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10 key benefits of owning a business blog for your brand

10 key benefits of owning a business blog for your brand

If you run an enterprise or small business and you are thinking of a way to maximize your outreaches and get more online visibility then having a business blog is the right option for your business. With over 4.66 billion people on the internet, It takes more than advertising and boosting social media posts to get sales or brand exposure.

Having a blog can do a lot of good for your brand visibility, if you run an eCommerce store online or your business main goal is product marketing then you need a blog to showcase your products information where intending buyers and prospects can read to understand the details about your products or services before they purchase or convert.

If you run promotional ads on a steady and you get tons of traffic to your site that’s fine but have you ever wondered what if the other prospects aren’t seeing your ads because of their search query, but needed your product/services so badly that they had to google the whole day and yet couldn’t come up with a reputable trail to your site. Yay! that’s where you need a business blog.

Running a business blog helps you keep searchers 76% close in touch with your products or services, the searcher asks google how to use your products/services, and google gives them just the perfect place to read about it which is your site. That apparently can’t be the products directly but the blog where you have written clearly how your products or services work. If not for guides and knowledge, no one would have known how to operate gadgets.

Running a blog for business

10 key benefits of owning a business blog for your brand

10 key benefits of owning a business blog for your brand

Understanding how blogging works for enterprises will wow you at a glance, Blogging gives you the opportunity to nurture your prospect before turning them into potential customers, In this way you can write about informational content about your products or services that will foster your prospect desire to purchase, 79% of searchers always use the keywords “How to” do this “how-to” do that, this is just the best time to target users looking for you under the “how to’s”

Blogging is not difficult as you may think, it is just a simple process of hiring some teams of writers to help you lift the burden of writing blog posts, get it on search engines using google webmaster tools and that will be good for a start. If google finds relevancy in your content it will rank without backlinks, Google only needs backlinks from authority sites pointing to a page if its algorithm spider doesn’t find your content quality enough.

A website with little products information in the description is cool when your targeted audience is recurring buyers, and your business is e-commerce, if not that, you need a blog that will help you find new customers, every day by day, if you prioritize your business on search engines, the result will yield 80x the money and time you’ve invested in it. Search engine visits are strictly organic for purchase or conversion. Their search intention was what brought them to you.


The benefits of having a business blog are not only dependable by Google organic referral but this included.


Depending on your type of business and services, if you want to make extra money then adding a blog section will help you drive visitors that will convert to extra income streams. through Google Adsense a monetization network owned by Google, this google AdSense pays swiftly without hassled or bug, there are other advertising networks like Propeller ads, Amazon ads, Outbrain, and many more that pays really well.

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The moment your blog post goes live, don’t expect magic the next day google works with time and will surely provide you with organic traffic within 1-week To – 3weeks you should start seeing results still depending on the quality of your content and relevancy. Having a blog helps you build a community of loyal consumers, prospects, and near-to-buy customers (Intending customers). The people who find your product based on their search query are likely going to convert when they sense quality and authority in your business. Sites like.


They all add Blogging for businesses to expand their brand visibilities and drive organic traffic for their products and services, you can write about your brand products and services in an informational way that will enable search engines to send you organic leads that are more likely to convert.


The more quality content you produce on your blog the more search engine continues to send you new leads every day. Building trust for your business blog is something that has to work overtime, trust is not calculated by your brand name or logo, but the authority and credibilities you have garnered from other top websites in your niche.

The more positive reviews your business has received online, maybe on your Google my business page or other business reviews platform contributes to your search engine trust-flows, more examples are Customers reviews, Business mentions, Domain authorities, Backlinks, Domain age, Quality content, and Off-page optimizations.

Your prospect and customers will trust you if Google trust you, customers who are likely to find your business on Google first, and the second page will confide 41-71% trust in your business than direct referrals, Google algorithm works in a different way, that is why SEO is still on a game-changing circle, the nut is hard to crack but strategy can do a lot more positivity. Hiring an SEO specialist can get you in front of 200 million people just when you find your product or services, ranking under trendy keywords.

To build trust, refer to the examples I have listed above most importantly build backlinks for your blog from authority sites in your niche, the more Google finds your links on other authority sites the more they will trust your domain as a reliable source. But backlinks are not enough, Quality content also plays a vital role in gaining search engine ranking. If you do not know about off-page optimization kindly hire an SEO specialist who will help you get this done.

