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source to drive website traffic from
source to drive website traffic from

The best source to drive website traffic from in 2022

These websites are the best source to drive website traffic in 2022. And they get up to 7Million visitors in a month, and the other’s 3.6 Million E.t.c just visualize how much traffic your content or Blog-post would get with just one of your article links on these sites. Check it out now. this is not Facebook or Twitter.

I have written articles on how you can rank your website on Google without Backlinks in 2022

There has never been a way to drive traffic to a website or blog for free if not through social media sharing, set aside SEO you probably must have read hundreds of articles online on the topic of how to drive traffic to a blog but all of them are either not working or they aren’t compatible with your type of niche, well today I want to show you to a source where you could drive traffic from in this 2022, these websites might even be a website you must have come across on the web but aren’t familiar with, that’s where my topic comes from ( Unfamiliar ).

If you conduct a web research analysis of the best site that drives traffic to a blog, or maybe you ask an average blogger how do they drive traffic to their new blog, expect these answers from them, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter this is the most recognized social referral site for sharing your content and getting traffic, those websites are cool to drive traffic to a site, but let’s take for instance what if that won’t work for everybody most people find it hard using Pinterest and Twitter for promoting their blog post.

So today I want to share some site with you that is going to help you increase your website traffic from 0 – to 10,000 but the count in traffic is not what matters but the dedication, every website owner wants to drive traffic to their blog, the first day they share their post to the site and the next day they reprimand the site of what it says it offers, As a blogger that wants to drive traffic to a site you need to be devoted to earning trust before reputation doesn’t start what you can’t finish.

There is absolutely no magic in driving traffic to a blog/website without fidelity, posting to the site and expecting traffic from those sites would only be considered spam if you’re redirecting them to an Irrelevant content or Annoying links, If you want natural free traffic from a social referral site then you must put more zeal on the article you produce, there are three things to consider to bring out the best when writing ( value/ relevance/goal ) this three prospect will not only make your content outstanding but also make your content cherished by readers.

So let’s get started, try as much as possible to stay with me throughout.


FARK visitors stats - Best source to drive traffic in 2022
Image of visitors count – Best source to drive traffic in 2022 is a news aggregator feed reader with over 7million visitors see screenshot above by similar web, consider this site as a feed burner but in a more modern way, they allow you to submit a link of your article on their website and the system automatically scan your webpage to avoid spam link and violation of their community guidelines, then after that your link then joins the Que of pending approval, usually, all links submitted on the website must undergo a manual approval process by the teams/Editors from the backend,

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Now hear the fact, if your article link is approved by fark team, it goes to the homepage live, and just 3 – 24 hours after that link you submitted goes live on their website you will start getting tons of traffic, please understand me when I say tons of traffic I am referring to about 30k – 50k traffic, but cons of it are that their process of Approval takes more time and sometimes you might not get approved for some reasons I recommend checking through their guidelines to better Equip your knowledge of fast approval on their site.


1. If your website is all about SEO don’t visit please cause they clearly stated on their website that SEO articles are not their kind of articles.

2. Submit Funny article links means fark teams would approve your content if it’s more about Entertainment.

3. Start controversial topics, E.g Topic: bitcoins Headline: ( Damn I just lost $3000 to bitcoin ) then content could be about why the user should not invest in bitcoin for now or thereafter, but the headline is what fark cares about not the content.

4. scandalous Occurrence: If your website writes about scandals like ” John doe is dead ” then fark is a Good place for you, in fact, they would approve your content within 1 hr of submission if your website clearly explains how ” John doe died”

So that is all from me for Fark I recommend you click on the link to read more about their community guidelines and how to get started

How to rank on Google without backlinks in 2022

SLASHDOT visitors count - Best source to drive traffic in 2020 visitors count – Best source to drive traffic in 2022

Slashdot aka news for nerd, is a United state-based social news website with over 3.66 M visitors and 7,321 ranks in the united state, see screenshots above from similar web, The website focus on aggregating links for its users, as a blogger or content writer if your desired targeted audience is united states and Canadians, citizens, then this site is for you, getting your content link to the front page of this site could land you up to 100k visitors and many more if patience is moral to you.


