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Creating content marketing for products
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Creating content marketing for products

Creating content marketing for products.

The expectation of every marketer is to achieve millions of revenues and sales increase, If you are writing for yourself or a company you will definitely be expecting more sales and new email subscribers every day, the only way you can achieve that is by promoting content that touches a buyer’s sales – point.

Creating content that converts is just like watering a fruit-bearing seed. You know definitely that the tree is going to produce fruit one day, you just need to explain to a buyer why they should purchase your products and doing that you have to use persuasive writing, Don’t write at the egotism of your own sales greed, Write to solving a problem or directing a sales Goal.

Using a Content marketing strategy to promote your product sales is Quite different from using Landing pages to promote product sales, while both may sound alike, (a. A landing page is a funnel where users pass through from being a prospect to a customer. (b. While creating content Marketing for a product is selling the product value before the product, the goal of the writing is to convert you to a recurring buyer.

If you are striving to get sales then it is mandatory that you think intellectually, and work as a Professional, your readers are either new or old but they won’t know what a product is all about until they read about it, that’s where you need a blog to write about what you sell, research thoroughly on your product and write exclusively to the best of what it offers. This will not only build a recurring buyer for your Brands but also help search engines build authority for your business.

Even if you already have a landing page that is doing pretty Okay for a start, you will still need a content strategy to help your customers or readers engage and learn more about your sales or service, you can’t do all of that on a single landing page, A landing page is where users come to buy not where they come to read, supporting your Landing page with a Blog, will not only help customers gain insightful knowledge of what they are patronizing but, also give them the leverage to share and Evangelised your content to the world. Remember it’s not mobile or desktop-friendly to share a landing page, and even if someone does share a landing page what would be the evaluation of new users getting started with your Sales page.

Apart from owning a blog to increase your product marketing sales, you know you can also monetize the blog layout with Adsense or maybe other monetizing programs. This would be pretty fine for Individual business owners while private also could still monetize their blog section, this is also considered a side hustle, where you gain income from both your regular online sales and monetizing platforms.


So, as much as you are ready to start a blog for your business, there are certain things you need to consider when writing as an Enterprise or Product marketer, Not like a regular blogger, you need to write based on focus and the focus should be your products, so below are some basics things you need to put in mind when Creating a Marketing Content for your blog.

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Use Emotional persuasion.

When you hear the terms persuasive Writing you know the goal is to encourage someone to desire, using an emotion driving marketing force to motivate the heart of your customers, We’re now in a world where everyone needs, motivation to rise and keep pushing or better still encourage their spirits to do something, the goal of creating content marketing for products is to increase the weight of our wallets that is why you should do better in creating content that encourages customers to purchase or convert.

When you see an article titled like this ” How I fall and rise in marketing 6 years ago” on the internet, the caption as an emotional force to click, Everyone would want to read it because it contains an emotional story, the goal of the post is not to set your emotion back to memorable moments, instead, it is set to urge your desire for purchase or conversion.

Set a forefront with an emotional story, if you notice everyone is Interested in an Emotional story how you started to backslide and rise, this too applies to your content marketing strategy, people are more likely to engage with your content if you write with an emotional tense That is why I must tell you if you want to increase your Green sales Funnel in Creating marketing Content for your products use a persuasive emotional story in your write up to aspire customers to purchase or convert.

For example, If you sit in a silent crowd of 500 people and all of a sudden only you start talking everyone is going to turn back to look and hear what you are saying, what people would find in your voice is the passion for what you are saying, the goal for what it will achieve and the relevancy for it to last, and they will find that within 60 seconds of your speech, readers don’t have time to listen to rubbish if you write products description of 3000 words if the first 5 paragraphs of the article are useless so is the whole content useless. I am sorry to say that but it’s the truth. even if it is not useless to you it will be to users who didn’t bother to check the rest of the article before they left.

So to round up this section what you need to do is write with an emotional persuasive voice either by title or in the article, always make your first 5 paragraphs the best of the best, even if the rest is quite interesting to make users engage from the start to the finish.

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Command Credibility with Authority.

Authority in your business is what is going to help you convince readers, Credibility in your business is what is going to help you convert them, that is what I want to talk about.
If you write for conversion then you must write with the authority that you are Good in what you are writing, an authority not to suffocate your readers but speak with incentive authority that would make them believe in your writings, people will only purchase your products or convert if you show them that you have been doing this for years and you have work with most of their favorite companies or top companies in your niche or outside your niche see Example below

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People want to be sure that what they are reading is coming from an expert, If Brian Dean owner of Backlino, were to provide you with SEO tips that work you would pay close attention, people mostly trust advice from an expert, This authority figures have built multiple credibilities and expand their outreach which is why we believe any advice coming from them because advice from an authority figure is likely to bring positiveness you too can do the same, Urge customers who have successfully purchase your products to review their perceptions on your website, showcase logo of brands you have partnered with or work with before,

because there are several ways consumers patronize sales, some people check the authority in your business before they buy from you, That is why you must build authority by gaining the sight of authority figures to vouch for you.

If you are a good writer in your field of expertise then your customers/readers should be able to confide in you, write on Big companies websites like Forbes, Fastcompany, Inc, Entrepreneur so on and so forth, These websites are Authority builders with years of existence, Customers will be convinced that you have been recognized by Big companies. set that aside from customers’ search engines also will pass a Link juice of authority to your website domain and this is Good for a business building reputation, I have written articles on how you can contribute to Forbes and other Authority websites here How to guest-post on Forbes, Inc, Fastcompany, etc.

Use marketing Logic

There are several ways and different marketing logics you can use to gain the success of buyers, most especially when you are in a tight competitive niche, you just need to think outer the box of your content generation to explore, in the marketing world it is never a bad thing to spy on your competitors ranking factors and sales leads, Most times marketers often use email marketing tactic to extract emails collection from readers, like E-books to convince users into submitting their emails, Newsletter to help the users get more insightful tips on what they desire, Discount offers to enable them to explore the Premium benefit of your products with reciprocity.

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There are several ways to manipulate the minds of your readers, all you need is to segment your user’s activities on your website and use an amazing offer to honor their next visits, Logic is practically not what anyone can teach you, but I can still hint you on some factors that cramp the scope of logical implementations in content generation.

Use urgency.

Creating a time-limited offer in content marketing is very essential, you must have seen people placing offers on particular products but limited to certain time frame or date, E.g ” From a Zero SEO knowledge to Infinite SEO expert attend the conference $100 discount for 100 spots” this would also work for content marketing, not every time you need to add urgency but most especially when you are writing an Evergreen content you really don’t need Urgency in that but when you are writing a sales products that you just don’t want your readers to read & add for later use, then you need to add urgency to it, Most especially when it concerns discounts or freebies.

Be passionate.

Be passionate about what you write, your audience might consume your lead magnet but may not buy your products, why? is because they did not confide in all you said or they aren’t pleased with all what you have said, raising a deep expression through writing is Quite more lucrative than just writing content based on the little you know, the little you know is not satisfactory to new readers but will be to an existing customer, so you must cover an In-depth guide for both new and existing customers.

Peer – pressure

It is obvious that some people won’t buy from you or patronized you not because they don’t have money to purchase, but because they haven’t seen other people use the products, How do you convince and convert this type of person? collect their email address whichever way you can and invite them to your VIP customers successful group, Make them watch other users share their testimonial on the Group, they will be forced to buy.

Thank you for reading this article I have written mostly the necessary insight on content marketing for products you can help me lift a hand up by sharing this post with your Facebook friends and fams. I hope you like it and it helps add value to your marketing innovations.

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