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10 key benefits of owning a business blog for your brand
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If you run a small/big business or service that has already emphasized their leads-streams on promotion and advertising, then they are losing more money. Yea !! (More Money). Having a business blog gives you the privilege to target organic searchers and the competitors for that search keywords. Without paying a single dime.

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If you spend 2Million naira on Advertising and promotions and you got 1,743 conversions that became customers. That is a loss of money, Organically if just one of your blog posts gets to rank on the first page of Google, in a day you can get 500 cold audiences, keep watching the funnel, 350 turns to warm audience, and 200 turns into consumers (Hot audience).

This is how it will always recur for weeks days and months. Depending on if a competitor shows up but if not. Then the train is yours, But along the line, you must have your SEO teams in check to make sure that you remain on that first page of google.


A well-optimized blog will help a business create a more engaging environment for their customers/clients, it will build a quick to ask comment section where users can ask questions about a specific product and get a reply immediately, rather than having to open a support ticket or call customer support desk, a blog can engage users with content that will trigger reliability and faster support.

Adding pixel tag or google tag manager script installed on your website can help you collect users information for re-targeting purposes, it can help a business retarget prospect or customer that didn’t close the | Deal of purchase on your site, or started a service signup and didn’t conclude it, a pixel can help you capture that event while your team set up a retargeting post or banner to target those users.

Users will feel more comfortable from you or using your services when they find the conduciveness of navigating smoothly and seamlessly on your blog, from page to page no hassle or heavy script loaded to halt their browsing experience. This will make Both customers and search engines love your site, The faster your user experience the more recurring sales you get Days over days

Without having to run promotion ads or posts, a business blog would be able to conduct a poll, or surveys that engage users to opt-in, and share their desires or propose enhancements or more features that will be lined out for future enhancement of the product or services.


When users begin to see your post often as a result of their search terms, or they find your content most times Under “hot keywords” they begin to attain trust for your business, they begin to express natural engagement with your website by often visiting, often sharing your new blog post, always want to be the first to comment on your new post, they always want to talk about your blog to there friends and family, that is called Authorities

People want to read or learn from an expert. who can write perfectly on their subject while demonstrating their expertise on the subject this will convince them that you know what you are doing and why they should stay glued to your blog, Clearly you are establishing yourself as an authority in your niche.

consistency in blogging builds brand authority both in the sight of search engines, and real users, at this point previous consumers/customers that have converted through your article/content begin to pass the pledge of expertise to your brand. this will trigger reliability and help boost your trust scores ( Examples: @samsgoh from Ahref, @ericsiu from Single grain)

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Having a business blog will help your business push wasted efforts away while concentrating on hitting a spot on Google, this will help the team conduct a competitive analysis on your competitor’s website to further know the secrets of their rankings ( for example if a competitor is ranking on the first page of google because they wrote an in-depth article of 4,000 words for the same topic or subject you want to rank for.

Then you need to cover in-depth patches to what they didn’t disclose in their own article make it extendible by relevancy and quality, sometimes google doesn’t rank content based on length, 500 words of a quality article can outrank 5,000 words of inequality article. Relevancy is the goal

Using third-party software will do a lot more good for your business such as using Ahref to analyze your business overall growth so far and also handpick your competitors and their ranking keywords one by one, using tools like SEM rush to monitor your search engine growth and ranking, Also you can use a software as service app like to monitor your brand voice and mentions across the whole web or omnichannel


A unique blog with updated content regularly helps businesses front-page standout, it shows clearly that you are not just about the purchasing decision of your customers or prospect but you also personalize and care about solving their problems with your products or services. This is a good sign that you care about your audience disregarding their lead decision.

When you have built robust authority, many other top brands within your niche or outside your niche will like to partner with your business to enable them to expand your services to their own audience or country, Example Jumia has partnered with brands like Mtn, Tecno, Pepsi, and other companies.

Your business will stand out in front of millions of people, your content exposure will turn your brand into a household name, like Konga, Linda ikeji, Bella Naija, Flutterwave, and co.


A blog can cover different article that points to the goal of your website/business, in a detailed listicle this will be easy for new customers to find the type of content that will best solve their dilemma, or either explore the whole category to easily find a purpose or propose a solution.

Using nice blog design (UI) on your blog will help you maintain a clean user experience for your visitors, people are more likely to engage with a page content if they find the experience of the page seamless.


A blog gives you the opportunity to gather your audience around, using survey forms to collect their information to test the style of a particular product or services or just a roundup analysis thus how your business success rate with them has gone so far.

If there is a reason to personalize the service you can use a key performance indicator to find the hooks and resolve them in real-time.

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