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Mobile apps that send traffic to your blog
Mobile apps that send traffic to your blog

#6 Mobile apps that send traffic to your blog

If you are looking for Mobile apps that send traffic to your blog then it’s a good thing you are here. In this new Era of socialization, people are more active on mobile apps than on desktop, and according to google, they give close attention and ranking to mobile visitors than desktop visitors.

in addition, Google uses many factors in calculating how users interact with your websites, such as page speed, bounce rate, and user overall behavior, However, it still boils down to compatibilities and interaction with users, the more irresponsive your mobile view is the less traffic you get from search engine.

6 handpick mobile apps that will Direct mobile visitors to your blog
Mobile apps that send traffic to your blog

Let’s forget about Google, this app has nothing to do with Google and by far is the best in referring apps than any social media app you have seen so far; But that’s not the case for today. In today’s article what am going to share with you is apps that drive traffic to a blog. expect real visits from real people who are likely to convert into whatever you guide them to.

Getting visitors to a new website is very difficult, time-consuming, and stressful especially if your primary focus of blogging is on cash and passion; the two at the same time. we all love money even when you try to deceive yourself that you blog for passion. you can save that for google.

There are millions of apps out there that drive real-life traffic to a blog, different from the web-based site, I have used many, but these ones I hand-picked worked pretty well for me and I am recommending you to check it out to see if you will like it.

The astounding fact about these apps is that they drive real traffic to your website, in real-time you will start seeing results, But to better explore these sites you need to be consistent, This also applies to our blogging life.

What works best for you stick to it, even if it’s just one app that brings the most abundant of visitors to your site find a habit to stay glued to the app.

mobile app that drives traffic
#1 zest how to get website traffic in 2022

#1 Zest

The first on my list that I’m going to discuss is the zest mobile app. If you’re a marketer, content creator, or blogger looking for a place to share relevant content and drive real live traffic to your post, then the Zest mobile app is a top choice.


The company is actually new. and since they launch the zest app, it has generated over 74.60K monthly direct visits and categorically ranked 943 in the business/marketing niche. The app attracts daily visits from countries like Israel, the United States, and India, however, other countries like Brazil, and Vietnam are increasing by percentages.

The app focuses on curating content from marketing blogs that inspire great readership, their readers are happy people who find comfort in exploring everything marketing and staying current with digital marketing trends, everyone with the app is more likely to read, engage and explore your content to more out-reach.

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Zest is a mobile-first app with a primary focus on delivering great articles worth reading, the intention of what you write should be the same value as what the content portrays, their back-end editors have strict policies when reviewing your article before publication.

To get a better success rate of winning you should focus more on this.

Share only your best articles.
Make sure your giveaway intro is worth the watch.
Share only content that adds marketing values.
Stay active and read other people’s articles to unlock more of your chances.
Engage with articles that inspire you.

mobile app that drives traffic
Writco mobile app – how to get website traffic in 2022

#2 Writco

Writco is a social writing platform that connects readers and writers together” Just like a medium if you want to write for a wide range of audiences. You need a follower fan base, to screen above the scope of content curation, Writco offers you the privilege to write, build and publish to the right audience for your niche.

On writco whatever you publish comes with an intellectual legal right to retain ( Copy-right ), it simply means that the story you share on writco would be exclusive only to writco and is considered your intellectual property, never the less if you want to repurpose your blog content on writco, consider writing an excerpt of 200 – 400 words with a redirect link to the original content.

The app was built with mobile-first in mind and since it was created, the app has generated over 50k downloads on the play store. While we may not have an estimated count of the app downloads across all stores we could roughly say that the app has over 200k downloads. Whatever you are writing; writco gives you a mind-blowing exception for visits and reads.

In addition, the app comes with a variety of amazing features that would make you stay glued. such as

Publications feature in Writco magazine.
Expand your story to more categories.
Get legal copyright for your original content.
Write Posts in Your own or desired Language.
Explore the power of hashtags to increase article findability.
Earn Cash Rewards for Your Writings.

6 mobile app that drives traffic
Medium – Mobile apps that send traffic to your blog

#3 Medium

Medium is a platform that drives not just traffic but recurring visits, it means that articles you share on the medium platform are search engine friendly and increase traffic 10x higher, not just traffic, both medium direct visits and search engine visits are all linking to your site.

Medium has house-in more than 200k writers globally and has shared more than 200 thousand articles, some professionals and top industry personnel use the medium as their source to share valuable information. With interesting readers that are more likely to engage and convert.

