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5 tools that will help you become a better copywriter - Mss resource
5 tools that will help you become a better copywriter - Mss resource

5 tools that will help you become a better copywriter

Today I want to share with you my amazing handpicked favorite tools that will enhance your copywriting skills.

To become a better copywriter you need to write great copy that adds values to a reader’s life, The words you use inside an article determines your level of understanding within the topic.

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How to become a good copywriter

Nobody has the tolerance to read a long indigestible sentence, if you write what people have to find in their dictionary before understanding, then you’re losing sales or conversion unless it an English class, for you to produce better content, it must be digestible, understandable and contains values.

How can you do all of that without breaking the blocks, your English should be flexible, generic and point to a grade 6 level of understanding, it’s certain that not everyone understands big grammars and while some may do, at that time of reading your article they might not be familiar with the English.

According to research by Statista, as humans, we only use 25.9% of English language every day of our lives, because that is the common way we communicate with friends and families without having a hole in anyone’s brains using thin words. If you’re writing for an audience there must be some things you need to have in mind.

Readers who find it conducive to read your article will love to revisits again, if you write bad copy filled with complicated grammars and convoluted English they will turn away and not come back, nobody wants to stress his or her brain thinking of what could possibly be the meaning of your grammar.


When writing who do you think you are writing for? which country are they from? and what is there level of understanding? that’s probably what you don’t know of. You will need to write at least in a grade 6 format to be able to communicate with all audiences. When you publish your copies, take note of all the comments that appreciate it with a “Wow‘ ” Nicely written,” Thanks for sharingAwesome” this simplifies that you’re writing to an audience that understands the style of your copy, and appreciates it. Keep that in mind and create a boiler-plate for the content.

Whether, you’re writing for an enterprise or you’re writing for a blog, whichever ways you write your copy, if it doesn’t communicate with a user current level of understanding, they will flip to your competitor’s page were the grammar will be digested for them, then you have failed as a writer.

A Great copywriter starts with a neutral headline. From the moment users start interpreting your writing with there level of understanding then you have built a flexible mentality between you and your readers.


What is your content focus when writing a great copy! how do you expect people to react engage and behave with your content, the moment your readers begin to find passion around your work, the more they are likely to recur as customers or lead consumers.


How relevant is what you are writing? that is what most copywriters don’t care about, If you expand 400 words of informative article to 3,000 words because you want to cover it as an in-depth guide then you are losing relevancy for that article. As a copywriter, you need to ready relevancy in your article either by value or by goals, give reasons why people should consume your copy.


Before a user consumes the persuasion of reading your article, what would be the goal of reading it? I could tell that from the beginning of an article, what you write from the first 100 words determine the goal of the remaining 1500 words. When writing a copy that you expect to convert, prioritize the focus as the main key point to capture an audience.

So now here are some important tools that would help you become or expand your copywriting knowledge.

#1 Google drive.

If you’re a good copywriter you should have an online repository that helps you keep an organized list of your copywriting materials or ideas. If you run a multi-channel blog that has multiple writing tasks for your copywriting teams then you definitely need a working lab to maintain an organized list of your writing achievement so far, and future projects to achieve.

You can use google drive to keep a record of your email list subscribers, special discount codes for giveaways, content topics to execute on, previously written articles, and the month they were published, data set of your previous and present campaigns to avoid repeated promotion to the same email list.

Google Drive isn’t actually a writing tool as it really does not have an editor section, it’s only for forms and data spreadsheets to keep your workflow in an online work lab. I use Google drive to keep all our company writing materials and topic ideas and by far it as work good for us.

#2 Thesaurus

If you ever want to create amazing content with no boring morphophonemics then thesaurus is a tool I recommend for you, most of the time I find myself writing articles that contains too many boring grammar I use thesaurus to keep my languages in tracks.

The tool is designed to solve your grammar synonyms and bring real-life meaning to sentence you use in your articles. When you visit the site and type in something like ” marketing” it returns a synonym for marketing as seen in the image below.

thesaurus - copywriting app
copywriting tools – Thesaurus – Web-view

Thesaurus is a great tool for a copywriter and can add concrete value to your articles but in most case, copywriters often over-use the advantage of adding too many synonyms in their articles it is okay if you spin some synonyms in your article to better enlighten the readers, Rather if you write with too many bewildering language users will get bored and bounce off.

