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How to find loyal readers for a blog
How to find loyal readers for a blog - Photo credit: Unsplash

How to find loyal readers for a blog

Have you ever wondered how to find loyal readers for a blog?

When starting a blog it takes nearly 5month to boast of your first 1000 monthly Organic page-view, do you want to know why? Because it takes Google up to 4month to conclude what niche your blog is focused on and where you should rank on its search engine. However, it takes google crawler, approximately 7month, to send you Organic traffic. Somehow that is kinda frustrating.

How to find loyal readers for a blog 1
How to find loyal readers for a blog

I understand how it feels writing Quality content and not getting any attention for it, in life we all must work hard to find readers for our content, I encourage your effort to stand out, that is why I want to share this resource with you on how to find loyal readers for your blog.

For instance, let’s say you just created a new blog, or you have an existing one already and the next thing is to find readers for your blog and its contents, that’s cool, but the effort of building a circle of Loyal readers rests on your palm. If you create quality content, readers will stay loyal to your blog.

When I was starting as a blogger in 2016, I found the secret of building a blog that generates more traffic than I expected, so, I sit up and focus on just two things, producing great content whichever ways I can & Optimizing it. does it sound awkward, don’t worry I will still discuss that below this article.

There are hundreds of ways I could list out for you to get traffic to your blog but that won’t be necessary because the primary focus of this post is to provide you with great insight on how you can drive loyal readers to your blog, not just a regular visitor but a devoted readership.

Almost all bloggers say writing Long-form content is the only way to drive great readership, that’s true, but come to think of this, I have come across articles with 500 words on the internet, and the article was great the content portrays great values and the article maintains actionable tips, that is one thing I will talk about.


While quality content is a good way of building authority for great readership, if you end up expanding 500 words of article to 2000 because you want it to be In-depth or large in Quantity, then you will just end up producing meaningless content.

What you shouldn’t do now is don’t look for loyal readers to a new blog with fewer or no content, that is a turnoff for readers and these readers will not come back again. if you want to find visitors for your blog, you need to write with utmost passion and fidelity. Make sure you already have over 10 Quality articles publish on your blog and make sure your blog is well optimized for Google search engine crawler.

1. Write occasionally & not consistently. (Blog like a PRO, not a pro).

If you have ever been on the verge of building backlinks for your blog or, researching great SEO tips that work, then you definitely should know Brian dean founder of backlinko, that guy is hot for writing killer In-depth guide to building backlinks or, increasing search engine ranking. Brian dean blog temporarily than consistently, but expect article length of 10,000 words and 115,000 characters when next you see his blog post the same goes to Neil Patel.

This type of blogging is dependable on a niche, but so far this has been the most performing SEO factors for gaining higher search engine rankings since it contains an in-depth guide from a particular case study people are more likely to sit with a cup of coffee while reading, and this is by far great for maintaining Loyal readership.

This style of blogging makes readers stay glued to your page and would make them want to check back or peep in regularly to know if you’ve posted a new article.

All these are ways to get loyal readers who confide in your writings, they are a member of your community, they aren’t only loyal to your writings but loyal enough to defend it wherever they go, I can tell you that if Neil Patel’s founder of Neil Patel digital or Matt Diggity founder of Diggity marketing gives you a case study to building a better search ranking, and it didn’t work for you ” You better get off online and go become a shoemaker”.

Do you know how you watch your regular series, where you have to wait for an episode by episodes with the curiosity of when the movie production will release the next episodes, That also applies to a Quality strategy of content creation.

When writing for readers choice, all you need is to publish your article day by days in a week or, week by months in a year, it will help readers always checking up on your blog every time to know when you are publishing your next blog post if you blog consistently you can’t achieve this, people won’t turn up on your blog because they will feel like not all topics on your blog concerns them. There is no great content in writing every day unless you are just an Entertainment blogger, then this strategy is not for you to

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2. Join a social media Growth Group. (Be a social media Darling)

One of the fewer things we fail to do when trying to find loyal readers is joining and contributing to niche groups where your potential readers are, sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest is a social media platform that gives the ability to connect with people, not just friends and families, but fans and well-wishers, there are over 300,000 Groups on Facebook and some of these groups have not less than 45,000 – 1million members.