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With monthly visits of 196.20 M in countries like the United state, India, Brazil, the united kingdom, and Canada, Medium, has proven to be a working turnout for most bloggers and content creators, as most of their traffic, comes from search engines and it makes the platform a more lucrative space to share value sensible information and get traction for it.

Medium is super cool on mobile and easy to get along with on Mobile, Imagine being in an environment; where you were only privileged to your mobile phone and not your desktop. Repurposing content on helps drive traffic to a blog, but that’s only legitimate if you are using the canonical redirect toggle properly.. to avoid Google violations,

What you should look out for when using the medium on mobile.

Since you are on mobile, Increase your engagement rate.
Callout to authors and other contributors using the @ within your article.
If you are not repurposing your content then you should be writing to earn

6 handpick mobile apps that will drive visitors to your blog
Mobile apps that send traffic to your blog – Quora

#4 Quora

In spite of your niche, Quora brings traffic, there are more than 10,000 spaces on Quora that allow users to share content on the Quora space for members to see, meanwhile this is also a web-based app the website is flexible and easy to use on mobile the version.

Quora gets most of its visitors from search engines, which makes it Organic.. the Q&A Website can be a stop to your search for a traffic source that works. Why I prefer the mobile version of this site is because it increases your engagement rates more than the desktop.

Engagement is the power of marketing, the more you engage with a community the more you build trust within that community, when next you add a contributed value on a Quora space, the admins or superiors in that space will gladly accept you. That is the power of engagement.

Quora is the #66 most visited website in the United States and globally ranks #2 in the category of reference materials dictionaries and encyclopedias. Statistics are in accordance with similar web. The web-based app gets up to 478.60 Million visits in a month and 35.90% of that visits are from the United States, while 19.83% are from India. other country visits are Canada, UK, and Australia.

Quora is a source to bring the best marketing value for your content, as listed below.

Recurring visitors often.
Engaging communities
Inspire content ideas
Direct readers redirects.
repurposing content that weighs little or more value.

6 handpick mobile apps that will drive visitors to your blog
how to get website traffic in 2022 – Wattpad

#5 Wattpad

Is an online publishing platform that allows users to generate a story in a different kind for real people, if you are a fictional writer that writes about movies, novels, history, or non-fictions, then Wattpad is a home to accommodate you, this is dependable on the niche you blog on, you cannot repurpose content on Wattpad.

Articles published on Wattpad are original content with copyright license, exclusive to you and Wattpad only, but the amazing benefit of writing on Wattpad is that the platform offers users the opportunity to monetize their passion. Just as you are writing to build followers you can write to earn. With time Wattpad editors will give you a trust flow that will allow a link in your stories.

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Wattpad is Homed in Canada, created by Allen Lau, and Ivan Yuen in November 2006, from the year, it was created up to this date, Wattpad has been able to gain the heart of strong writers and a great readership with over 150 Million monthly readers, Wattpad is rank #2 in its category and globally ranked 151 most visited website in its niche. If you’re not leveraging the sauce then you’re missing.

For a better user experience and engagement rate, I recommend using Wattpad on a mobile phone preferably than desktop, this will increase user engagement rate and easy interaction with all sections of the app.

What Wattpad can do for your publications.

Monetize your story while you gain followers.
Your story might be featured in Wattpad studio.
Your story can be featured in Wattpad books.
Wattpad features you on their picks.
Wattpad host an annual award ceremony called Watty awards which awards writers.

6 handpick mobile apps that will drive visitors to your blog
Pinterest – how to get website traffic in 2022

#6 Pinterest

What would you be doing if you are not repurposing your content on Pinterest? A site that generates 948 Million visits in a month and 52.56% of the visits are directly from their app. It’s a platform that has been recognized among millions and billions of people worldwide

Pinterest, the app is rated as editor choice on Google play store, and with over 100 million downloads for android users and more than 20 million downloads for iPhone users, the app is fast, reliable, and super engaging

Pinterest is a cross-platform or a search engine for bloggers, and a great platform for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge, Pinterest is loved by search engines and an inspiration to everyone.

How Pinterest can impact your business or website growth

Pinterest recurs traffic to your blog post through boards.
Pinterest expands your knowledge to insightful ideas
Pinterest increases your chances of getting connected with authors and bloggers.
Pinterest is love and crawled in a minute by search engines
Pinterest increases your chances of increasing your website crawl rate.

So that’s my favorite app that will keep you engage while gaining more visitors to your blog.

Now over to you which app do you think should be added here on our list that wasn’t added feel free to mention your favorite app that works for you and we will look forward to including them.

Thanks and once again for reading the article please just one thing more. Can you help us lift a hand up by sharing this post to your social media channels, any help is a great help we will appreciate. Thanks in advance.

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