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How to get traffic from search engines [ 3 easy way ].

When it comes to getting traffic from search engines to your (sites visitors) as a newbie in blogging, or do you want to get more traffic to your blog, website, or e-store in other to boost and increase sales, and the rest of other purposes; it’ll require you to be more competent in other to stand out.

How to get traffic from search engines [ 3 easy way ]. 1
How to get traffic from search engines

Why do I say so?

They’re a lot of websites out there and everyone is struggling to get to the top. So in other, for you to stand out and bring in more traffic you’ll need to do what’s necessary. Not what you come across. Because if you search on the internet on how to grow web traffic, you’re going to be presented with tons of tips, tricks, and ways to grow website visitors and traffic.

So, you don’t just jump into any ideas presented to you, then at the end of the day, you end up being frustrated. That’s why you need to pay close attention to what I’m going to be showing you in this article. In this article, you’ll be learning the very easiest way to grow your traffic and keep your visitors incoming again and again.

But before that. Let me give you a snappy brief on how websites are escalating in growth right now around the globe.
That’s the number of websites created every day and the amount of information offered ranges from the text, audio, videos, and the rest Of others.

As of January 2020, There were About 1,295,973,827 websites in the World in total. And according to siteefy; approximately there are about 380 websites created every minute Around the globe. That shows that what may be the information you want to share it’s already on the net today.

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But unfortunately, even despite that, your own information and knowledge are still needed. Yes, I mean it. why because every content a visitor searches on Google, bing, yahoo, and the rest of other search engines is not what actually that visitor is looking for.


Take for instance. When someone searches for something on Google how to do this, fix this, etc he or she would be presented with up to 10 pages. The first page might not have the information that the person is looking for. So the person would move to the next page and others until he or she is able to get what they wanted.

So this means, not every first page on Google or any other search engine actually has the information about what a visitor might have been looking for
So, what this means is that your own information is still valuable only if you know how to present yourself. So, you’ll stand out.

1. Produce high-quality content For your readers(site visitors)

I know you’ll be surprised to hear this, but that’s okay. What I mean by high-quality content isn’t about 3000 or 5000 words Article that’s called great content. When we talk about great content, I know some people would say, ‘content is king!’ yes content is king but content with no value is a slave

Great content needs to be information valuable, Fun to read, entertaining, Storytelling, Etc

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When a person visits your blog or website And in the end he or she was able to find exactly the information he or she was looking for; certainly! That person would share your content on social platforms and bring in more traffic. That’s what content does. So from today begin to create valuable content for your readers, in turn, to improve user’s experience on your site.

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2. Push notifications

push notifications are one of the very best to retain your site visitors by sending them notifications whenever you drop a new post.
Below are a few push notifications plugins. Onesignal, push engage, SendPulse Etc
But I’ll advise you to go for one signal Because it’s popular. Many webmasters are using it and the plugin is actually cool for push notifications.

This is how Push notifications work

After setting up the plugin, it’s active and working perfectly. For every new Site, visitors Would be prompted with a pop-up on your site to subscribe for Notifications. Then after subscription, the person will be notified via its devices as a message. If the notification is clicked then it’ll take the user back to your site.

But you should put in mind that incessant notifications can be annoying to users. So, to avoid this, you just have to set up your timing, and your schedule for sending notifications.

3. Work on your SEO

SEO simply means search engine optimization. That means if your SEO is working well for you certainly you should be getting traffic from search engines that’s Google, binge, etc.

SEO is good because you’ll be getting a good amount of traffic from search engines. Like if someone types in any keywords related to your content Your site would be available for the visitor. I’ll briefly give you a few points on what exactly you need to do to improve your SEO.
Produce great content and don’t forget to optimize for SEO With Yoast plugin, get more backlinks, Improve your page speed importantly, Fix broken links. Use H1 and H2 header tags and optimize for local search. With these few tips, you’ll be able to grow your web traffic and retain site visitors!

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4. Email List Building

We have talked about several ways to grow your traffic and keep your visitors coming over again and again. So let’s say you are now getting traffic from social media, search engines through SEO, and the rest. now I guess you wouldn’t want your visitors to just come and go and without keeping them coming back again and again by sending them a newsletter to their emails you must have collected. And sometimes people can mistakenly stumble on your site

So, you Would need to start building your email list through an email subscription form. The following plugins will help you grow your email list. Newsletter, MailPoet. Campaign Monitor OptinMonste etc

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For you to grow your web traffic and retain your site’s visitors it’s going be quite challenging from inception. But you can start growing your traffic by working on your SEO, creating high-quality content that is entertaining and informative, sending push notifications, Etc.

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