1. Grammatical errors are not welcome on the site, they prefer you take your time to proofread what you are submitting but in some cases, editors may change or correct content if not appropriately arranged.

2. Be concise in what you’re saying instead of covering 2,000 words which are almost all your articles, make the content excerpt short and simple yet informative.

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3. Write an interesting article according to slashdot, they stated that their visitors engage mostly with headlines with a captivating and yet interesting article, which might be entertainment or TECHNOLOGY.

4. Link build your article correctly avoiding broken links or incorrect domain links if you are quoting a company or a big website make sure you anchor the link to the right source.


The best source to drive website traffic from in 2022 1
Yahoo answer – Best source to drive website traffic

Yahoo answer is a sub-domain website owned by, a community question and answer based website like Quora, but yahoo is very much higher in traffic than Quora, the website has an estimated traffic stats of 80.65 Million visitors, and Alexa rank 758 in the United state, that’s totally beyond reach, if you have logic you can get up to 1M visitors on this site, in other words, be smart, Create the question and be the answer with a link to your site If your content is worth the click users will engage with your post

Members of the community are very active, consider anywhere with crowds get the most in traffic redirecting, remember what I use to tell you to produce quality content so users who will visit the site won’t come back and comment hate, rather, speak of the relevancy of your post.


1. Do not spam because you might run out of luck on your 3rd time
2. No porn or abusive words
3. Ask a polite question
3. Be reproductive.

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You probably would be surprised to see Linkedin on my top 3 list, But I bet you don’t joke with that site and don’t be surprised there is another part of LinkedIn am sure you aren’t familiar with, Have you ever joined a LinkedIn Group before, Linkedin has a group and these members are content readers as long as it’s worth it, what you need to be doing is creating a killer caption (headline)and you will get to your estimated traffic reach. see screenshots of members below from Linkedin

Most groups on Linkedin do not limit users to post even with it a large sum of members yet just 1 second your post drops it goes live, members will be notified that a new post has been contributed to the group leaving them with the options to check it out or neglect it, always use hashtags if you want users to be notified of your post and if you want to gain more audience use a captivating title everyone loves interesting articles,

Linkedin Group - Best source to drive traffic in 2022
Linkedin Group – Best source to drive traffic in 2022

All you need to do now is navigate to LinkedIn now and search on the site for your niche group navigate to the group and join it takes approximately 9 – 14hours for a group admin to approve you but be rest assured that once you’re in it for Good

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Advertisements visitors count - source to drive traffic
Boingboing visitors stats by similar web – Best source to drive website traffic

Don’t be surprised at the name of the website this Boing Boing was created in 1995 as a magazine website but later in 2004 – 2005 changed its niche to a weblogging platform, now considered one of the most engaging websites in the USA with an approximately 4million visitors from all over the country screenshot above from similar web, the website focus on sharing valuable entertaining content with it users ranging from entertainment to technology, business, and news, anyone is allowed to submit article/links/publications on the site but the guideline of the website is that all submissions must pass through an approval process.

If your website gets approved on the site it will be visible on the front – page which is going to attract more than 100k visitors to you also they will forward your article to their forum where users start engaging with it immediately, check from the screenshot below the min/sec/hr the article drops members of the forum start engaging with it the forum is quite very fast in engaging with new content, just like they are starving for your content.

Boing - Boing Example
Boing-Boing – Best source to drive website traffic


1. The communities are against spammers don’t go there to spam go there for natural free traffic.
2. Focus on the topic you write don’t hijack a thread by commenting randomly for your post to stay on-board
3. Don’t share any means of contact through your content.
4. Always read other people’s posts and comment to increase your point in the Site.


Groups like every other social media called their groups, on Quora rather it is called “Space” a space on Quora is designed as a group for members to create and connect with fans, and these groups are very interactive in terms of redirect because most users of Quora are seeking for answers and even a link to one wouldn’t be bad.

Quora Space is different from your usual Quora timeline where people can ask a question, But quora space allows members to post to the space targeting a specific niche.

The best source to drive website traffic from in 2022 2
Best source to drive website traffic – Quora

Once you join an admin will accept your request, you then have the right to post on the space, but I am going to be very open with you if you want to post on Quora space just add these words to the first paragraph ” Admin please approve” and below it continue your description.

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