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Thank you for reaching out to us but we are currently not selling any advertisement space, for now, we are still gathering our stats, when we are done we will update this page.

But let give you a hint, instead of going for our banner space which is currently not available for now, why don’t you turn your advertorials into content/Articles – Short or Long. and send it to us here getinline [a-t] and our editorial team will get back to you. Just for the main time.

Some Frequent Answered Question.

  1. How is the sponsored content metrics calculated

    Each of our daily published content gets up to 20K – 50K Reads
    We only publish 1-3 content a day so your post is likely going to stay on our homepage for some days before finding its way to the second page.
    So the ball is in your court we can assure you of Reads but we can't assure you of click-through rate but we can estimate 100 clicks for average written headlines. The content you write about how captivating the headline determines the click-through rate. the ball is in your court. You write a killer headline and a Rich advertisement you get loads of clicks.

  2. Will my sponsored content convert

    Yes, people who are likely to read your content will convert if your content is well written, and is not misleading.

  3. How much is a sponsored content

    We understand that your true intention is to advertise with us not to sponsor a post, so we are taking off %10 for the change of plan, so therefore our sponsor post is $900 Only for one article. Price may change over time – always refresh this page before sending us your content.

  4. How many keywords can I use within my content

    Write following SEO practice, use up to 1 focus keyword and 3 key phrase

  5. Can I edit my sponsored article later on?

    You can only change your article once an additional fee may apply for subsequent changes we consider that payment for inconveniences.

  6. How many Backlink can I add to my publication?

    Sounds Great just 2 Link pointing to your sales page or whichever page you want your leads to follow

Please note that

All sponsored content on our website is labeled sponsored see the 3 types of sponsorship below

  1. Sponsored
  2. Mss recommended
  3. Mss Quick pick

Sponsored content is considered a normal badge for any type of sponsorship on our site
Mss recommended is for Big brands with a well established online presence, e.g, Samsung, Glo, Apple
Mss Quick Pick is for recurring sponsorship from Mss Sponsored clients.

The author box and image will be replaced with your brand information if provided

All sponsored content must meet up to our editorial standard, we reserve the right to reject or disapprove your sponsored content if it violates our editorial culture as listed below.

  1. Binary or Dating site
  2. Pornography or Naked picture site
  3. If it promotes Drugs or Gamble
  4. If it promotes Bitcoin investment

All content submitted must comply with our editorial culture we do not promote sponsored content from a fake site. we will manually review your site.

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