It takes a lot to build devoted readers around your blog, but most of all if you write as an expert in your niche that nails it all. Before people become a loyal reader to your blog, they want to be ensured that they are trusting in your knowledge as an expert and the only ways they can verify that is through your publications, and the values of what it contains, it doesn’t work as an illusion, it starts from a gradual process till they finally convert into recurring readers.

Contributing to groups in your niche can help you build great readership around your piece, people who engage, like and comment on your posts are more likely to check you out, this step cannot build a million readership in a day but with gradual experiments, you can gain that target.

When you join a Facebook group, the first thing you should do is replying comments of questions asked by members of the group that haven’t been answered yet, try as much as possible to chip in only the best answer, you can expand the knowledge with a resource which can be your link or a link to the source, these ways every previous or present member who engages with the post are likely to check out your link because of the benefits they find from it.

In a second case, I also would say contributing to groups in your niche can also expose you to a wider audience beyond your expectations, if you have been a steady and active member of a group, the admin knows you already, contributing a great piece of your insightful ideas will also make readers engage with it.

As a writer, you have a topic and the only reason you own a blog is that you want to share your knowledge within that topic, then write with the authority of doing it right, understand who you are and who you should be writing for, join groups or tribes as an expert or a contributor, that is the only way people can pay attention to you, don’t answer questions that are not related to your topic, the goal is to maintain one focus and try as much as possible to write only to the best of your knowledge.

3. Write a round-up post (Command authority shares)

If you’ve started getting traffic for your blog or not, then doing roundups for your best blog content, can increase your traffic. A roundup post is a listing compilation of either your best blog post for the week or the month, which can feature the best post of other bloggers in your niche.

This can also help you build a good connection with bloggers. Organizing roundup helps new users to start their readership journey on your site with great content, and it also gets existing members to share it on their various social media platforms, while this can be good preparation for gaining great readership.

Another good advantage of round-ups is that you can email the bloggers you feature on your roundups urging them to view your content which you have included their best blog post if they agree, then that is a good sign that they will share the post to their social media handles, some would help you burn it to their FeedBurner, were there loyal subscribers and followers will see and engage with it.

Most bloggers have a good heart, they try to help small bloggers in whichever ways they can, and helping you rebroadcast your link to their social media channel is a good credit for both you and their audience. To better increase your chances of gaining a larger audience you need to find small bloggers in your niche, with a better social media presence and followers, follow them on their social media channels engage with their most recent posts if you want a rapid response from them. Sometimes top bloggers are busy doing things that won’t make them see your emails.

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Roundups post attracts a lot of shares and comments from both your readers and new readers, it also effective for SEO since it contains important links pointing to different parts of your page, it helps Google understand that those pages are relevant and deserve to be ranked on SERP. Only this part can increase your Organic traffic, 10x your usual traffic.

To get started with roundups you can gather influence bloggers in your niche, check there most favorite post, add them to your roundup list after you finish writing, you can email up to 5 – 10 influencers with your link and a little excerpt for them to see, since the person already knows about the publication they are expected to share it with their social media followers on Twitter, Facebook, and FeedBurner.


Build Relationship with Co-bloggers in your niche (Raise your visibility)

Everything I have covered on this post on how to find loyal readers for a blog will only work great and better if you embrace the spirit of love and authenticity, this practice is focusing on building a relationship with bloggers, or influencers in your niche before looking out to ask them for anything.

There are certain ways you can build a relationship with bloggers in your niche which includes, LinkedIn group, twitter, Facebook, Instagram so and so forth, but the goal of building this relationship with them is to bond a tight connection with them that would enable them to keep a positive mindset when you need their help.

4. Comments on other blogs that attract comments. (Creating Awareness)

Most times commenting on blogs in your niche that attracts lots of comments on their blog post is a good way of developing brand awareness & building a community that will help you keep a loyal readership. If you adopt the ego of commenting on blogs related to your niche, it will increase your chances of getting good traffic.


People engage with comments on a comment box and visit the blog, most especially when the comment passes a sentence of achievement, smartness, funny or success, it makes users want to check out the blog, I recommend that you leave a link to your blog when you comment.

