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Best Digital marketing LinkedIn Groups to Join

Best 9 Digital marketing LinkedIn Groups to Join

Okay, as a digital marketer you have been looking for a best marketing Linkedin Groups to join because you probably must have heard that LinkedIn as lots of Groups people can join, that’s great !!!, Groups are essential, most especially when you’re just starting out with a blog or website, the next big question is how do I convert people to my blog, or maybe you’re an author, contributor, or just a person who likes to read from an expert, be rest assured that for whatever reason you may be joining a group on LinkedIn you won’t be disappointed.

Best Linkedin Groups to join
Best LinkedIn Groups to join

Linkedin has been existing for 18years now, with over 967 million visitors across the Globe, not compared to the Big guy’s Facebook or Google, but Joining a LinkedIn Group with a primary focus of sharing your content or getting

more exposure, is pretty fine, their readers are filled with top business moguls, like in Digital marketing Group you’re likely to be in the same Group with Neil Patel founder of Neil Patel Digital, Brian Clark founder of Copyblogger, and many more I don’t know off, Linkedin is a home housing over 6 million CMO, CEO, Founders & Co-founders worldwide, and twitter is the 2nd.

To get a better experience when ushered into a LinkedIn Group, we advise that you should firstly engage with the members in the group for at least 2weeks or 1 month before you start posting to the Group, Admins of the groups won’t disturb your shared post or content unless it violates their posting Guidelines, so if you want users to engage with your post do this 3 things in Mind

1. Don’t just post a link with no description,
2. Make sure your post caption contains up to 100 words explaining the post in details before users decide to check it out
3. Use hashtags within your post, to get the Group members notified of your new post.
4. Use rich images that are eye-catching and that reflect your brand, mostly studio images.
5. Be an active member to Build engagements.

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So let’s get started.

1# – ▶️ New Home of Social Media Marketing Group


This Linkedin groups is quite fascinating and filled with a marketing-driven expert that put marketing in Actions, Members of this group are business-minded people who are just getting new to fresh marketing ideas, The group is

created by WSJ bestselling author Josh tuner also the founder of Linkedselling, his group has been considered the largest Linkedin Group In social media / digital marketing, since its creation.

#2 Digital marketing.

This Linkedin group called Digital marketing is the second-largest Linkedin Group with over 1.3 Million members, created by John Horsley founder of Digital doughnut, a community where Digital marketers can share their ideas or recent release publication directly for more members to engage with, The Digital marketing Group welcome all Articles/topics or discussions in Digital marketing as long as it is Marketing.

#3 Digital Marketing: Social Media, Search, Mobile & more

This Linkedin group was created by Ian Johnson, founder of Techforge and Blockchain Expo, to help marketers, engaged with other Marketing members of the Linkedin group, the group as 10 moderators and over 600 thousand striving entrepreneurs exploring articles and marketing ideas/opinions in the group, in as much as you are a no spam digital marketer the Linkedin group, is a choice for you.

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#4 Marketing I Social Media I Business I Digital Media l CMO I Life Coaching

This is another interesting Linkedin group to join with 800,000 members, the group was created by Michael Woloshin, Founder of Global Career Networks Group – Cicero Transact Group – Founder The Linkedin group is specifically focused on marketing and sub marketing niches, like people who also coach and teach people how to become a Marketing PRO can join to share their experience, as of the time you are reading this post, the group does not allow users to post link, rather members are allowed to share exclusive articles written by them with no redirection link.

#5 Marketing Group Digital SEO Search Social Mobile App Data Internet Media Brand CRM PR Jobs

If you want to explore everything about digital marketing then this Linkedin group is a one-stop for you, The group primary categories are Everything under digital marketing they also focus on Search engine optimization, brand marketing, so on and so forth. well the group as a medium amount of members, 268,000 members is a good count.

#6 Content Marketing Institute

Content marketing is a small Linkedin Group owned by Monina Wagner Social Media and Community Manager at Content Marketing Institute the group only allows its members to share updates and ask question-related to

marketing, the Linkedin Group can also act as a great resource to develop content ideas through Question and answers, Posting to gain visitors are not allowed inside the group but sharing ideas and asking questions would help you build engagement for members who are likely to follow you on Linkedin

#7 SEO Expert

If you are an SEO expert or Internet marketer aiming to drive traffic or sales to your website then the site is practically meant for you, as of the time you are reading this post the Linkedin group only have 54,000 members and it been quite engaging with members that shares articles on latest SEO trends, tricks, and techniques, the Linkedin Group was created by Amalendu Nath who is an SEO specialist.

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#8 Marketing Pros – Largest Marketers Group: Digital Inbound Social Media Content Search Email SEO Jobs

This Marketing Pros group’s main focus is discussing different areas of and best practices for growing your business through effective marketing. Topics in this group include online marketing, inbound marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, SEO, SEM/PPC, advertising, growth hacking, viral marketing,

mobile marketing, brand management, marketing automation, business development, public relations. the group has over 300 thousand members !!!, well ever since I have been a member of this group my post has never been approved, Oops!!!, you can only share ideas create discussion and sometimes the admin would approve post he personally

recommends to the members of the group so I think the best way to get around this group is to always prompt an admin when you post example is using this phrase at the top of your post” Admin please approve“.

#9 Advertising Age

Ad age is a Linkedin Group that allows it, users, to share a post from every digital marketing niche, while the group can also be a great resource for digital marketers to get content ideas from and share relatedly anything marketing, the group was created by Kevin Skaggs Owner of Digital Media Executive

Thank you for reading through I hope this post helps you achieve your goal of joining Linkedin Groups, you can help us share this post if you like it.

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