is now. Gather content is aware of the need to test before purchase, so they make it easy for you too to start a 30 days free trial on their website.

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#3. AirTable

Airtable for Content planning
Airtable content planning tools

Good content needs a strategy to survive and a Good strategy comes from good planning, Airtable makes it easy for content creators to adapt to a new environment, a web-based app that plans your content ahead of your team using mind-blowing features that will enhance your writing workflow.

From organizing your content ideas to exploring them, Airtable got you covered. Beyond content planning, airtable also uses a built-in cloud-hosted feature that allows real-time collaboration with editors throughout the content creation, members can share ideas, innovate, and proofread all in real-time. Without having to change your mind, Airtable is a choice for content creators.

If you have multiple websites with large pages and needed to hire a freelancer to join your team remotely, then airtable is a tool that keeps remote job easy and helps you organize task all in one place for added members to see and collaborate with: Also, airtable can be used to achieve a team of product tester before product launching that is for an E-commerce site you can do pretty more than just content planning with Airtable and also managing all your marketing task all in one place.

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#4. Content Cal

7 content planning tools to plan blog content without stress. 5

The unique perception of Content Cal compared to other Marketing tools we have come across is that they have great functionalities and amazing features that can turn boring content into a WOW, audience. However, contentcal gives you a lucrative online working environment to manage your online workflow, either as a one-man business or a corporate business owner, whichever ways, Content cal can help you build trust and speed around your business workflows.

Contencal can help you manage all your social media campaigns in one place In spite of that, the online marketing tools can also help you plan your content, Optimize your lead magnets, increase your brand awareness, multiply your marketing growth, and leave you with a clear focus of what the future holds for your content types.

Complex tools in hand will help you create an effective boost for your content, keep you updated with what needs to be done and fix, beautiful calenders of how far you have reached, and hosted collaboration with teams remotely: Also, Content cal allow you to integrate content from your favorite social media channels into the app to reciprocate a great experience

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#5. Market Muse

7 content planning tools to plan blog content without stress. 6

Built with Artificial intelligence in Mind and industry standard. Market Muse help you keep track of the success rate of your company marketing campaign so-far, it helps you analyze a topic difficulty and present a list of topic your content will mostly rank for based on your site analysis.

Market Muse marketing tools are a one-stop for your content creation strategy, the app as too many amazing features that could super-charge your content marketing plannings, and better your SEO ranking, the tools is designed with natural processing language that makes content creation easy and yet enhances with Quality.

You’re more likely to succeed with this tool if you maintain a goal of creating quality content that will rank #1 on Google and other search engines,. the content marketing tools have a great feature such as:

Topic suggestion for keyword implementation, Content briefs a feature powered with AI to determine the number of words to cover within a topic based on SEO standard and words to use within that topic for better search engine results,

With even more we couldn’t cover here you should check out the Market muse and why they are loved by your competitors so rethink. At mss we use Market Muse because we love SEO.

#6. Monday

7 content planning tools to plan blog content without stress. 7
Monday app

It time to work on your content marketing workflows, Monday is not like the Monday in a week but the Monday that turns your ideas into Quality. does not only provide you with content planning but they also make it possible for you to carry out all your marketing task on its platform.

Ranging from content planning, email outreach, marketing campaigns, sales, Remote work, Software management, remote work, and many more you could possibly think of, The all-in-one marketing app is created with marketing in mind.

With you can automate all your workflows including campaigns and content creation and, do not have to worry over a manual tasks, every feature on makes like easier for marketers to ease their every manual task. While I must commend as a cost-effective marketing tool to look out for.

The types of business model that can make a lucrative impact on should be en enterprise or a B2B, with over 20 -50 working staff, the tool is not really for a small business that’s if you want to explore all the features, but if you maintain only content planning as your primary focus then the tool is a good fit for you.

#7. Bonus – ( Asana )

7 content planning tools to plan blog content without stress. 8

From a blind idea to an innovative mindset, Asana makes life easier for your marketing team. What content are you creating, what time are you publishing it and who do you want to be part of your content creation process, Make a fantastic marketing plan with Asana. Asana makes it possible for a business to accomplish all their marketing deals.

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