When commenting always use a brain policy that is understood as F for F (Favor for a favor) it’s a policy where you write a very reasonable comment but in return, you reference a link in your comment pointing back to your blog and the admin will see it, read it, and approve it because it’s relevant, and this will get users’ attention to read the comments too because it contains relevancy and Quality.

Bloggers appreciate it so much when a reader leaves a comment on their blog, and when you do that often you become a part of their community, inside their heart they know they owe you a favor, and would somehow someday return it. even if they aren’t replying to your comments on their blog, it doesn’t matter they know you, that’s why I recommend you should always comment on blogs that are maintained by 1 or 2 authors, Magazine blogs have hundreds of moderators which won’t serve you any good for wasted commenting efforts.

I get a lot of traffic from blog commenting because, I take my time to read articles and after reading share my opinion, just in a reasonable way different from other comments, and I add my links so the and admin of the blog would approve it. Because the comment makes sense and communicates with the post, and ever since I started blog commenting, it has driven 100 and hundreds of traffic to my blog.

One other great advantage of blog commenting, so far is building backlinks to your blog which is good for SEO, while this may work and also not work, is it is dependable by blog owners, some authors enable comment Luv on their blog, that allows user comment with links passing an SEO friendly juice back to the latest post on your site. It’s a choice for only a few bloggers, most bloggers disable it on their blog. to avoid spammy comments everywhere.

5. Repurpose content (Expand your content reach)

Repurposing old content to a different channel for promotion is, another great way to drive in readers for your blog, it’s a way of presenting your blog post in visual display order, using your existing digital material for another purpose other than its main purpose. Just like everybody’s style of reading is different, some people prefer to listen to the article in podcast formats, why some prefer to follow up statistics, infographics, watch videos, share quotes, E. TC.

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Since the trends of repurposing content emerge most bloggers prefer to repurpose only their Old blog post rather than the new one, you can repurpose any of your blog post whichever way you want, for example, you can take one of your best content in SEO or any topic of your choice, repurpose the content into an Infographic or slide, and share it on-site that allows infographic.

Better still you can convert your blog post into a video format with lumen5, and upload them on YouTube, you can also pitch your blog post into slides, share it on LinkedIn Slides, convert it into an online course, webinar presentation, downloadable PDF for emails, ebooks, physical books, case studies.

I have written so many articles on this blog, which most of them are repurposed to medium and Growth hack, this site allows you to submit both full Fletch post or excerpt with a read more link to my blog post, it has been great for bringing me loyal traffic from those websites.

Another thing you should consider before repurposing a blog content is the value of the post, what message is it passing and how updated is it. When sending out content to an audience you need to add as much value than it was before, try to look into your content and find it relevancy, do not repurpose non-relevant content to an audience, that’s a bad omen that you do not understand what you are doing so the best practice is to update the blog, add more values to it before sending it out.

6. Contribute to authority sites in your niche. (Maximum content exposure)

The last and first thing you can do to increase your web traffic and build complete loyal visitors is by guest blogging on an authority site in the same niche as yours, this is a very fantastic way to build an infinite readership and a listening audience, there are several ways and a great advantage of guest posting this includes.


Maximum content exposure: When writing on a site with thousands and millions of page views, your content will be seen by their followers, readers, and email subscribers, and this can increase your content exposure and help you drive more readership to your blog.

For instance, if you contribute to a site like Forbes or Inc, your content is likely to get maximum exposure depending on the Quality values it contains, Forbes readers are devoted readers, everyday Forbes get up to 10 – 15k Organic visits just from a search engine, their direct readers are over 10 million and these numbers are expected to rise each day by day.

Guest-post comes with an all in one referral package for traffic and can be gained only with time, selling your time for traffic, engagement, social media followers, subscribers, brand visibility all in one, guest posting will make you put the best effort while compiling the meaningful before pitching it out to websites. Always consider that the people that will be reading your post are not your audience yet, but will be if they find values in your content.
So when writing guests mostly for top sites in your niche, do a thorough check on their website and find a guest post that has been previously contributed by bloggers or writers, read and understand the Quality of why they approve the post comparing it with their contribution guidelines.

In this article, I have covered how to contribute to sites like Forbes, Fast company, and Inc, with simple and easy steps to follow remember a loyal online confides in you if you show them you are good in what you are doing so write only to the best of your knowledge, not your thought.

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