Don’t try to be too clever than clear, we know that adding too many grammars make you feel/look like an expert in front of your readers, don’t intend to be too clever and end up writing content that users will not understand, most especially copywriter writing a product sales page should get it clear that confuse people don’t buy. In my opinion, I prefer you to write in accordance with academics grades in mind and only add synonyms when needed, it makes you intelligent not over too clever.

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#3 Grammarly

The scope of writing for most copywriters has changed since the introduction of Grammarly. A free tool that super-charge your writing skills and clearly correct all your grammatical errors, punctuation misuse, inaccurate words for a certain grade of readers, and also allow you to synonym words right from your editor.

I personally use Grammarly to write all my content and by far this tools has added nothing but a great experience to my writing profession, it helps me understand different stages of writing and English commonly used for a different grade, it has also exposed my knowledge to different types of words and their meaning.

Grammarly is one top choice for bloggers content creators and copywriters that write in the following formats. Expository Writing, Descriptive Writing, Persuasive Writing, Narrative Writing. That is why I am personally recommending this tool to you with no discount offers Lol. If you want to write a copy that will WOW your audience, then use Grammarly.

#4 Hemingway app

If you want to write for a 4th-grade level readers other than 6th grade which is Grammarly, then you can use this app called the Hemmingway app, the app is an abounded and determined online editor that is thoughtful of what you write and who you write for.

In the most recent time of my email outreach, I have used the Hemingway app to personalized and organize my email context, specifically, I focus on using a 4th-grade format of writing to gain user attention, people who see your email have a short time span to read the context when looked upon, and the worst case of it all is when you write with a 12th-grade format you are likely not going to get any traction for that email outreach.

Hemingway app is good for novel writer’s poetry, scriptwriters, press release, and many enterprise standards. Throughout my session of using the Hemingway app, I didn’t see it fit for bloggers writing content based on ideas, as this may be very difficult in terms of correction and grade targeting.

#5 Advance marketing institute

So they say to write a great product page you need to understand a buyer’s sales point, and so far the best practice of accomplishing that is using emotional marketing value to drive in prospect from all corners of the world using a title that converts.

Imagine this type of title “ How I got my first copywriting job with a zero income company” that title has an emotional marketing value of 33% see screenshot below

Advance marketing Institute - 5 tools that will help you become a better copywriter
Advance Marketing institute – copywriting tools

So if you want to analyze your content headlines to know the emotional marketing value then the Advance marketing institute is a stop for you. The website is a headline analyzer, all you need to do is to

input your headlines ( topic ) inside the box and see results for the EMV, a better conversion rate of EMV should be around 33 – 50. Know one thing, all buying decisions are emotional, people are more likely to read, view, listen, opt-in, your service or offers if it contains an emotion-driven title, that’s why I recommend using AMI if you want to see the result for every content you create.

#6 Wordcounter

I personally love using word-counter to inspect my copywriting before reprocessing it to other apps. I firstly, use word counter to make sure that my grammars are intact, my sentence is spelled out correctly and plagiarism free.

Set apart from that, Wordcounter has some built-in features that make writing and inspecting so easy. You don’t really need to write inside of Wordcounter editor. you can import text written in other editors straight into Wordcounter, other things you could do with word counter is analyzing your article keyword density, which is good for copywriter or blogger targeting LSI or specific keywords within an article.

Wordcounter also makes life easy with the focus of writing for a specific grade, either you are writing for a grade 6 type of audience or grade 11 – 12th, word counter comes in handy when combined with other Extention like Grammarly. Word counter will make you write like an expert or expert PRO.

Thanks once again for reading my article – these are the best copywriting tools I use to manage my articles and content inspection. Please just one more thing, can you help lift a hand up by sharing this post to your social media channels, any help is a great help we will appreciate. Thanks in advance. and be a better copywriter.

Richard Odds

Richard Odds is a Digital marketer SEO expert, and a business strategy planner, Chief Editor at Mss Resource where I help small business owners and marketers generate more leads, new paying users, and optimize their funnels with data-driven Marketing & SEO tips that work.

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