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Some Frequent Answered Question.

Please note that

All sponsored content on our website is labeled sponsored see the 3 types of sponsorship below

  1. Sponsored
  2. Mss recommended
  3. Mss Quick pick

Sponsored content is considered a normal badge for any type of sponsorship on our site
Mss recommended is for Big brands with a well established online presence, e.g, Samsung, Glo, Apple
Mss Quick Pick is for recurring sponsorship from Mss Sponsored clients.

The author box and image will be replaced with your brand information if provided

All sponsored content must meet up to our editorial standard, we reserve the right to reject or disapprove your sponsored content if it violates our editorial culture as listed below.

  1. Binary or Dating site
  2. Pornography or Naked picture site
  3. If it promotes Drugs or Gamble
  4. If it promotes Bitcoin investment

All content submitted must comply with our editorial culture we do not promote sponsored content from a fake site. we will manually review your site.

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